I thought it would be good to have a guest post from someone that is a known “cheater” of the FG:TQFS game, as the subject is never discussed and thought some readers may find it interesting to find out the reasons as to why someone decides to cheat, instead of legally obtaining Clams.

We all know that this subject is rather controversial so it would be great to hear everybody else’s opinions on the matter, as well as what you think about why Lev cheats when playing his game and how he helps other players when the game glitches, but TinyCo do not fix it quickly enough for players, sometimes resulting in the players losing out on timed characters/items.

So, below is Lev’s guest post, and remember – this is his own opinion:

“Hey folks, I’m going to be talking about a topic that you guys might have heard of: Cheating.

Now you might say, “Oooh, he/she is a cheater, you deserve to be banned!”, however that statement might not be all that it’s set up to be. Maybe I should introduce myself first. My name is Lev and I have been cheating for over a year and counting (lalalalalala). Now you might think that I’m an ass for cheating on the game, however I do not see me doing any harm. First step, the leaderboard as you may know is a competition between players. I strongly agree with TinyCo’s banning players who cheat from competing on the leaderboard as that would just lead to cheaters on top and players who play fairly on the bottom. However me altering the prices for my own town to have the premium items, it has no effect on your town or anyone else’s town so whatever the cheaters do won’t make any difference to you. Now you might say, well it’s not fair that I have to do this when someone else is cheating and getting things for free. This is true, however that is your choice to not cheat if you don’t want to risk anything with your game. Given the choice, there is no unfair advantage as it is possible for you to cheat as well if you wish too.

Now I would be talking about why I cheat. I am currently studying at a university and have to work to cover my tuition. Balancing both of these, I have little time to actually play the game. Now you might tell me just to purchase clams to afford the items. However, I work to be able to afford my next semester for college, transportation, and food. I don’t have money to throw out on a game as I need to focus on the necessities and countless others have to save their money on food, rent, and supporting their families. Now another thing, I like collecting the items in-game to be able to have all of them. Let’s look at past events, there have been buildings that costs clams that help with event. Such as during Music event, we had the Neon Lion and during the Star Trek event we had the Dilithium Mine. Both were priced at 700 clams. For a person who collects the buildings, 700 clams worth (based on the 3500 clams price) are each approximately $20. Given that it is a timed event and the item would be gone when event is over, it would be impossible to get it without spending money on the clams. For a collector like me, it would be discouraging to be unable to get an item so this would be the only way I’ll be able to do so. TinyCo jumps from ending an event quickly to starting a new one so there is no time to actually collect clams in-game to make a difference. The only way way I was able to complete my goal of collecting all the items was by making my own hack. However, given my situation, I know what it’s like to being behind on the game so instead of just using it for my own game, I have helped others in their own games and the people that I have helped, ended up becoming a community we are able to discuss information about the game and tips for the players. It was highly successful and everyone was happy receiving the extra hand in their games.

Now I will list the pros and coins of cheating on this game:


– It’s your schedule. You will no longer be rushed to constantly check into your game or sacrifice your sleep to make sure you get your timed challenge on time.
– It works on your budget. Don’t want to miss out on a premium character that will most likely not be able to be gotten in the future as don’t have money to spend on the game? Get it for free without having less money for the necessities for survival.
– Being able to help with TinyCo’s issues: If you guys still remember the Halloween event that we recently had, there was a movie screen that was able to spawn nuns, vampires, and more. However, due to a TinyCo glitch, some people had that timer broken and it wouldn’t spawn anything. I had helped people with their timed challenges requiring to clear the nuns and vampires by placing it into their games manually so they’l be able to complete it in time.
– Freedom to not be in competition with others such as leaderboard and get the prize that you longed for.


– Banning: In the course of the game, no one had ever been actually banned from the game. There had only been two clam sweeps where TinyCo had taken clams gotten without them being purchased or earned in-game. The only ban that had occured was the ban from competing in the leaderboard, however that doesn’t make a big difference as with cheating, can get the items from leaderboard.
– Being bored: I encounter this all the time where some people decide to rush all the tasks in a single day and for the rest of the 6 days, they are bored waiting for new content to be released. Even though cheating does help your gameplay, it shouldn’t be an excuse to not play your game. Why play the game if you just rush everything?

