Raid the North Pole Week 5 Preview

Thank you to one of our readers for the heads up via email and for May who found and posted this information on Reddit! Keep reading to find out what to expect:

New Characters/Costumes

    Fighter Pilot Quagmire

Robot Super Elf Battles

Engage the Robot Super Elf! Use your heroes to defeat the boss! Defeat the Elf to help unlock Secret Spy Brian and earn medals! Defeat the Super Robot Elf to save the North Pole and earn the XYZ materials you need to unlock Super Spy Brian! Super Spy Brian drops Christmas Presents!
Characters You Can Send

    Christmas Camo Peter – Does 2 damage
    Sarah Connor – Does 2 damage
    Snake Plissken – Does 2 damage
    Rambo – Does 3 damage

Challenge Quests

The final challenge will probably be released on January 4th, 2016.
Santa’s Headquarters

    Fighter Pilot Quagmire
    Christmas Copter Landing Pad
    Toy Warehouse
    Toy Assembly Line
    Regifting Center†
    Spy Brian

†In the files, 5 and 6 are labeled Spy Brian but part 9 of the main questline asks you to place the Regifting Center. Therefore I think it’s a typo and the Regifting Center is part of Santa’s Headquarters.

    The Final Snowdown (Main quest): 9 parts
    In Cold First Blood (Rambo’s quest): 4 parts
    I’m a Love, Not a Fighter Pilot (Pilot Quagmire’s quest): 4 parts
    Unknown Get Stuff from Santa’s HQ Quest: ? parts
    Unknown Best of 2015 Quest: 5 parts

The Final Snowdown Template
Part 1

    Main_W5_P1_Obja: Have Christmas Camo Peter Go on a Recon Mission
    Main_W5_P1_Objb: Open Santa’s Workshop District
    Main_W5_P1_Objc: Have Chris Spy Like He Means It

Part 2

    Main_W5_P2_Obja: Attack the Boss
    Main_W5_P2_Objb: Have Santa Check His Mail

Part 3

    Main_W5_P3_Obja: Have Chris Pine for a Hoverboard
    Main_W5_P3_Objb: Clear 1 Robotic Nutcracker

Part 4

    Main_W5_P4_Objb: Attack the Boss Again
    Main_W5_P4_Objc: Have Fighter Pilot Quagmire Get into a Dogfight

Part 5

    Main_W5_P5_Obja: Build the Christmas Copter Landing Pad
    Main_W5_P5_Objb: Collect 3 Yule Logs
    Main_W5_P5_Objc: Attack Santa’s Workshop

Part 6

    Main_W5_P6_Obja: Upgrade the Christmas Copter to Level 3
    Main_W5_P6_Objb: Have Peter Feel the Wrath of God

Part 7

    Main_W5_P7_Obja: Have Chris Ride a Hoverboard
    Main_W5_P7_Objb: Have Santa Deliver the Goods

Part 8

    Main_W5_P8_Obja: Upgrade the Blocko Hovercraft to Level 10
    Main_W5_P8_Objb: Have Santa Party Like It’s 1999

Part 9

    Main_W5_P9_Obj: Place the Regifting Center
    Main_W5_P9_Objb: Have Spy Brian Go Behind Enemy Lines

Note: As usual, everything is subject to change. Phase 5 will probably be live on Thursday barring any setbacks. Happy holidays.


33 thoughts on “Raid the North Pole Week 5 Preview”

  1. OFGS, the Santa’s helper event has finished and we haven’t earned God. Yet if it had carried on till the end of the main event we would have done it easily. Another event that doesn’t seem to have run fairly.


  2. anyone know yet how many presents are needed to get the present after the toy warehouse and if it will be timed? I have enough for the toy warehouse but I got burned with missing out on Lyle and don’t want that to happen again. Thanks and Happy New Year!


      1. If you see the teaser that was posted on this site earlier in the month, there was an animation for Rambo. Find it hard to believe they would go through the effort of creating animation and securing the proper legal licensing and then not drop him into the game. I am expecting more coming (Super Robot Elf and his patch of asphalt haven’t dropped either). Perhaps whatever they do will make the wristwatches more attainable since those tasks are currently a mathematical impossibility based on a January 7 event end date.


      1. Once you have the presents, Quagmire is a 10 second build in Al’s the same way Herbert was. Nothing additional needed. Walking around in my game right now. And there is no boss to battle so far. Might be old information. Perhaps TinyCo decided that people would storm the building if they added that as well into this cluster of an event. Part two of main quest line is a 2 hr task for Kevin along with Santa checking his mail. That’s as far as I got.


  3. What is happening with the 25 Parcel task Secret Spy Brian can do? Not only does it take a whole day to do, it wants 60 clams to even start doing.
    I feel cheated, I paid clams to get this outfit just so I could get the 25 parcel task, no way am I paying 60 clams to do a 1 day task.
    They are taking the mick now.


    1. 120 clams I did the same, was at a point where I was getting nothing in tank battles

      And 24 hours for 25 presents is fraking @$#!$@ #!($@+?/ !#==@$
      There asses we know

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I hope they are going to do another extention. The trouble is when playing as a Freemuim player, by the time you get an item or character, that part of the event is almost over and you hardly get to use the character or item.


      1. Have you checked either in the shop or in your inventory at the North pole? It could be there. Had that happen to me as well. You may have to force stop the game (On Android, in App Settings, choose FGQFS app and then force stop. DO NOT CLEAR THE CACHE OR DATA as it will make you have to play the into again and them import the game back from Facebook). If TinyCo hasn’t responded in 3 days (as required by their terms of use with Google Play), contact Google App Support and let them know. It’s high time we players had Google bark down their necks to give good support and put out an adequate product that doesn’t crash all the time or cause other issues.


  5. Aha that’s how you can get the wristwatches then, because I’m still missing them for Spy Brian…! Sounds like an interesting final phase, particularly the “best of 2015” one?


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