What has been your favourite/worst event this year?

Thank you to one of our readers who kindly suggested we put together a post with a list of all the events we have seen in 2015, and let everyone have a say in what has been their favourite and worst event! If you can’t decide, maybe you could do a list of your top 3, and bottom 3… or top 5, etc.

It will be very interesting to find out what events pop up frequently.

My favourite event this year (as I couldn’t play the whole year) was back in February with the Romancing the Clam event, I enjoyed finding all the best date pairings and winning items for certain good/bad dates.

My worst event this year has to be the Mobster event, which is a lot like this Christmas event. Too much going on, Leaderboards messing up, unrealistic goals, hidden timers, etc.

Star Trek would be my middle un-decider (Hollypopsicle enjoyed it as she is a Trekkie) but I don’t really like the other playscreen, although it is cool to go to another place and build up a new area and open new districts, but when the event ends – you have it all dumped in your inventory and nowhere to put it as we never have enough room! Also, much like this new Christmas event, I’m not much of a fan of having to put characters on task in Quahog but another has to go to the North Pole, or the Enterprise, then you have to try and find your characters once they have finished their task, or you spend ages looking in one area to find out that your character is in the other part of the game.

What has been your favourite and worst event? If you need some reminding, please find a list of all the events we have had (including mini weekend and week updates) below with an image that will, hopefully, jog your memory!


    • Epic Animal Weekend


    • A Top Notch Workout Regimen


    • Best of 2014!



    • Romancing the Clam



    • Cutaway Weekend


    • Telenovela Weekend


    • Star Trek






    • Nature Week


    • Sexy Firefighters Event


    • Nature Week 2



    • Mobster Event



    • Magic Mike


    • Hybrid Babies


    • Evil Week



    • Halloween Weekend


    • PeterPalooza



    • SeptemberFest



    • Death at the Drive-In



    • Dog Multiverse


    • Thanksgiving 2015



  • Raid to the North Pole



17 thoughts on “What has been your favourite/worst event this year?”

  1. I think Peterpalooza was the only well done event this year. Both storyline and gameplay was more of what can be expected considering the paradigm shift of the game. Septemberfest was good as far as the obtaining characters to gameplay ratio; however, quite a bit of the comedy seemed forced. Jokes should flow more naturally.

    Worst events by order of reasons:

    5) Star Trek event – While there was a lot done right in this event, there were some things done horribly wrong. Phaser battles were an interesting take on an old classic (Asteroids) but the mechanics were clunky and non-functional. Drop rates were horrible across the board leading Tinyco to have to extend the event. And, though good thought, left many a player bummed out about all the tremendous additional content tacked on after extending the event. This also marked the first time I didn’t purchase a premium character (7 of 9). This event triggered a losing of interest in the collection aspect of the game for me.

    4) The Magic Mike event – This event was completely pointless from the start. It has nothing to do with the FG universe, was shameless plugging a marginal at best movie, and the buildings were some of the most offensive to date. I flat out refused to participate in this event after day one so I can’t talk of the mechanics, but was told it was just rehash of the same broke mechanics from previous events.

    3) Nature Week part 1 – Blatant money grab after a rather long and exhausting Star Trek event. Drops were the worst they’d been in some time and this event marked the last time I would be paying for a skin. I genuinely felt ripped off by my purchase.

    2) Halloween 2015 – This one made me tear up in a bad way. Halloween is my favorite holiday, marks my aniversary with my girl, and opens the door wide to Fox’s huge library of horror movie licenses. I was uber excited about this only to be horribly let down. The mechanics were flawed from the start. The crafting of event currency in lieu of having a stable single currency in gameplay doesn’t work. Forcing players into a tunnel of collecting useless decos in a specific order that wasted countless hours and resources serves to anger players. Requiring said decos as part of the main storyline advancement. Multiple hidden timers that can be accidentally triggered forcing players to give up or pay. Premium characters that had absolutely no impact on gameplay when they should be offering up an edge. All licensed movie characters were premium. Broken minigame functions. Pathetic drop rates. Hijacked characters that force even brand new players to participate regardless if they want to or not. More focus placed on collecting rather than content. This is well deserved as the 2nd worst event this year and to date. It also marked the first time I demanded a full refund of all clams spent on the event (to which I had to threaten legal action for them to finally give in).

