Happy Holidays Guys and Gals

I have been firing away at the game just enjoying my little week long vacation… I have been wondering how everyone is doing in this game?  Cheers or Jeers? How was your Christmas if you celebrate…


The different little attacks are troublesome, but I am working thru them.. How about you?

Also, while we are here, how are you doing in the leaderboards?  What is your ranking?  What is your Secret Santa name or whatever it is?

I have clawed my way up from 4000 below the leaderboard to be ranked # 949 as of right now.. My name there is “Chipper Garland20…

And, BTW, If anyone wants to add me as a friend in the game, please do.  I always like comparing my town to everyone else’s.. My name on FB is Fred Lusk III, you can add me there, and send me a message telling me where you are adding me from..

Happy Holidays!!!


28 thoughts on “Happy Holidays Guys and Gals”

  1. Just wondering if this is happening to anyone else? Every time that I put Peter on Snake’s task of drink too much eggnog, it pulls him out and uses him to attack the broken toys camp… I am not even clicking on him for the attack.. it shows him being occupied..

    anyone else experiencing this?


    1. Also, it just pulled my Brian out of his task to attack the Santa’s cookie shop… I Don’t understand the programming of this event!!!


    2. Oh yeah!!! One of my buildings disappeared!!! I can’t figure out which one.. But I keep them all in a row, and now have an empty space that I know wasn’t there!!!


  2. I don’t know about you guys, but I just destroyed the village with out intending to. Now all I sent was Lyle and it says it will destroy the village again. So Santa’s Helper Part 3 will finally be complete now, and I have a ton of lights built up already in anticipation of trying to level up my humma after I defeated it once so it wouldn’t take so long to get it the second time.

    My freemium account is also able to get rewards now from attacking the fake tree forest (lost nutcracker, got it back too low of a level to get any rewards, the reboot thing didn’t work for me).

    My characters aren’t jumping on for a ride anymore if I don’t select them (or jumping off for that matter).

    So it looks like they are getting stuff fixed/adjusted as necessary in time to roll out phase 5.


    1. Hey Mike1, I woke this morning to the same thing!!! Either that, or they created these challenges where it will eventually be one character that has to do it… There is always a ceiling in these games, and Peter will be used for a lot of the upcoming challenges that are coming out when the new update hits…


      1. Once your Hummer is at maximum level you can use a single driver to defeat the whole village. When you do this it says the village will be upgraded but it doesn’t happen, so once you’re maxed out your Hummer you only need a single character for a continuous village defeat. Neat thing this.


  3. Daughter and I play, we didn’t get hit with the problems till yesterday, well she did now she is missing a few buildings, always had the problem of Peter joining the hovercraft attack when he was supposed to be doing quests, and Brian joining tank attacks when doing drops for the upgrades,..
    As far as leader boards we both started out in the high 2000’s, she is in the low 80s and I’m mid 70s, we will never catch the folks.in the top ten, think the first place went from 13k to over 17k in a few hours,

    I’m sure if we would of got hit with all the crap that has happened in this pitiful excuse of a event then we wouldn’t be where we are now….to me they through the holly jolly gift box, and the greed tree ( which it glitched also just not in finance favor ) from my view why the hell through that there with all the problems going on, thinking it’s time for a different game


  4. Just got Kevin Swanson this morning. So very far behind. Been playing every 2-4 hours but occasionally longer if I’m busy. Not really stressing having to complete things & focusing on one thing at a time.
    Never did make it on to the leaderboard have less than 1000 so not even trying.


  5. Able to get in now, awaiting an answer from TinyCo as to what if anything will be credited resource-wise. If you can’t get in contact TinyCo at help@tinyco.com via email. Make sure you include your game id, email address used with facebook, and how many days you’ve not been able to log in. If you’ve done this already and TinyCo has not responded to you with anything other than a precanned response, contact Google App support with the same information. They’ll take it from there. Hope this helps. Thanks.


