Have you been banned from the Leaderboards?

If you have checked your status to see your standings on the Leaderboards today but instead, were faced with a notice to say you have been banned… Don’t worry! A reader, GenFireDragon, has sent us a reply from TinyCo:

“Looks like they are aware they made a mistake. I just got a reply saying this:

“This is a bulk reply: the autoban tool went rogue this afternoon. We have turned off the tool and are unbanning players caught up in it by mistake. This will take some time, but if you’ve been banned in error you should be back on the leaderboards soon.

Thank you for your patience!”

I haven’t been unbanned yet, but at least this is something.”


15 thoughts on “Have you been banned from the Leaderboards?”

  1. Has anyone that has been banned from their leaderboard been fixed yet? I am still stuck being banned and waiting for them to fix/respond back. Being a high paying premium it is very frustrating, to won’t even allow me to see the leaderboards so I don’t know how I’m in ranking to try not to loose my place since I already spent clams to try to get ahead.


  2. So just popped over to view FGA site and was met with this:

    Moviebuff3000 – “I only saw the $9.99 clam deal. I have finished off the main questline today and have unlocked both Sarah Connor and Kevin Swanson and even got the Skynet Complex all without spending clams. The drops for Sarah and Kevin were both really good to me. I am ready for Phase 3 tomorrow with around 600 presents (possibly more) banked. I noticed that in the T-600 Facespace page that there is a shadow of a person for his friends, perhaps that is John Connor.”

    Now I personally believe this was either a plant by TinyCo, a blatant liar, or cheated his butt off. Honestly I think it’s way too many presents to have achieved this…but I may be wrong.

    In other news, as I have long since held…TinyCo leaderboards are a complete sham. I’ve kept tabs on certain accounts on there and there is indeed something rotten to the core about them. Like the one account showing an even 600 medals a mere 1hr into the release of the boards and then not a single medal gained for several days before the number changed and the account got renamed.

    The collective board is just as broke. Yesterday we were at 13 million for 2 weeks worth of work, today we were at 70 million. So I kept tabs on it today. It’s on a timer that adds 8 every 5 seconds. Then out of nowhere, the timer sped up for awhile dumping another 5 million into the kitty. Rather than admit wrong, they’re rigging the game. 80 billion indeed! LOL! But it’s all functioning as intended, right TinyCo? I’ll never let them live that one down. Rogue programming, huh? Nah, just your atypical TinyCo programming. Playing with yourself will make you go blind according to some. Wonder if they get Eye in their benefits package ;P


  3. Yup, I got banned. I had about 94 medals when it happened. Glad they are away of the mistake. Although I am very curious as to how their autoban tool went rogue….

    In other news I just started part 2 this afternoon, but will be stuck until tomorrow evening or Tuesday morning since I won’t get Lyle until tomorrow morning. Considering I’ll need another 50 presents to even begin to do much in part 2…. I wonder how long it will take before im a full week behind. At least I don’t care about getting skynet, so thats 900 presents I won’t be worried about. Of course I keep getting stuck, because I don’t get eggnog enough to keep up with the hummer battles. It’s so fun.


    1. Good luck with this but collecting presents to have enough for Lyle and the igloo fort didn’t work for me, once I unlocked the igloo fort the presents screen immediately went over to the buildings for week two so even though I had enough presents for Lyle I was unable to get him because it didn’t show him as an option. I’ve reported this to TinyCo but I’m not counting on them to reply. I guess as soon as he week two goes live, it basically doesn’t let you get Lyle within a 24 hour window anymore. Which is a shame because I wanted him instead of the stuff from week two. Well there we go…


      1. I got him just fine. I clicked on him in the presents screen and had no issue. Did he expire for you before you got him?

        I got lucky with some stuff so I am actually starting hovercraft battles today, which is a day earlier then I though. For some reason I thought the hover building was a 10 hour build time, but it wasn’t, so that saved me a lot of time. Guess I’ll see what happens.


      2. I got him just fine in my freemium account.
        Did you have peter soil is sheets done already, so that when you got the fort it jumped to the next questlines?


      3. Looks like a glitch then because after I got the igloo (having completed the camo Peter soil the sheet task) the phase two quest line started and Lyle was immediately blacked out, even though his timer still had more than 23 hours to run. I’ve reported this to TinyCo maybe they give him back to me 🙂


    1. Fred, I don’t show either. However, the 5000 rank has fewer medals than I do. So I have no clue what is going on. Nothing new for this game LOL


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