Week 2 Raid to the North Pole Questlines

This post will contain all the questlines for week 2, except the main questline – The Elf Empire Strikes Back – which can be found here. The main questline needs to be completed if you want to begin week 3 on Thursday.

You will find the walkthroughs for:

  • No Damsel in Distress (only 1 part)
  • Tough Girl (Sarah Connor’s questline)
  • Going AWOL (Kevin Swanson’s questline)
  • Perfect to a T-600 (Obviously, T-600’s questline)
  • The Best Exotic North Pole Hotel
  • More Inglorious Banter (Clam package offer)

No Damsel in Distress

  • Unlock Sarah Connor (you can find out how to unlock Sarah and her tasks here)

This is the end of this questline… Not really sure what the point was?!

Tough Girl

Part 1

  • Make Sarah Bake Cookies to Solve Problems (8 hours)
  • Make Lois Bake Cookies to Solve Problems (10 hours)

Part 2

  • Make Sarah Do It With Her Eyes Closed (4 hours)
  • Make Lois Practice Tai-Jitsu (2 hours)

Part 3

  • Make Sarah Wash Her Hair (2 hours)
  • Make Bonnie Flirt with Poolboy (2 hours)

Part 4

  • Make Sarah Rock Her Shades (10 hours)
  • Make Camo Peter Keep an Eye Out (4 hours)

Going AWOL

Part 1

  • Make Kevin Swanson Go Through the Drill (6 hours)
  • Make Joe Raid Personal Weapons Stash (6 hours)

Part 2

  • Make Kevin Window Shop for Addictions (4 hours)
  • Make Bonnie Chug a Bottle of Wine (1 hour)

Part 3

  • Make Kevin Play with Knives (8 hours)
  • Make Quagmire Fornicate with Giraffes (4 hours)

Part 4

  • Make Kevin Swanson Get Physical (2 hours)
  • Make Joe Perform Cripple Tricks (1 minute)

Perfect to a T-600

Part 1

  • Make T-600 Channel Arnold (6 hours)
  • Make Quagmire Watch Christmas Movies (4 hours)

Part 2

  • Make T-600 Get His Buttons Pushed (12 hours)
  • Make Quagmire Listen to HAM Radio (16 hours)

Part 3

  • Make T-600 Blend In With The Crowd (10 hours)

Part 4

  • Make T-600 and Brian Get Made (8 hours) **joint task**
  • Make Chris Find a New Friend (1 minute)

The Best Exotic North Pole Hotel

Part 1

  • Place the North Pole Train Station

Part 2

  • Place the Christmas Armory

Part 3

  • Place the North Pole Bed & Breakfast

Part 4

  • Place Kevin Swanson in Kevin Swanson’s Tent

More Inglorious Banter

  • Buy $9.99 Worth of Clams, Get 75 Toy Cars for Free!



8 thoughts on “Week 2 Raid to the North Pole Questlines”

      1. Thanks for letting me know. I’m just afraid I’m going to miss the deadline and it will all have been for naughty including a little real casino spent to speed it up a little : (


  1. Has anyone yet pointed out the exchange rates? On a whim, I started buying 5 presents for two toy cars, 2.5 presents each. After a few , the exchange rate seems to have jumped! It went to like 42 for 14 Right now it’s at 32 for 12


  2. I need your help please… I need Peter and Santa to get hats to from the buildings. santa alone can’t destroy a target, and I need both of them in the Hummer to get the loot in the end!?? but I now have to put Peter on a hover craft to get cars which is only paying out 5 gift boxs for 5 cars, but I only get 2 cars per target and I can only destroy 1 target at a time!!?? What can I do to keep advancing the event and not get left behind doing Hummer runs to get the hats for more boxs?

    Also a page suggestion, best and worst events of the year. My pick is this one.. IMO


    1. LST- It seems everyone is in the same boat.. You want to increase the hit points on the humma and the hover craft, but when you do, the buildings upgrade.. And you get stuck where you can’t destroy anything… It stuck me for a few days..


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