A side note, if you do go into cheating: sites that promise to help you as a “generator” are fake and should not go on them.

Thanks for reading,


40 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Lev’s views on CHEATING”

  1. I always thought buying clams was like cheating, and now tinyco are getting greedier and have stopped caring about us players, I don’t care about them either and how much they make. Maybe instead of crying about ‘cheating’, tinyco should think about why it’s happening, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that is because they’ve forced us down this path.
    So Lev, how do I sign up?


  2. Love all the “morally superior” folk here. If you ain’t cheatin you ain’t competin. I agree with the pvp stance but what I do with my own town is none of your business. Get off your high horse and remove the sticks from your collective rectums.


  3. I bet if you could cheat your way to school and not get caught, you would do it, too. No amount of rationalization will excuse your behavior. I bet you would do the same with your relationships, work, etc. if you can get away with it. I shudder at the thought of you becoming a professional someday and be a cheater in your chosen profession. That’s how corruption starts. Hope you see the error of your ways before it’s too late. Have some integrity.


  4. Played from day 1, never cheated, only have 81 medals and just over 100 clams and banned from the leaderboard. I was going to quit after this event due to the increasing greed, frustrating item drops, timers. etc
    Guess I am going to give myself an early Xmas present and quit early.


    1. If you want to continue playing, you could try messaging TinyCo via the in-game messaging function… Hopefully they sort it out but I wouldn’t hold your breath, a lot of people have had issues during events and they haven’t responded until after the event! Hopefully you will get help quickly though as it seems a lot of players have been deemed a cheater and banned for no reason!


      1. Don’t forget, taking an advantage of glitches got many people banned as well. I’m not saying you did or didn’t, but that is another reason why thwy banned a bunch.

        For example, during the Pererpalooza, you could drag a character to the stage and have a secret concert. That disrupted the leaderboards, and people were banned.


  5. I have 74 (Seventy-Four) medals and I am banned from the Leader Boards.
    WTF Tiny Co?!
    I sent them a message but haven’t heard back.
    I’m a Freemium player.


  6. Well this post sure was timely. I logged into my game this morning and decided to check through everything. Apparently I have been flagged as a cheater and banned from the leaderboards even though I have never cheated. I’ve contacted TinyCo through their ingame system, but way to go TinyCo! You want to reduce cheating? Here’s a great idea, start false flagging players who’ve been with the game since the very beginning and have actually paid money to them for it. Because that won’t piss them off and make them want to go ahead and cheat if they’re branded as a cheater anyways.

    … Rant over.


    1. That is very bad, and actually quite sad to hear as we have always seen you around in the comments, so we know you have been a longtime player and never have given up, even when times have got tough and turned cash grabby! I hope they sort it out for you! Let me know what they say, if they do!


      1. Looks like they are aware they made a mistake. I just got a reply saying this:

        “This is a bulk reply: the autoban tool went rogue this afternoon. We have turned off the tool and are unbanning players caught up in it by mistake. This will take some time, but if you’ve been banned in error you should be back on the leaderboards soon.

        Thank you for your patience!”

        I haven’t been unbanned yet, but at least this is something.


  7. Lev, in a event like this how much info do you pass along…

    I see where your coming from in your post Lev, I don’t support it, but also don’t condone it either, hell everyone cheats once, look at the patriots 🏈…if you can help out someone with a event, then go for it,

    So thanks for cheating…


  8. It used to be that you would pay one price, and got the game and all of the updates free, and then it moved to charging for updates, then it moved to game for free, pay if you want anything cool.

    This particular game, started off as premium items would help you get the events done faster. Now it appears to have morphed to need premium items to even finish an event.

    I have no problems with people cheating on games. People that cheat at their jobs will eventually get caught.

