Best of 2015 event preview

Many thanks to our reader DragonJay for this information!

I saw this a while back but it looks like it’ll drop on Thursday upon the conclusion of the Raid to the North Pole Christmas event.
Returning Characters

    Detective Scrotes (Collect Grease, Beard Trimmers, and Hard Candy)
    Death’s Mom (Collect Grandma Glasses, Beard Trimmers, and Donuts)
    Greased-up Deaf Guy (Collect Grandma Glasses, Collectable Spoons, and Hard Candy)

Stuff It

    bestOf2015_Goal_P1_Obj: Have Peter Reflect on His Life
    bestOf2015_Goal_P1_Objb: Learn About the Best of The Quest for Stuff

The Return of Scrotes

    bestOf2015_Goal_P2_Obja: Place Detective Scrotes

Death’s Mom Again

    bestOf2015_Goal_P3_Obja: Place Death’s Mom

More Greased-Up Deaf Guy

    bestOf2015_Goal_P4_Obja: Place Greased-Up Deaf Guy

Three People Who Have Never Been in My Kitchen

    bestOf2015_Goal_P5_Obja: Unlock Scrotes
    bestOf2015_Goal_P5_Objb: Unlock Death’s Mom

Best of 2015 Mystery Box 1 (Costs Clams)

    Steroid Stewie
    Mr. Washee Washee
    Hot Meg
    Slasher Cat
    Mob Wife Bonnie
    Ida Davis

Best of 2015 Mystery Box 2 (Costs Clams)

    Tricia Takagaga
    Rapper Brian
    Death’s Dog
    Glenda Vajmire
    Popstar Meg (a.k.a. Makeover Meg)
    Mob Wife Lois
    Patrick Pewterschmidt

Best of 2015 Mystery Box 3 (Costs Clams)

    Kingpin Consuela
    Firefighter Seamus
    Bad Trip Stewie
    Stripper Jerome

As usual, everything is circumstantial and subject to change.

Edit 1: Each part of the main quest is labeled something different.


6 thoughts on “Best of 2015 event preview”

  1. It’d be nice if they rolled those out and for people like myself who already have them all to get an opportunity to get any that we are missing. Id love to have the American Family group, predator, alien and freddy.


  2. Well, I guess I’ll have a bit of a break then, as i have the three free characters. I did pay a few clams for greased up deaf guy at the time, so that sucks, but it is what it is. I’ll be glad for a break though.


  3. Looks like I am going to pass on this event as I have everything there. I was hoping for Star bright Peter to return as that and Sexy Stewie are the only outfits I am missing.


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