Football Fever Week 2!!!

Ok guys and girls it is time to post the week 2 stats and quests… Sorry, it is a day late, was trying to figure it out.. So here goes…




26 thoughts on “Football Fever Week 2!!!”

  1. Finally got through game 3 after the updated drops, now game 4 requires poms. Which seems only obtainable by two Peter tasks of which I don’t have the required outfits!
    Arrgh…Why game?!?


    1. Yes it is ridiculous, the games were supposed to drop pom poms from game 2 to 3, but then you get to game 4 when you need the pom poms and they stop dropping them. rolleyes.


  2. Guys, I don’t know if you have your extra characters in inventory.. but pull out the dogs!!!! Finn, Jasper, Bitch Brian.. those guys are dropping jerseys, energy drinks, and weights…


  3. Finally, a bright ray of sunshine.. the Brian task Carb up drops 2 energy drinks.. !!! Just a fyi.. so work on getting that outfit…


  4. If someone gets a chance, try this:
    On game 5, get all of your requirements and have 14/15 energy drinks and use clams to clear/finish and move to game 6 (from the scoreboard).

    I just want someone to test it, i had 8/15 and used 59 clams to jump to game 6, my energy drinks stayed with me and now i have 8/22 needed to finish game 6. I can’t guarantee it, but that is what happened to me. I will probably use clams again when i am 1 drink away from finishing game 6 to see if they will carry over again for game 7 and 8.


  5. I’m stuck at game 3 and with the way things are progressing I’ll be stuck here for ages. I keep getting 4 hour tasks to get a first down, and since I can only get books from first downs….welllll….I can only get 4 shirts a day. I hope this changes. Otherwise, it will take me like a week to get to game four….once again poorly planned out….


    1. Hk.. i keep putting Bonnie on her task of twerk it, Joe patrolling the school.. Peter stubbing his knee.. Rob Gronkowski on pump iron and Lois make an easy catch… I don’t click them until I have completed the 1st down, even if I can hit that 2 or 3 times in a row..


      1. Yeah I do the same. Unfortunately I keep getting have joe patrol the school, back to back to back, so it makes no difference. I still have to wait.


  6. yuhhp been pretty much stuck on trying to win game3 which obviously means i don’t have Richard Sherman at all yet !!! i mean i’m close to winning that it jus seems like it’s taking me FOREVER to collect all that stuff!!!…fair to say im now losing interest in this game much MORE faster…


  7. I’m on game 5 and finding week 2 more frustrating. Week 1 was almost leisurely, with 2 hour tasks to get helmets and 30 minutes to create the launchers. It was nice.


  8. Stuck at game 3. Common jerseys are rarely dropping. Neither are the gloves when I manage to find the player I already hit once. Trying to find the same guy twice is a pain, especially when it’s the 3rd step in the process to getting gloves. VERY tedious process.


    1. T, what i have done is I have 2 roads in my quahog.. one up top by the stadium one by the water.. completely separated from each other.. So the game throws some super fans and some players up top and some down below.. I keep the roads little and circular.. it helps…


  9. Here’s the rest of this weeks quests.

    Play the Field pt. 8
    1. Score Two Touchdowns
    2. 20 Annoying Super Fans
    3. Have Richard Sherman Show Off His Moves (10 hours)

    Fit Brian’s Questline
    Fitting In pt. 0
    1. Create the Fit Brian Outfit

    Fitting In pt. 1
    1. Have Fit Brian Carbo Load (8 hours)
    2. Have Quagmire Do Some Weiner Curls (6 hours)

    Fitting In pt. 2
    1. Have Fit Brian Count His Nipples (4 hours)
    2. Have Dr. Hartman Prepare for an Exam (6 hours)

    Fitting In pt. 3
    1. Have Fit Brian Pretend to Like Kale Smoothies (6 hours)
    2. Have Meg Scarf Down Hot Dogs (8 hours)

    Fitting In pt. 4
    1. Have Fit Brian Get Skinny Shamed (12 hours)
    2. Have Stewie Rethink Things (2 hours)

    Cam Newton’s Questline
    Always in Style pt. 1
    1. Have Cam Newton Complete a Pass (4 hours)
    2. Have Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop (4 hours)

    Always in Style pt. 2
    1. Have Cam Newton Dance in the End Zone (6 hours)
    2. Have Peter Dance the Shipoopi (8 hours)

    Always in Style pt. 3
    1. Have Cam Newton Style and Profile (10 hours)
    2. Have Bonnie Twerk It (4 hours)


      1. now in game five but the lack of energy drinks is killing me, otherwise progress has been fine but there is no way to get 15 energy drinks if they each need a ten hour task? crazy requirement, and then there is 22 more for game six, so even if I get fit Brian by then it will take absolute AGES!


      2. Chris, I am in the same boat as you.. Game 4 was a breeze.. It will take forever for game 5… Those 10 hour tasks are killing me!!!


      3. Good to hear I’m not alone. Managed to get 2 energy drinks, otherwise I’m now done with the requirements for game five. It will also be another good few days before I can get fit Brian because of the stupid baby oil which I also still need quite a lot of. I have calculated I will complete game five by about Sat/Sun and by then I will have enough materials for game six but for – you guessed it – more energy drinks!!! Argh!

        In other news, Fred I tried adding your facebook but there’s a few Fred Lusks and I wasn’t sure which one is you? 😉 Just curious to see how the ‘visit someone else’s Quahog’ thingy works… 🙂


      4. yup I have just found your Quahog, many thanks, does that mean I can now earn more clams than just the one from Ollieland? If so then I could do with some other Quahogs 😉

        Still quite a bit away from getting fit Brian, I still need six baby oils. Uff. But we’re getting there, slowly but surely!


      5. No, sorry Chris.. one a day.. that is it.. I like to go to other’s towns to see how they have things laid out.. and sometimes you can see where people are in the walk thru’s..


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