    1. I’m awaiting answers about my resources as well. I average 900 presents a day. The rewards from battles are very important. I have been trying like heck to raise my humma level so i can do Santa’s helper part 3. I still need to defeat the village 2 times. My humma is almost level 14. 2 days is 20 lights for me. Half a level.


      1. Let me know what you get as an answer. I did the math for 2 days worth of supplies based on my building drops and number of attacks I do using current drop rates.
        I showed that I was missing 1,046 medals!!
        Those added to what I have, would put me right at the top 100 mark.


    1. I’ve been waiting to find out the same thing – frustrating! About to write TinyCo, but know they don’t usually respond quickly. Anyone know?


  6. I was ranked 120 (initially ranked in top 250), then got locked out of the game for 2 days. Once i got back in i had slipped back to 330 ish. Last i looked i had clawed my way back up to 270ish and climbing.
    Stupid glitches are still happening, didn’t send peter to attack, yet he’s in the humma and now the village will level up on me when i wanted to spend a day with peter free to wrap up some quests and keep earning 2 lights every attack. Now i will have to send him everytime to get 1 light after it levels up on me.
    Brian and stewie are doing the same thing.
    It’s weird with brian, I’m using puppy to get more lights and hes also in the tank. So i haelve to remember to collect lights first then tank results else it resets his quest.
    Running into this problem with everyone. Snake etc all end up in the vehicles. So I’m just not upgrading the vehicle levels so i don’t go to far in my city levels.
    Which is funny cause they used to hop out before the attcks were finished. *sighs


      1. Fred, i don’t have him yet.
        He just keeps showing up in my vehicle as the regular brian on the third seat after i send an attack.


  7. same to ya and happy soon-to-be new year Fredlusk lol!!!…do you happen to have the walkthroughs completed for last week’s phase4 stuff? i’m always askin that, but those jus REALLY help me alot so i can plan ahead of the next parts on the quests&&what not…


    1. Hey Sweettat, I just googled FG images…lol
      as for the questlines, I quit doing that, I thought Z was posting them… I can post what I am on right now…


  8. I was in the 2000s on the leaderboard until my nutcracker truck disappeared. At which point I fell off the leaderboard and don’t think I’ll be able to get back on. I did get my nutcracker truck back finally, but it didn’t level up like they said it would after force closing, so I had to use puppy Brian to get enough holly to level up enough to be able to attack the trees again….and then I accidentally spent 23 clams to finish leveling it back up. Blah. All told, I lost about 5 days Of really being able to collect medals and presents from that glitch. I’m just happy that I opened district 4 last night and MIGHT be able to catch back up before the next weeks content comes out. Overall I’ve found this event frustrating and poorly planned in terms of the fact that the same characters are needed for too much stuff. Nothing new I guess, but it makes it impossible to keep up with the fuel needed for each of the trucks when the characters that get it are also needed for other things…or even for fuel for other trucks.

    I appreciate they tried something new, but again, I don’t think anyone tests this stuff out beforehand, or they’d see it is frustrating and makes little sense….

    And the amount of glitches in this event….horrible. I can understand one or two, but this has been awful. They gave me 15 clams to make up for basically being at a standstill for 5 days. Ha. And then the fix wasn’t even a fix.

    I’ve come to expect it. But it is still disappointing. I don’t think I will ever give money to this game ever again. Heck, I don’t even like spending the clams I do have because it seems like such a waste.

    Hope you had a good Christmas. Mine was very low key. Confused about the 69 degree weather we had. 🙂 and then 70 the day after!


    1. HK, I know what you mean… I swear that you have to use Peter everywhere and for every dang quest, including Santa’s village and the misfit toys… It is driving me batty!!!

      AS for the weather, I am in the same boat as you… Being from Biloxi, MS we broke a record on Xmas day at 76 F.


    2. Yea i have asked many times to let people that play alot to test the game ahead of time. Even volunteered to create a new account or to use my freemium one. Of course get some blah blah blah and we’ll keep that in mind.


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