How Do I Unlock Kevin Swanson & Tasks

With week 2 of the new Christmas content, we see a new character – Kevin Swanson. Not only do you need to earn Kevin Swanson’s Tent that he is found in, but you then have to collect an abundance of items to unlock him too! Here is the rundown:

Items you need to unlock Kevin Swanson as a playable character, (not just as a character outside a building with a bubble above the head):

7 x Dog Tags (Common)

  • Make Bruce Frolic with Jeffery (12 hours)
  • Make Bonnie Clip Coupons (12 hours)

7 x Anti-Depressants (Common)

  • Collect from Clearing Robotic Misfit Toys

18 x Ammo (Uncommon)

  • Make Jerome Play Darts (6 hours)
  • Collect from Christmas Armory (6 hours)
  • Collect from Skynet Complex (10 hours)

15 x Knife Magazine (Uncommon)

  • Make Quagmire Watch Christmas Movies (4 hours)
  • Collect from North Pole Bed & Breakfast from Santa’s HQ! (4 hours)

8 x Army Boots (Rare)

  •  Make Joe Give Self a Sponge Bath (8 hours)
  • Collect from North Pole Train Station (8 hours)
  • Make Herbert Read to Children (8 hours)
  • Get Skynet Complex from Santa’s HQ! (10 hours)

Now, here is a peek at the tasks that you’ll be able to make Kevin do (if you ever unlock him!):





3 thoughts on “How Do I Unlock Kevin Swanson & Tasks”

  1. I finally managed to get the NN Center by just grinding Father Christmas to attack the village. I am now grinding him and Santa Pete to attack the village until I get the other character that can attack the village.


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