Raid the North Pole is Ending

In just a few hours, the Raid to the North pole event will be ending..


Where are you right now in the event?

My Stats are:

5131 Silver Bells-useless

13027 Presents-useless

I am ranked # 325 in the leaderboards.. So, I should be collecting the # 2 and #3 prizes.. I do not think I can go up anymore, and I am confident that I shouldn’t be knocked down too far..

What about you?



21 thoughts on “Raid the North Pole is Ending”

  1. I don’t have access to the new event yet. Everyone is telling me Peter starts it, but I haven’t seen an exclamation mark above his head in like two or three days.


  2. I finished around rank 18 in the leaderboard so its elf time for me 🙂 I am really happy with that.
    This event was really good in my opinion. I liked the attack mechanic but it needs polishing still. It is much better than the goon system at least. Tiny co is going to the right direction finally 😀


    1. Congrats Spoika!!! That is really good… I really think this event was very confusing to a lot of players.. It took me a few days to figure out what was going on, and what was important..


  3. Well, I think I managed to climb my way onto the leaderboard in the last week, though it was a grind. I have no idea where I ended up because it stopped updating the last few hours of the event for me. I think I was around 4000. I was never going to do any better thrn the third prize, so I can handle that, especially has I lost my nutcracker for several days.

    I did spend 16 clams to get ss Brian….figured 16 clams wasn’t much, so no biggie….especially as I somehow ended up with all thr expired prizes from santas workshop in my inventory. Ha. First time a glitch has ever favored me.

    On a whole not happy with the event, but it is the first big event I was able to complete since whatever came before the mobsters event, so that made me happy. I did spend some clams here and there though, not sure if that made a difference.

    Glad for what will hopefully be a break.


  4. Finished with
    21,590 presents
    12k silver bells
    And ranked 201. With the 1k i missed to 2 days of not being able to play would’ve raised me to 186. Not enough for the frand prize.

    On a side note, my battles missed might have been enough to help me level up faster for better rewards. So it’s questionable.


  5. Just unlocked the bakery today. So this is the farthest I’ve ever been behind. No clue what I missed that slowed me down.
    Used up all my silver bells on train tracks. Felt like I was chasing my tail most of this event. Never made it near the leaderboard. However, the collective prizes made that easy to take.


  6. I just spent around 2,000 bells on a massive train track going around the whole place with lots of crossings intersections etc. as well as trains and rail cars. Rather than letting it go to waste.

    I’m on place 1,800 ish so I should get Chuggs definitely. Not bad for not having paid any money and only spent 12 clams for the Spy Brian skin. So overall I liked the event – but then I didn’t get hit by any of the major glitches, lucky me 🙂


    1. I finally got the SS Brian yesterday.. no clams.. I earned him the old fashioned way.. I did have one glitch, one of my buildings disappeared.. It took a week, but Tinyco fixed it for me..

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      1. How did you manage this? For me it was mathematically impossible to get enough watches just through building drops. Or did you buy the T1000?


      2. Hey Chris.. yes, I bought the T1000… The last 2 days, all that he was doing was his 8 hour task to get watches..


      3. Even with the premium character to help, it was a tough grind. What makes me mad is the only way he was possible was if you collected both buildings immediately after the content dropped and then collected the 14-hour building every time it was ready — including the overnight hours. That is not how a character/skin should be set up. I saw another moderator “hop” around and insist the skin was attainable in the time frame given, but she was waving pom poms and wearing a TinyCo tee-shirt at the time. I was four watches shy — eight clams — and went without the skin. I just didn’t want to reinforce this kind of behavior. The event was yet another cluster due to TinyCo’s many glitches, you would think once they screwed up and couldn’t do what they wanted over the final week they would show some mercy and make the skin attainable. But this is the new TinyCo — screw things up and attempt to make up for their shortcomings by taking it out on the players.


  7. i jus went ahead and spent all my silver bells on a bunch of candycane and those Christmas lamposts decorations. stocked up for Christmas decorating NEXT year lmao


  8. 3936 silver bells
    423 presents (need 540 to get toy warehouse – 2nd from last building)
    3,094 medals (aka not ranked)

    Personally im not too bothered about the leaderboard prizes as IMO they are not all that great. Had God been part of the prizes I would have been a bit annoyed. (oh im one of the ones who got Don Corleone in the mob event he he 😁) . I’m sticking with using clams for characters only now, no buildings which i did every now & then (before i used to purchase everything). It worked ok on this event and saved me a ton of money 😄 roll on the next mini event before valentines ! 😏


    1. Yeah Nuri, I have changed my clam strategy too… !!! But I got all but 1 building out of this.. (That is winning from the Santa supply depot)


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