Guest Post: Stop Building Football Launchers and Taking Out Annoying Superfans

Here is a post from one of our readers, Rick!

You may feel compelled to keep turning those wrenches in to launchers and taking out annoying Superfans, but don’t!  Each time you need to progress down the field you must complete a series of tasks.  Tasks that you are already doing most likely.

In order to increase the number or plays you can make you should only complete those tasks when they are absolutely necessary to.  You may feel that when you open the game you need to complete all the checked off tasks and then move forward.  What you should be doing is tapping on the down marker and then tap on the button below each item you need.  That will take you to the task for completion.  Once all those tasks are complete, score the down and keep finishing tasks for the next down until there are no more you can complete at that time.  Then, complete the rest of the tasks send the characters on their tasks again to earn more items for the next two hours.

I like to keep two or three football launchers waiting for completion so those can be done immediately when required as well.


12 thoughts on “Guest Post: Stop Building Football Launchers and Taking Out Annoying Superfans”

  1. I’m on game 5 and I need to collect pom- poms. The problem is I don’t have enough clams to buy a Stewie Heisman Trophy. I don’t plan on purchasing clams either plus there’s no guarantee that cowboy-astronaut- millionaire Peter will be given to me as my first prize. Is there another character that can give me the pom-poms?


  2. does anybody know if there is alot MORE of content for this event like will there be any more NEW content sometime in the next few days or whatever…???


  3. No problem. I sometimes move 30-40 yards down field at a time, depending on what is necessary for the next movement. Only when I cannot move anymore do I take everyone off their tasks and restart them for another 2 hours.


  4. Just to highlight what Rick is saying!!!! only click on what you need to move down the field.. Then click the rest.. So, be careful… This little gem has helped me move down the field a whole lot quicker than waiting 2 hours at a time..


  5. hmmm….not sure if my last comment went thru or not, but i had mentioned that this is the SAME technique i’ve been doing and i’m 100% being honest right now cause it definitely helps out ALOT!!!


  6. Good idea. Especially with the launchers only taking 30 min to create anyway. I am stocking up on wrenches to build launchers when needed in the future too. Still find it slow going down the football field though, and it looks like we might need to go twice to win game 2, haven’t seen a football come from anywhere else yet.


  7. YES! this has been my strategy since day1✌ i’ve actually progress down the field and score touchdowns much MORE faster!


  8. Yep, aleeady been doing that.

    And i see tinyco finally listened when it comes to the mystery box.

    No repeats is what it says on the help page.


  9. Cool!!! Thanks for the tip Rick.. I have been just collecting wrenches and sitting on them.. have 6 launchers in storage, but not using them until they tell me I have to..


  10. Well, you need to have a good balance between launchers at the ready (if the requirement is to take out fans and/or earn grease) and wrenches at the ready (if the requirement is to build launchers). But you’re absolutely right, by not clearing all the completed tasks immediately, I think I have saved many many two hour waits 🙂


  11. My first step is to tap on the field to get those tasks. Once I have gotten thru as many of field tasks I fill in my 4 launch build slots. If I have too many launchers already built, I use a couple so I can have some building. Then I’ll Clear any other characters who have a checkmate.
    I’ll only rush a character if they only take a clam or two so I don’t have to come back sooner than 2hrs.
    So far I am part way thru game 3 and I have all the stuff I need for Jersey Chris and all but the weights for Rob. However I haven’t gotten Chris as I’m waiting to see If I need to spend his resources for completing game 3 by the end of the week.


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