Family Guy Football Event!!!-Edited!!!


Ok guys and girls.. This one really popped in on me.. It even was a few hours earlier than when they usually start new stuff..  The really funny thing is the last event-The Li’l Griffins-hasn’t fully ended!!!!  Oh well, let’s cut to the chase.






35 thoughts on “Family Guy Football Event!!!-Edited!!!”

  1. I have 11/4 football helmets and the other required action is complete for me to take a first down, but when I hit “GO” for the helmets, the game freezes and asks me to close it. Anybody know what is wrong?


    1. It’s an known issue with Android devices. A quick fix and probably the only one that’s seems to work for most people is getting through this point by running the Facebook app.


      1. If you don’t have the 17.5 upgrade, get it.
        If it shows as incompatible then go to your app settings and go to google play app and clear your cache. Should show up then as compatible.

        I am playing 3 games and chris has not dropped a single weight for me. Its a common drop so i should be seeing it most of the time. Same for 1st downs. Rarely drops.

        Anyone else having an issue with them?


      2. out of 4 tries with Chris, I am hitting 50%.. So, I gave up, just have Chris continually running around with a bucket on his head.. That seems to be his task for every other down in football..


  2. Hi, I didn’t get get a chance to read Peter’s dialogue for the Road to Victory Quest 1-2. Just curious if anyone knows what he said? Please let me know. Thanks!


  3. While the game is glitching, here is a a glitch that gives you footballs. When you click on the touchdown tick and click on Awsome, visit Ollieland as quickly as you can. The game will crash again, but when you reload you’ll have the football. Every time you do this (if quick enough) you’ll keep getting footballs. I have 5 so far.

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    1. I got past that by playing the game via the Facebook app (on a desktop running the Chrome browser). Once that was done I could carry on playing on my tablet as normal. Only works if you login with a Facebook account of course.


  4. here’s my most HONEST opinion so far for this football event going on(yes i know it’s only Day3/4whatever): but i’ve spent NUMEROUS clams on getting the touchdowns and what not and it’s been a day and a half i’ve used up clams well i’m still trying to win Game 2 and haven’t got Richard Sherman yet! i need about 9 more weights, so honestly…any FREEMUM players i have a bad feeling most of us are gonna get stuck way behind. it jus seems everything is bunched up together once AGAIN like you i feel i’m focusing on the stuff i shouldn’t be, but yet that specific stuff you need for OTHER SPECIFIC STUFF. same characters for dropping the stuff needed and it’s all jus a bunch of MESH…once again i think. i’m done buying clams. if i hadn’t stopped it last night my bank account would be in the waaaaaay negative and i would have NOT moved on any farther in the questlines than what i’m on now. the concept of this game has changed ALOT more than this time LAST year if ya think about it! and i honestly say it’s not getting anymore fun and entertaining because i’m now jus feeling like it’s a job anymore to go further into the game!. i regret buying&&spending ALL those clams in the last 48 hrs. 😔😞😶😐😕😟


  5. Two more quests went live today plus Tom Brady’s that I already posted 🙂

    Rob Gronkowski’s Questline
    Party On! pt. 1
    1. Have Rob Gronkowski Spike It (8 hrs)
    2. Have Jerome Be a Superior Athlete (8 hrs)
    3. Have Bonnie Go to Ladies’ Night (6 hrs)

    Party On! pt. 2
    1. Have Rob Gronkowski Hit the Weights (4 hrs)
    2. Have Quagmire Mix Drinks (1 hr)

    Party On! pt. 3
    1. Have Rob Gronkowski Get the Key to the City (6 hrs)
    2. Have Lois Freshen Up (6 hrs)

    Side Quest
    Play the Field pt. 1
    1. Score a Touchdown

    Play the Field pt. 2
    1. Score a Touchdown
    2. Take out 12 Annoying Super Fans

    Play the Field pt. 3
    1. Score a Touchdown
    2. Collect 8 Helmets

    Play the Field pt. 4
    1. Score a Touchdown
    2. Have Quagmire Throw a Short Pass (2 hrs)
    3. Have Jerome Throw a Short Pass (2 hrs)

