Santa’s Supply Depot

**EDIT – 4th Exchange option added for Chestnuts**

Here we are going to show you our exchange rates from Top Hats and Toy Cars to Presents, which can be exchanged at Santa’s HQ for prizes (breakdown of the prizes found at the Santa’s HQ can be found here).

My exchange rates are as follows in order of appearance:

1st Exchange Option (7 attempts, one after another)

9 Hats = 18 Presents

19 Hats = 38 Presents

36 Hats = 72 Presents

21 Hats = 42 Presents

38 Hats = 76 Presents

24 Hats = 48 Presents

52 Hats = 104 Presents

2nd Exchange Option (7 attempts, one after another)

21 Hats = 42 Presents

5 Toy Cars = 86 Presents

9 Toy Cars = 24 Presents

12 Toy Cars = 32 Presents

14 Toy Cars = 38 Presents

18 Toy Cars = 49 Presents

19 Toy Cars = 51 Presents

3rd Exchange Option (7 attempts, one after another)

2 Toy Cars = 5 Presents

19 Hats & 2 Toy Cars = 43 Presents

21 Hats & 5 Toy Cars = 56 Presents (in my game, it asks for both the Hats and Cars but doesn’t award as much as if you traded in Hats on their own my first exchange option, or Cars in my second exchange option)

42 Hats & 13 Toy Cars = 119 Presents

30 Hats & 10 Toy Cars = 87 Presents

16 Hats & 19 Toy Cars = 83 Presents

42 Hats & 15 Toy Cars = 125 Presents

From my game, I can see that the 1st exchange option only requires Hats, the 2nd exchange option only requires Cars, and the 3rd exchange option requires Hats & Cars (except the 1st attempt).

Please share if you have any different results 🙂

**new 4th exchange option added**

4th Exchange Option (15 attempts, one after another)

2 Toy Cars = 5 Presents

1 Chestnut = 3 Presents

1 Chestnut = 3 Presents

4 Chestnuts = 12 Presents

6 Chestnuts = 18 Presents

8 Chestnuts = 24 Presents

10 Chestnuts = 30 Presents

13 Chestnuts = 39 Presents

17 Chestnuts = 51 Presents

7 Chestnuts = 21 Presents

16 Chestnuts = 48 Presents

20 Chestnuts = 60 Presents

24 Chestnuts = 72 Presents

9 Chestnuts = 27 Presents

27 Chestnuts = 81 Presents



15 thoughts on “Santa’s Supply Depot”

  1. This has got to be the most un-enjoyable event so far. Crappy drop rates, timed character unlocks that are impossible to finish without paying, quests that can only be completed by those characters you can’t unlock without paying, etc. etc.


    1. Massive glitches going on at the moment, my fake tree area cannot be cleared after the last battle and Kevin plus Snake have disappeared from the game, from the sounds of it TinyCo is aware of it and are trying to fix it. Good luck with this, it is just another Christmas present from the game developers 😉


  2. Just noticed that the remaining two presents are now also shown for the collective leaderboard (the ones for 22 and 30 billion medals). From the looks of it they’re both buildings so not massively keen on them, would have been much nicer to get characters but there we go… 😉


  3. Good to know, I got a single hats exchange offer again once but now I’m back to test more mixed offers meaning I’ve got around sixty hats which I can’t trade in because I’m waiting for other items… Not liking this!


  4. Don’t forget to check the collective leaderboard. I have zero chance of being on the individual board. But as of this morning I see I can collect 3 clams as the second prize on the collective board.


  5. How the heck can they think the Skynet Center is worth almost £62 to buy? It is just a building in a game, that probably won’t be used much after the event. It is madness. Madness I tells ya.


    1. It won’t be used at all after the event. It will only be bought by people who are crazy. Or have too much money. Or both. 🙂

      In other news, is it just me or has the option to convert hats only to presents vanished…? With the advent of the chestnuts I can now only trade hats plus at least one other thing to presents.


      1. They vary based on your own game and playing style. I currently have four options where there are is only one combos, the rest are just straight hats, cars, chestnuts.


    2. I’ve just found skynet complex in my inventory, even though I didn’t achieve the deadline. I’m guessing they let you have it once you no longer need the drops. Still, good for the xp and cash though.


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