Week 3 Escape from the North Pole Walkthrough

This is the walkthrough for the main questline for week 3 of the Raid the North Pole event. Santa begins so you’ll need him free before you can start!

Part 1

  • Make Camo Peter Go on a Recon Mission (20 seconds)
  • Open the Fake Tree Field District

Part 2

  • Place the Nutcracker Hangar (from Santa’s HQ!)
  • Make Chris Pine for a Hoverboard (2 hours)
  • Make Kevin Swanson Get Physical (2 hours)

Rewards: 1 x Bells and 2 x Unfiltered Syrup (needed to attack the base)

Part 3

  • Attack the Fake Tree Field (3 hours – you need Kevin Swanson free as he is your first available driver of the Nutcracker Trucks, destroys 1/4 trees and rewards 1 x Chestnut **needed at Santa’s Supply Depot to exchange for presents**, 1 x Medal, and 1 x Holly **needed to upgrade the Nutcracker Trucks**)
  • Make Camo Peter Pump Up the Base (8 hours)

Part 4

  • Place the Pine Tree Bunker (from Santa’s HQ!) **you find Snake Plissken in this**
  • Upgrade the Nutcracker Truck to Level 4 (you need 2 x Holly to upgrade to Level 2, 4 x Holly to upgrade to Level 3, and 6 x Holly to get to Level 4)
  • Make Camo Peter Play Reindeer Games (8 hours)

Part 5

  • Make Chris Be a Team Player (8 hours)

Part 6

  • Upgrade the Holiday Humma to Level 9 (if you need to know what you need to level up – see here)
  • Clear 12 Snowmen Squatters
  • Make Santa Pimp His Ride (4 hours)

Part 7

  • Clear 1 Misfit Toy (1 hour)



11 thoughts on “Week 3 Escape from the North Pole Walkthrough”

  1. Waste of time, characters frozen, parts not opening. As normal Tiny are doing little to rectify problems. I feel I have wasted money and time on this game. If not resolved quickly, I will quit the game for good and get my life back!


  2. Wow this is getting quite intense now, so far I’ve been going well but now I start running out of characters to decide who needs to do what when for maximum impact… 😉 but overall I really enjoy the event although I’ve now fallen out of the leaderboard altogether even though I was in place 1,500-2,500 for every day so far. I need to get back in to get Chuggs 🙂


  3. Part 7
    Have Sarah take out 1 misfit toy. 1 hour
    Part 8
    Place the sawmill
    Have chris get a brain freeze
    Herbert make popsicles

    That’s where i am.


      1. That wrapped it up.
        No more questlines after part 9, so I guess i am all ready for the timed task that will start today or tomorrow some time and the new phase on Thursday (which I have currently 6k presents stashed up for).
        I will do a better job this time keeping track of all of the phase 4 stuff from the depot, prices etc. So you can get it to everyone quickly.


      2. Hmmm from the looks of it you now need to have whatever character starts the dialog for the next phase of the quest line free before being able to trigger it. I think Sarah starts part 9 but she hasn’t done this for me because I just sent her on another six hour attack before completing part 8. Which means I will need to wait another six hours before being able to start the last part of week three. Bummer!


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