Football Fever Week 3

Ok guys and girls… It is time for week 3!!!

To start this phase you need to have completed Game6 and be on Pt 15.  But, I am just one day into The 6th game against the Frankfurt Fanged Ferrets.  So, I am stuck on pt 14. If anyone is ahead of me, please send me what you have and where you are, and I will post it..

I will be honest with you.  This event is not for me.. I am actually wondering what would happen if I didn’t progress down the field?  Could I still win the game if I collected all of the stuff?

I am down to 50 clams, and I am not going to spend them.. I do not want Brett Farve, I actually know the guy.. He grew up about 30 miles from me, and we went to college together. – the University of Southern Mississippi.. So, I am just playing and getting what I can.  But, I am not going to purchase clams to buy people that I won’t ever use… Maybe if they came out with a Star Wars event..

How are you doing?  Liking this one?  Or just ready for it to be over?

Remember, if anyone wants to add me in the game, I welcome it!!!! Just add me on Facebook.. And send me a message when you request me.. So, I will know who you are!!!! I don’t just accept everyone!!!


26 thoughts on “Football Fever Week 3”

  1. waiting for Cheerleader Bonnie outfit to get done making and now i’ll be on Game7 as soon as she gets done shaking her pomPoms Lol 😂👍😂 i honestly was NOT expecting to unlock her because i was wanting that outfit more than the other 2.
    the drop rates are going FANTASTIC now.


  2. 125 clams to buy game 7 off, 131 clams to buy game 8 off. The difference being game 8 wants you to collect a few more shoulder pads than game 7 did. So really these games were impossible to complete by design unless Peter’s costume was suppposed to be a week 1 unlock and someone screwed up the requirements forcing it to be week 3.


  3. So where’s everybody at, mentally and in the game? Personally, being on game 7 and finding it a grind, I see a couple of options: use clams to get through 7 and 8 and think of Jesus as a ‘clam purchase’ and just play through to get Peter’s costume, or just write off the games and Jesus and play for Peter. I can’t imagine unlocking Peter anywhere near in time to get however many shoulder pads I need, even with the new characters dropping crystals.

    The only way I could justify spending 125+however many clams to get through the games would be if the new Jesus 2*clam task had some kind of payback, not the rare chance Jesus’ 1 day clam task has now.


    1. Chis, I am stuck in game 7. Very thankful that they opened up more characters so I can make the lasers.. But, I have no clue if it is going to be enough…. Btw, what are the tennis shoes for? Anyone know?


    2. I’m over this event as it was obviously poorly planned and the amount of glitches was just insane. I will be stuck at game 7 as I didn’t even get to this week until Monday evening and I can already tell that getting Peter will be impossible. Does this new Jesus skin drop more clams? I’m just wondering what I’ll be missing out on.

      Really, because of how awful this even has been, I’ve started playing some other games and am finding myself caring less about family guy. One more sucky event and they will probably lose me for good.


  4. this is what the questline for Fit Brian was in my game:
    Fitting In Pt.1= Fit Brian Carbo Load
    Quagmire Do Some Weiner Curls
    Fitting In Pt.2= Fit Brian Count His Nipples
    Dr.Hartman Prepare For An Exam
    Fitting In Pt.3= Fit Brian Pretend To Like Kale. Smoothies
    Meg Scarf Down Hot Dogs
    Fitting In Pt.4= Fit Brian Get Skinny Shamed
    Stewie Rethink Things.
    *now will have to wait a bit when that last part gets complete because i was thinking pt.3 was the end of it.


      1. jealousy up this way then lmao WTH well N.O is one of the places to visit in my bucket list that’s for damn sure😊


      2. I usually go to N.O. but this year, I am just doing it here.. Biloxi is one of those great places that never followed the rules.. We even had open bars during prohibition..


    1. I am terminally stuck on pt 2 as I keep Brian gathering energy drinks.. it is:
      1. Have Brian count his nipples
      2. Have Dr. Hartman prepare for an Exam


  5. I have unlocked Jesus is outfit I just need to get the items needed 4 Peters outfit. It’s taking ages to collect/make the machines to get the items needed off if the blind referees.


  6. i finally got fit Brian this morning, what a drag. I am still ten energy drinks short to win game five, I am planning to test the purported glitch when I am at 14/15 but we will see. If things continue like they currently are, I will just about finish game six by the time the event is over. What a horrible planning from TinyCo’s side. This event was totally unachievable and they should just have been honest that Touchdown Jesus is just a gimmick rather than something players can actually get to. But there we go…


    1. Chris, just put him on energy drinks.. Also, if you have jasper, make sure he is plugging away on them too.. Don’t stop collecting for the other stuff, you will have to collect that for game 6.. .sorry to tell you, but you have to have 22 energy drinks to win game 6!!!


  7. fredlusk i’m stuck on pt.13 of the main questline”Game On!” and i’m working on winning Game 5, BUT i don’t see myself getting past these points at all since i’ve only been able to collect 1 freakin energy drink so far in the past 2&a half days i’m not too happy about this ending of the event either.👎


    1. sweet tat.. when you log into your phone.. before you click any characters, wait for it to say Welcome back Sweettat-Or whatever your game calls you…LOL. and zoom in on your character that you are going to click on.. It seems to me, this actually does help!!!!


    1. +1 Kyle. I just won Game 4. Slow going. The only thing I like about this event is that Richard Sherman was an early character and I was able to get him. He is one of my favorite players (I live in Seattle) and it was just about the only thing that I really wanted from this event. I knew I wasn’t going to complete the event, but I am barely half way through with two days to go! Getting bored with this game, especially knowing that there is no chance of completing events right from the start.


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