Week 2: Santa’s Little Helper Walkthrough

I’m not sure if this is a new questline as the Leaderboards weren’t live before, but I don’t think I had it in my game when I wrote the other walkthroughs! It is about earning Snowflake Medals to climb the leaderboards so I’ll include screenshots of the leaderboards as I can see them now, a few people have reported differences so I wonder if you can see anything different even though they are meant to be updated all at once?!

Part 1

  • Attack Santa’s Village 3 times (4 hours – but you don’t need to wait for the last one to finish)
  • Make Santa Gorge on Cookies 3 times (8 hours)

Rewards: 100 Snowflake Medals

Part 2

  • Defeat Santa’s Village 2 times (4 hours – you need to destroy all 3 huts twice)
  • Attack the Broken Toy Camp 3 times (6 hours – doesn’t matter how many Igloo’s you destroy)

Rewards: 150 Snowflake Medals

Part 3

  • Defeat Santa’s Village 2 times (4 hours – you need to destroy all 3 huts twice)
  • Attack the Broken Toy Camp 3 times (6 hours – doesn’t matter how many Igloo’s you destroy)
  • Make Camo Peter Throw Knives 4 times (8 hours)

Rewards: 250 Snowflake Medals

Part 4

  • Defeat Broken Toy Camp 2 times (6 hours – you need to destroy all 4 igloo’s twice which may require upgrading your Blocko Hovercraft more than once)
  • Make Sarah Connor Clear 12 Misfit Toys (1 hour)

**waiting for Misfit Toys to spawn**

Leaderboards Screenshots:


9 thoughts on “Week 2: Santa’s Little Helper Walkthrough”

  1. Not sure this will be possible for me. I’m at Pt.3 and need to take out the village twice. Currently, with all three characters I can only get one bulb. Next village upgrade will mean that even with all 3 characters, I won’t get any bulbs… Kinda pointless.


  2. Ps instead of having to destroy the village again they should have based off of your current humma level or village level.
    Same with all of the newer ones that will be coming. People aren’t going to wait on this challenge to keep upgrading for better rewards.


  3. I finally finished part 2. Was held up by trying to defeat the village a 2nd time.
    How horrible now that i have to do it 2 more times. Grrrrr
    They seriously messed that part up. People want better rewards, so you upgrade asap, now if you’ve upgraded and kept up, it takes 4 days to defeat the village now.


      1. Thanks. That’s what I thought, but it seems pointless… My truck is level 9 and takes 17 bulbs to upgrade… Getting only 1 bulb every 4 hours (only with all 3 characters) will take forever.


  4. Interesting. Still not sure I care to participate in this quest. No guarantee of qualifying for a leaderboard prize. Combined that with the outrageous number of medals the leaders have, this will barely make a dent. Not to mention they would have this quest also. So it’s probably long odds I’d even qualify for Chuggs, who will most likely never participate in-game again.
    Naa I think I’ll keep up the battles and get the prizes I’m in control of winning.


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