First Christmas Challenge: Teddy Bear Drummer

If you have managed to progress to week 2 of the Christmas event and have reached part 3 of the main questline for week 2 – The Elf Empire Strikes Back – you will see that Santa will have a ‘!’. This is Santa giving you a MEGA list of things to complete to win the Teddy Bear Drummer… you only get 48 hours to complete it so you better be quick or wait until you have the characters free!

**it says win a “Holiday Cat” so maybe that will be a different prize, or they changed the prize last minute**



So, here are the actions you need to complete in 48 hours to win the Teddy Bear Drummer (which is a building and drops Bells!):

  • Attack Santa’s Village x 2 (you don’t need to wait for the battles to finish, you can just begin them and they will count, so after you finish the 1st and begin the 2nd, it should auto complete! Each battle at Santa’s Village takes 4 hours)
  • Attack the Broken Toy Camp x 5 (like the previous, you just need to start the battle and it will complete – a battle at the Broken Toy Camp takes 6 hours)
  • Make Santa Gorge on Cookies x 2 (this task takes 8 hours each time so try and make sure he isn’t used to battle)
  • Make Camo Peter Skewer the Enemy x 2 (this task takes 4 hours each)

If you added all of these tasks together:

  • 8 hours for the two attacks on Santa’s Village (but you don’t have to wait the whole 8 hours for it to complete)
  • 30 hours for the five attacks on the Broken Toy Camp (but you don’t have to wait for the last battle to complete this, so we can reduce it to 24 hours)
  • 16 hours for the Gorge on Cookies task
  • 8 hours for the Skewer the Enemy task

= 62 hours minus 4 hours for the Santa’s Village attack that you don’t need to wait for, and minus the 6 hours for the last attack on the Broken Toy Camp = 52 hours in total (you only get 48 hours to complete it)


  • If you have Lyle unlocked, you can get him to attack Santa’s Village but make sure that you still destroy huts.
  • If you have Sarah Connor unlocked, you can get Sarah to attack the Broken Toy Camp, but make sure she can destroy the Igloo’s on her own each time.
  • Whilst you have Lyle and Sarah destroy bases, you can set Camo Peter and Santa onto their tasks.
  • Make sure you have 4 x Egg Nog, and 20 x Cider saved up for the attacks!


Teddy Bear Drummer (building but only because it earns!)

  • Earns: $60 and XP130 every 6 hours
  • Size: 3×3
  • Drops: 10 x Bells

4 thoughts on “First Christmas Challenge: Teddy Bear Drummer”

  1. HK, I was with you there.. I saw it was defeat, not attack.. I did everything else..Thank god!!!! lol.. Was just waiting on a miracle.. Tinyco gave it to me in changing it!!! LOL


  2. Yeah, unfortunately when this popped up for me it was having to defeat the village two times, and well, that was impossible for me because of how difficult my village is for me. So I didn’t even bother trying. Of course, tinyco fixed it later, but by then it was too late for me to complete everything, so I missed out. But seeing as how I’ve put pretty much everything I’ve ever earned from these challenges into my inventory, I’m trying not to care too much. Plus, I’m focusing on getting presents so I can maybe get more caught up.


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