Goodbye, RyPod

Hey guys,

As the title says, I’m finally calling time on my life as a Family Guy Tips moderator 😞

It’s been a fun journey but times change, people change and it’s time to move on to pastures new 😊

With work 🕵, playing in a table tennis league 🏓, being on a committee 😎 and learning how to play the guitar 🎸 with also gigs 🎶, sleeping 😴, eating 🍔 and pooping 💩 going on as well, I don’t get a whole lot of spare time now.

For the time being, Fred 💂 will take over my role and answer all of your questions, he’s more qualified anyway now that I’ve not played the game for so long.

A big thanks to everyone who has spoke with me since I’ve started, a huge thank you to Holly 👸 and Zooey 👰 (who I’ve been through more with than most girls I’ve dated) 😆

This is RyPod…officially signing off for the very last time 😉

Don’t stop believing…hold onto that feeling 💖


15 thoughts on “Goodbye, RyPod”

  1. Well this was unexpected but cheers to you, friend! As for the dark side… Tips still has this Evil one doing the bidding of Darth Fred so he won’t be alone. I had taken a break away from the game myself and can’t promise I won’t again but for now, I offer up my resources and voice (albeit the latter can’t be heard through text).

    On a separate note…. and not wanting to turn this into a Star Wars thread…. ever think that the Jedi were the bad guys? The Sith were very adamant about getting revenge but that would require the Jedi to have offended them first. You don’t seek revenge for no reason, right? Lol. Happy times all and will catch you on the next post.



    1. Thanks Ned…

      …but I put it to you like this…you don’t seek revenge for no reason…correct…but…haters gonna hate right? 😉


  2. You will be missed by many my friend. Will you be ‘visiting’ as a player occasionally (we hope). My days are limited. It’s been a rough year dealing with my Mom’s Estate and house. My new year starts as soon as house sells and I get a little home of my own. All the best and thanks for the memories!!


  3. Live Long and Prosper RyPod, you will be missed (by some of us anyway, hehe). BTW, after reading your list of busy life activities, have you tried multitasking while pooping? You might have time to play the game again if you ever get the urge.


      1. I can only use the force when it is the darkside…. So, I think I am screwed there!!!! But on the bright side, I do have electricity shooting out of my fingers!!!


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