    And the worst event:

    1) The Mob event – In addition to most of the same broke mechanics of the Halloween event (many of which were introduced in this event), this one was truly broken after week one. Week one content got most players behind a few days from the start. It then spiralled out of control with the Cleveland Jr. drop rate debacle. This event also had the reintroduction of the newly revamped and highly rigged leaderboards. This concept itself needs to be abandoned as this game isn’t a multiplayer online game. Leaderboards serve zero purpose in a casual game. It failed for Zynga’s Farmville and it has failed here as well. To compound this failure, they’ve rigged the boards. The reason for the anonymity is simple, so they can cover up their rigging. Leaderboards date back to the beginnings of video games as a whole and everyone was proud to place their names or initials in for the world to see, so who cares whether or not Joe in Idaho knows that i’m doing better than he is? The rigging was proven as well. Just a mere 5 minutes into the updated content and the top player had over 1000. That player then went an entire week without a single raise on the boards. There wasn’t even enough time to cheat your way to that amount. This event put me off the game so much I refused to even log in after the first day of the Magic Mike event as I was highly disgusted with how much money I spent to get nowhere fast. This also marked the first event in which I did not complete the main storyline content (by the end of the event I was exactly 1 full week behind even having spent a considerable sum on the event).

    **Dishonorable Mention:
    Christmas 2015 – Still too early to gauge the success or failure of this event compared to other events; however, it’s got quite a lot to be unhappy about. At the start of week two I was 12 hrs behind in gameplay. Now at the end of week two, I’m about 24 hours behind. This event thus far has all of the hallmark bad traits from previous events. Bad drop rates: check. Tunnel of useless items as mandatory builds: check. Game economy in the toilet due to having to craft event currency: check. Rigged leaderboards: check. Overpriced premiums: check. Under-utilized or unutilized cast of characters: check. Programming errors running amok causing login failures, lost collections, and the newly added autoban for cheating when you’re not cheating feature: check.

    The only redeeming qualities thus far have been storyline consistency, the T-600 is actually a useful purchase, Sarah Connor is a free character, players didn’t have to jump through hoops to get Santa, and the novel concept of a collective pool to achieve additional perks.

    TinyCo’s got quite a road ahead of them to cut the crap out of their game. This event can and should be a turning point for them. If I see another event the likes of which this year has brought, I’ll be removing the game from my devices and deleting the account. I have a letter i’m drafting to them on how to fix the game. Will post it when it’s done. Thanks for reading my novel 🙂


    1. Christmas 2015 is literally using every panic inducing game mechanics added throughout the year. Its a shame because I actually like the theme, its brilliant to not do more of the same winter wonderland. Consider yourself lucky for being a day behind. I literally just started week two content lastnight , effectively leaving me a week behind. A position we all know I will keep until the event is over.


      1. Troy,

        Here’s a good tip for you as you just started week 2, keep track of how many ciders bonnie and lois produce. Combined with the greenhouse, you’ll produce 3 every 4 hours. Stockpile 12 before you begin sending out the hovercraft which will use 4 every 6 hours. Using the lowest common denominator method, 12 is the number you need to overlap and not have any gap in your runs. When lois and bonnie are both needed for sarah connor and kevin swanson, pause the runs and stockpile and additional 12 on top of what you have. This should see you through each character’s build with minimal interrupts.

        Another note, don’t defeat the new base until you can defeat all 4 buildings with the hovercraft upgrades and a single driver. This will ensure you’ve got a steady flow of presents coming in woth minimal interrupts.

        Final note: Payout for Hats + Cars is better than individual payouts. Always choose this option as it will take you the same amount of time to earn the items anyway.

        Feel free to repost as needed. Thanks.

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  2. The worst has been the Mobster event…I hated it, boring theme, bad decorations, the Tuba fiasco, unrealistic goals and amounts of stuff… the abuse of the queue and hiring technique; for me this was the beginning of the decadence of the game.

    Everything has been terrible since then. Before that, Star Trek was not that good either however the theme helped a lot to make it look less bad, and it was somehow manageable.

    Peterpalooza for me was completely uninteresting, worst decorations, terrible and useless characters, again the hiring technique, pfft…. everything is in storage.

    I think Valentine’s was fun, and it was the last time a felt there was a balance in the game. And, even though it was a clam-based thing, I liked the animal mini event – Patches looks really cool roaming the town, and I love those flaming chickens, but that was more like a premium limited time decorations purchase, not an event…

    By this point.. I wasn’t surprised that Halloween was hideous. Every major event has been planed only for those spending in clams, the bottleneck techniques and random rates for stuff made the game unplayable.


  3. My 2 favorite events are Setemberfest and Back to the Multiverse events because the characters are easy to get and the worst ones are Peterpalooza,Death at the Drive-in,Thanksgiving and so far Raid at the North pole because of the lack Presents,Film Reels and Items and Glow in the dark rings they wont give.


