It is official!!!! We now own God!!!

Hey guys… Just so you know, I just logged in, and we hit the 40 billion mark!!! We now own God2


15 thoughts on “It is official!!!! We now own God!!!”

  1. Did anyone honestly think they would design a full working character into the game and then not drop him into our games? Did anyone really think that that was an actual counter? Come on people. It went off at EXACTLY 8 pm PT. I know because I was watching it. They set a counter to go off at exactly that time the day prior to the event ending as they were assuming that most people would check their games at least once between then and the end of the event. It worked out across all time zones so that at the very least when people woke up or when people shut down for the day the prize would be there waiting for them. I am not being a Negative Nellie; I am happy to have him into our games. But with so many things that go wrong with the presentation of these events, do we honestly think they could have a running counter that synced up with every player’s game and kept up even close to an accurate count? Any event leaderboard takes several days for them to sort out and award the prizes. This could never be said on other sites for fear of the pom pom-waving leporid. She has been on a rampage of late. Haha.


    1. Well Prefer- I do believe they would create a character and not give him away.. You do remember the Don Corleone Character? I do remember only a few got him..
      What are your thoughts fellow posters?


      1. Yes, only a few got him. But A FEW GOT HIM. That was simply a way to get overly competitive people to spend real money for clams in an effort to create competition to get him and (hopefully) generate more revenues. This event was merely “everyone pool resources and if you reach this make-believe number we will give you a prize”. I am far from complaining; I’ll do his quest line and level him up and stick him in storage like every other event character. I’m just saying the counter was fraudulent and there was always a target as to when he would drop into our games — not too early so people leave the event but not too late where people might not get the chance to log in and collect him. It was a very nice gift from TinyCo and appeared to give the appearance of people who were out of the leaderboard prizes or befuddled with the event to keep going to “do their part”. Please don’t take my comments as ungrateful toward TinyCo. But I am not going to sit here and wave my pom poms and say what a great company TinyCo is and everything is great when they completely butchered yet ANOTHER event. Let’s be honest, 2015 was not a great year for this game. Three (really 2-1/2) districts released the entire year? It stopped being a strategy, city-building game and is now just an event-driven money grab.

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      2. Jesus was a very hard to get character too last year wasn’t he? And this year you could only buy him either. So I think this logic is massively flawed. 😉


  2. FG Tips Exclusive for the Day:

    About God:

    God does not have an action that drops clams at this time.
    Walkthrough – God
    “For the Love of God”

    1) Have God Hang Out with Old Pals (8hrs)

    2) Have God Be Judmental (2 hrs)
    Have Peter Skip Bible Study (4 hrs)

    3) Have God Create the Universe (12 hrs)
    Have Quagmire Misunderstand the Big Bang Theory (30 min)

    4) Have God Feel the Wrath of Others (4 hrs)
    Have Peter Feel the Wrath of God (4 hrs)
    Actions – God

    Talk to Crazy People – 1 hr ($20/12xp)
    Be Judgmental – 2hr ($30/20xp)
    Feel the Wrath of Others – 4hr ($50/30xp)
    Create Life – 6hr ($65/45xp)
    Hang Out with Old Pals – 8hr ($80/50xp)
    Make 10 More Commandments – 10hr ($90/59xp)
    Create the Universe – 12hr ($100/65xp)
    Appear in Toast – 1 Day – ($150/100xp)
    Max Level – 15



  3. I’m both thrilled and shocked. I really expected “Too bad guys you didn’t spend enough on clams to get medals so you’re a few short. Make sure to pick up God for 600 clams during our best of Event.”


    1. I was wondering if we were going to make it!!! Especially since they sent that last 48 hour challenge.. It took everyone off of the attacks, and really slowed it down..


  4. Please note that in order to own God you have to claim God. You have until 3PM PST to claim God or you will lose God. Lol! In all seriousness you have to log in and claim in order to get him. His first task is 8 hrs. Just an FYI for those who didn’t know. Thanks to everyone on this site for the update.


    1. You are right Evil Ned.. Hopefully everyone has been claiming their other prizes as well.. .Which does include 3 free clams…


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