Week 3 Walkthroughs

This post will include all the side questlines, if you need the main questline for week 3 – you can find the walkthrough here

Snake’s and Nutcracker Stewie’s questlines will be in this post too!

Like Fighting Snakes (Snake’s quest)

Part 1

  • Unlock Snake Plissken (find out how to here)

Part 2

  • Make Snake Do the Snake Dance (6 hours)

Part 3

  • Make Snake Do the Snake Dance (6 hours)
  • Make Camo Peter Drink Too Much Eggnog

Part 4

  • Make Snake Rail Against the Government (2 hours)

Part 5

  • Make Snake Do Some Damage (10 hours)
  • Make Chris Chill Out in an Igloo

Crackin’ Some Nuts (Nutcracker Stewie’s quest)

Part 1

  • Make Nutcracker Stewie Rule the World (8 hours)
  • Make Santa Rock His Red Suit (4 hours)

Part 2

  • Make Nutcracker Stewie Practice his Battle Cry (6 hours)
  • Make Lois Practice Tai-Jitsu (2 hours)

Part 3

  • Make Nutcracker Stewie Snack on Nuts (4 hours)
  • Make Quagmire Have Nap Time (6 hours)

Part 4

  • Make Nutcracker Stewie Work on his People Skills (2 hours)
  • Make Santa Entertain the Troops (2 hours)

Pump Up the Base

Part 1

  • Place the Nutcracker Truck Hangar

Part 2

  • Place the Holiday Med Tent

Part 3

  • Place the Pine Tree Bunker

Part 4

  • Place the Saw Mill

Part 5

  • Place the Affordable Elf Housing



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