  4. I think Valentine’s Romancing the Clam was my favorite, it was innovative (the dating aspect) had great premiums that helped, it brought the long awaited Beautiful Peter, and we got Hot Meg. That and it was the last fremium event to ever grace the game again.
    Top three worse this year:
    1)Star Trek. Gawd do I love some nerdy sci fi but it was very expensive (licensing ST ain’t cheap lol). It taught Tinyco how much people are willing to spend. I personally spent about $200 for premium characters and clam speeding character unlocks.
    2)Mob Event. Bottleneck queues, 12 step unlock methods, leaderboards, overpriced skins and characters were ideas born from this event. Plus two words: Tuba Fiasco.
    3)Halloween’15. $50 to make death useful, hidden 24 hour timers, the worse version of the queue to date, overpriced characters, waaaaaaay overpriced decks, werewolf highjacking, more twelve step and introduction of unlocking decos in order to proceed. BTW its the only event I quit after week one ever.
    Christmas’15 is gearing up to take every bad technique used to force spend from throughout 2015. Remember last Xmas? They gave us land and Jesus, had reasonably priced premiums and was fun and engaging. Wonder what nonsense Tinyco will dump on our faces in 2016?

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  5. Thanks for taking my suggestion!

    Favorite this year was Star Trek it wasn’t too over complicated, and you could always login and have something to do like squashing tribbles.

    Worst event to me was Halloween but this event is shaping up to become my least favorite.. I know its early in the event but I’m having trouble keeping up.

    Thanks again to people who keep this site up! you rock!


  6. I liked Star Trek as I am a Trekkie. It is the on,y event I’ve ever played somewhat premium. I got most of the characters with the exception of 7of9 because I felt I had spent enough money at that point. I get the feeling if I hadn’t played premium it might not have been as fun because there were a lot of issues.

    I also liked the valentines event. It was probably the last real doable major event that a freemium player could get all the free content….

    Things started to really go downhill in my opinion with the mobsters event, which was a big pain in the rear and I hated. Halloween was a close second and then peterpalooza. Christmas is looking like it may end up on this list as well, unfortunately.

    You can definitely tell when things changed in terms of how events were planned and executed. It’s really too bad.


  7. Star trek and firefighters were my faves
    Even though i got everthing from every event, Halloween was my least favorite. I didn’t like the way the concession stand worked.

    So far, this event is going really well for me. And i like the consistency of trading for presents. I almost have 3k presents saved up so far for phase 3. I expect to have about 6-7k by the next phase.


    1. May I know how are you getting all those presents?? I mean, honestly, do you use clams, or is there a process or technique I am missing? I check every 2/4 hrs for attacks to be done, but I can barely get 300-400 a day .. I can’t save any, all are used to unlock the next decoration; unlocking characters also takes some of the other characters getting fuel for the attacks. I’m even ignoring side quests because I need raiders… what am I doing wrong?


  8. ehhh i did like Valentine’s somewhat as well just cause i liked alot of the decos and buildings of course. it was real creative.


  9. i’ve enjoyed every event from ComicCon 2014 up until the Christmas event 2014. After that one havent really had that much fun wit the events mostly…thus why ive stepped back a bit too.


  10. My favorite was probably Peterpalooza and second would be Star Trek and third was Dog Multiverse event. My least favorite was the Mafia event with the Firefighter event being second and the Halloween event being third. I like to follow the story and if I can’t finish the story due to whatever reason that isn’t my fault then I don’t like it or if I am not able to get a building skin or need to pay a ton of clams for a 24 hour timer then it is not fun. If it is manageable to be able to save up and not stress anything then I don’t mind the 24 hour timer. Like for example the presents are better balanced for exchange rate then the reels were in the Halloween event. I was stressed with the Halloween event but I am not stressed with the Christmas event. I don’t like Leaderboards because I am the type to be a completionest and want all characters and outfits and if I have to compete with others on a Leaderboard just for a character without having to spend money then it isn’t fun and not knowing when or if it will be released next. I know for a fact that I won’t be getting Robot Super Elf and maybe lucky to even get Chuggs. I don’t mind personal leaderboards where I know I will get the prize. I also didn’t mind how they did the Peterpalooza Leaderboards.


  11. Thanksgiving was my favorite for the characters that we were able to get. Have been waiting for a Cleveland show cross over. Still want more of the characters from the show and was hoping for a main event like American Dad.

    For playability and creativity my vote goes to the Star Trek event. When we were given the extra week at the end, it helped many get most of the “free” characters and made up for “impossible” odds earlier in the event. Still had some issues with the event, but for the most part it was fun and not too complicated. It has been down hill since then with most events.


  12. Easy: Star Trek was my favorite (that one broke my cherry for paying: they got me with the LLAP donation) and I *hated* the Halloween money grab . Almost pulled a Rypod and uninstalled…


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