Do NOT let Camo Peter Soil His Sheets!

There is a glitch/bug in the game! This warning is for all the players that are still working on completing week 1 of the Raid to the North Pole event! If you are holding out because you want Lyle so collecting lots of presents, you will need to carry on READING:

Do NOT complete this task –

Raid to the North Pole Pt. 11

– Build the Impenetrable Igloo Fort
– Make Camo Peter Soil His Sheets

If your Camo Peter is already set on this task, do NOT tap the tick above his head UNTIL you have won Lyle!

If you complete the task, you would have completed the whole main questline for week 1, so Lyle becomes instantly unobtainable! Lyle will appear blacked out and will say “EXPIRED”, EVEN if the timer was still counting down!

Hopefully this will help some players that haven’t already lost out, if you have – message TinyCo using your in-game messaging function! Let me know if you get a reply and how they help resolve the issue so we can pass the information onto other players with the same problem!


10 thoughts on “Do NOT let Camo Peter Soil His Sheets!”

  1. I’m not surprised, but don’t think it was malicious. Just rushed out without proper testing. I remember earlier in the year Tiny_Matt mentioned events being planned months in advance. I feel like every time they find a successful pay wall they can push, they just add it to upcoming events last minute (along with other dastardly changes) so often times it causes a hard to pinpoint bug. So not an evil scheme, just a casualty while working on an evil scheme lol


  2. Just to warn everyone, my Android rolled out a software update (not family guy) and afterwards, I couldn’t get back into FG, I went into my application manager and cleared the data, after that, the game loaded but it was back to the beginning. From there I was able to connect to my FB account and play it normally.

    So, after Android update,
    Try to get into FG, if it fails
    Go to Application Manager and Clear FG Data
    Try again, if it fails
    Go to Application Manager and Uninstall FG
    Reinstall FG
    try again.

    After that if it fails again, you’ll have to message Tinyco.


  3. my input: i got Christmas Camo Peter to complete that specific task successfully&&now i’m slowly workin on getting that igloo! since the presents for Lyle are waAaAaAay too many i’m not even gonna bother wit him at all so i can care less if this glitch does end up happening to me! this past Halloween event, it did this SAME EXACT thing wit one of the 24hr skins&&so i DID send TinyCo.,a support ticket about it to see if they could restart the timer or do something at least have given me a chance to even TRY to get it.i got screwed completely on it&&they NEVER gotten back to me whatsoever…i’m not gonna be surprised if it does it to me this time as well…ehhhh really dont matter to me cause these 24h-timer prizes are UNATTAINABLE for us freemium playas cause i believe for a fact you’re gonna have to buy some type of clam package to get them!…i can say that i use to be a serious “completionist in the beginning of me playing the game (lmao dunno why) and it bums me out totally.


    1. Aww, don’t be sad Tat, it’s crazy how tough the games got, and its unsurprising people are struggling, when it comes to the point that dedicated players like you and Fred are finally saying “screw premium, it’s too expensive and freemium is impossible to play” it means TinyCo have gone too far and are just money grabbers


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    2. I managed to get Lyle as a Freemium player. I just grinded attacking Santa’s Village with the Huma, and saved up 400 presents before getting the Igaloo.
      Trouble is they now want you to buy 2 premium characters so you can attack the Toy factory with 3 characters. That is a swizz.


  4. I’ve just managed to get Lyle, saved up 400 presents to get him and the Igloo Fort in one go.
    Set me back a couple of days but hopefully having Lyle will help catch up.
    The events should build to a crescendo so that you feel that earning stuff helps you further into the event.


  5. That definitely didn’t happen in my game. In fact, I even placed the hovercraft building before I got Lyle. So, it is probably only in some games. I would have been really mad if that had happened though!


  6. So that’s what happened to me… I was pissed because I knew I hadn’t started the timer, yet when I had enough presents for Lyle it said he was expired. I messaged tinyco about it on Sunday but haven’t heard back yet.


  7. I guess you’re referring to what happened in my game. From the sounds of it this may not be the case for everybody else so maybe it is only an issue here… But anyways, worth knowing just in case.


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