2 Minute Warning

Well Tinyco has issued a 2 minute warning-which is really a 2 day warning… This event is ending Thursday.  Where are you at in the game?  Got everything you want?  Still trying?


Right now, I am in game 7-I have my 2 footballs, just need 17 shoulder pads.. Don’t really see that happening unless that becomes an 1 hour event for Peter to dance the Shipoopi in his uniform.  And speaking of his uniform-

  • I have the 7 jock straps
  • I have 12 out of 13 feather pillows
  • I have 3 out of 7 mouth guards
  • I have 2 out of 8 yellow flags

So, I might get this outfit.. I doubt that I will get the touchdown Jesus..



13 thoughts on “2 Minute Warning”

  1. Unless they extend this event at least 3 hours I am not going to get the Silly Nanny Peter outfit. I am one yellow flag away.. If I would have set an alarm and woke up at 3am… I would have had it.


  2. TD Jesus does give you 4 clams when he pays out, so eventually you’ll get your money back using him if you pay out clams to buy him. Obviously it is a rare, daily task so you won’t make loads a clams but it helps when you sometimes need a few extra clams and don’t want to buy a whole load of them.


  3. I am pretty much exactly where you are, but there’s no chance to get either Silly Peter or TD Jesus. I was a little tempted into buying him for the 250 clams it costs to unlock the last two games given that I haven’t got him but in the end I thought, why should I spend £10 for a virtual character who does not bring much to the game that other characters don’t do either. And his clam collection task, if he drops two clams every other day then this is not enough for me to consider buying him, because the clams he drops will just result in me buying other silly characters that I don’t really need 😉 This event has done one thing though – it made me accept that I will not be spending money on this because the way (major) events are programmed means you HAVE to spend money if you want to finish, which I don’t like. So I will simply play along leisurely and to be fair most of the small events I finish without problems. There you have it TinyCo, two fingers up to you for being way too greedy 🙂


  4. I am still working on Game 5, need 2 footballs and 13 energy drinks, so that isn’t going to happen in the next day. Need 8 more face grease for Fit Brian. Sooo far behind in this event that it is not funny. Well, I might get the Brian costume and that would be about it for me. I like football but this event has been really boring. I could see that I had no chance from the start to progress very far. Playing TSTO much more now than this game, and I started playing this game before the other one. I don’t think it is burn out as much as I have come to the resolution that the events are not for freemium players any more. Bring on the next district, I really don’t care what the next event is.

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  5. Still in game 5… I might assume that I didn’t play “that much” but every 4 hours which is the time it takes for some of the main actions, had to be enough… I don’t understand why I keep playing (although with so much less interest I admit) .. this event was boring as hell.


  6. I used clams to get Touchdown Jesus (I already had him from the last Christmas event). As I feel getting x2 clams (which I think is 4 clams) is worth it. I used the clams to win the last 2 games.
    Probably means I’ll miss out on the last Peter outfit.


  7. I have finished game 6,but game 7 remains locked in my game.Bonnies costume also remains locked,Al harringtons says I have to unlock Bonnie even though I have her.Has anyone else experienced this.


    1. I’m experiencing the same thing. I contacted support and they told me that it was a known issue and they were working on it. This happened almost 24 hours ago. I’ve done everything, just wating for Connie to be “unlocked”.


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