Roastin’ Chestnuts Gift Box

Like Santa, we have some more items from last year. If you weren’t playing last year, you can try your luck at the new mystery box which appears with the week 2 release, for a chance to win some Christmas costumes from last year. The costumes have a 6 hour task that earns Bells. It costs 100 Clams, but if you have all the outfits from last year, you can win some buildings or decos! Here is the breakdown with the earnings:

If you do not have the costumes from last year, you’ll see them available to win in the mystery box – if you had them from last year, you can use the costumes to earn more bells:

  • Jingle Joe
  • image

  • Hanukkah Mort
  • image

  • Sexy Santa Lois
  • image

  • Candy Cottage
  • image

  • Christmas Crisis Command Center
  • image

  • Sad Goat Petting Zoo
  • image

  • Toy Igloo
  • image

  • Christmas Topiary
  • image

  • Santa’s Arsenal
  • image


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