    Play the Field pt. 5
    1. Score a Touchdown
    2. Collect 5 Helmets
    3. Take Out 6 Annoying Super Fans

    Play the Field pt. 6
    1. Score a Touchdown
    2. Have Chris Build Muscle (4 hrs)

    Play the Field pt. 7
    1. Score Two Touchdowns
    2. Have Football Jersey Chris Work For It (4 hrs)

    Play the Field pt. 8
    1. Score Two Touchdowns
    2. Clear 20 Annoying Super Fans
    3. Have Richard Sherman Show Off His Moves (10 hrs)


  6. okay so i gotta ask once again jus like all thee OTHER times for when new events are jus released hah, but anyways! in this post, is that completely done for the questlines: “Game On!”?, “Road To Victory”, && “Junior Varsity Blues”?…also is that “Junior Varsity Blues” questline for Football Jersey Chris?…


    1. Game On! is complete, Road to Victory is also complete for now but will probably continue during the next few weeks (probably 8 parts), and Junior Varsity Blues (the questline for Football Jersey Chris) is also complete.


  7. Here’s some additional parts 🙂

    Game On! pt. 6
    1. Get Two First Downs
    2. Have Chris Build Muscle (4 hrs)
    3. Have Quagmire Ogle Cheerleaders (12 hrs)

    Game On! pt. 7
    1. Score a Touchdown
    2. Have Jerome Be a Superior Athlete (8 hrs)
    3. Have Chris Run Around With Bucket on Head (4 hrs)

    Game On! pt. 8
    1. Have Chris Throw a Short Pass (2 hrs)
    2. Have Mort Obsessively Count Cash (12 hrs)

    Junior Varsity Blues pt. 1
    Starts after you complete “Get In the Game”
    1. Have Football Chris Practice Blocking (8 hrs)
    2. Have Meg Practice Bird Calls (6 hrs)

    Junior Varsity Blues pt. 2
    1. Have Football Chris Work For It (4 hrs)
    2. Have Mort Swallow Jewels (4 hrs)

    Junior Varsity Blues pt. 3
    1. Have Football Chris Binge on Game Day Food (6 hrs)
    2. Have Peter Overeat (6 hrs)

    Media Blitz pt. 1
    1. Have Richard Sherman Go Through the Drill (8 hrs)
    2. Have Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets (8 hrs)

    Media Blitz pt. 2
    1. Have Richard Sherman Show Off His Moves (10 hrs)
    2. Have Peter Dance the Shipoopi (8 hrs)
    3. Have Mort Feeble Flail (1 minute)

    Media Blitz pt. 3
    1. Have Richard Sherman Hold a Press Conference (4 hrs)
    2. Have Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop (4 hrs)

    Fan Service prt. 1
    At the time of posting, this quest isn’t out yet. Once live, there might be changes.
    1. Have Tom Brady Hit the Showers
    2. Have Lois Freshen Up (6 hrs)

    Fan Service prt. 2
    1. Have Tom Brady Perfect His Aim (8 hrs)
    2. Have Bruce Teach CPR (8 hrs)

    Fan Service prt. 3
    1. Have Tom Brady Manscape (10 hrs)
    2. Have Meg Pop a Zit (12 hrs)

    Fan Service prt. 4
    1. Have Tom Brady Make a Perfect Throw (2 hrs)
    2. Have Stewie Make a Pass

    Road to Victory pt. 3
    1. Win Game 3 against the Melbourne Platypuses


  8. I’m getting tired of people hating or not caring about American football or Europeans pissing me off by calling this great sport, handegg.


    1. epicmike it is all a matter of opinion.. and everyone has one.. I used to play football, and once I stopped, I have never watched it again.. It just doesn’t interest me..


    2. Chin up lass. 😉 I couldn’t care less about American hand egg but I still play because I’m not a sissy and because I know the game is set in an American town. So what, everyone how they like it.


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