    I run a premium and freemium account, and that’s my choice, how he wants to play his is up to him and tincyco. Lev does agree that in a PvP environment, that he should not count. Which is perfect. I also see someone you acting like all top players are cheating. The Mob leaderboard was very tough, since then, I’ve been able to finish with all of the top prizes that were awarded by straight up playing, with very little clams spent. I’m currently in the top 100 as it is, so when some of you keep saying that everyone in the top is cheating it really offends me. Now the top few that have 500+, that’s entirely possible that they are cheating, but if not and they are spending the $$ you need to respect that because they are keeping the game going for us.


  9. Dirty cheats galore on this years leaderboard. I play very regularly (by fair means only) and I’m nowhere near 100 medals on the leaderboard. I thought it was bad enough yesterday that two players had around 1,300 on the leaderboard but I look today and someone who wasn’t one of the two has appeared at the top with over 1,700. Really?! Screenshots taken. Screenshots forwarded to Tinyco. As for the multitude of 600+ scores as well….. It’s just cheater after cheater after cheater as far as I’m concerned.


    1. I’m sure TinyCo will be wiping out any cheaters from the Leaderboards before the prizes are awarded. TinyCo has also confirmed that only 100 of the top prize, which is God, a character, will be awarded (so says a source that emailed them!)


      1. Yes, i like the idea of a collective on the leaderboards, kinda helps keep a person motivated if you aren’t in a position to get the top prizes.


    2. The two with the 1300+ have been removed, 1700+ guy or girl is still there….

      I play regularly also and am in the low 200 was 900+ when the leader board went live, not cheating…


  10. I used to be very much against cheating, but now while I still haven’t cheated and still don’t intend to I’m becoming more relaxed in my opinion on it. The last couple events as well as the price for the the items they have been putting out is ridiculous. If I wanted to buy all the items in a single event I’d need to shell out more money then I pay for a Triple A release with DLC. That is just insane for a casual mobile game so I understand why people are done dealing with this BS.


  11. Sorry but in my humble opinion even buying clams is cheating you did not earn it, you bought it. It is you paying off tinyco to let you cheat. Not that I care if anyone else or if everyone else does it.


      1. +1 for me Fred and Roxane. How do we even cheat in the first place. I am so far behind in the event that the only way to make it even remotely fun and catch up is to cheat. Still working on Peter Costume…


  12. Cheating is like bootlegging dvds it takes money away from the people that make the movie/game and so raise prices to compensate for that. I can dare say that I earned my characters without cheating. What is the point of playing a game if your going to cheat? I may not agree with alot of Tinyco’s money grab attempts but there is really no excuse for cheating no matter how you justify the pros of cheating. Cheaters never prosper and will always be a cheater in life and therefore not an honest person that can’t be always be trusted. Makes me wonder if you cheat at school also just to get ahead of the game so to speak.


    1. Cheating at school is an entirely different situation. And I made a statement that cheating should not be an excuse for not playing your game. The game should be enjoyed but if you alter the code so you can add a character that expired, where is the harm. It’s not like you’ll be able to buy it back if expired so what difference does it make. They won’t make money either way, its just whether you’ll have it or not.

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  13. wait meant to add tho too lol… OH YEAH SHHHHH!!!! nobody’s allowed talkin bout this stuff lmao cause if you do that means YOU’RE A CHEATER! You NEED TO BE BANNED FROM THE GAME pshh lol 😂😉😘


  14. sh** is getting to expensive i KNOW that’s why players cheat. i’m done. i give up. For a game to be getting so massively 💰money-grabbing💰 i’m hardly making a paycheck week by week so i’ve done degraded myself down to a “CASUAL PLAYA” i use to spend some extra cash on this game, but i’ve finally decided i can’t i jus can’t afford it. i’ll be one of the first to tell you yes it was so damn EASY to play 100% freemium there in the beginning. i started during ComicCon 2014 and i can say i fully enjoyed NOT having to buy any types of packages of clams whatsoever up until the StarTrek event. i figured oh watch the rest of the events after STevent they’re all gonna be so much harder to OBTAIN and unlock any skin, building whatever so yeah. that’s pretty much it. i’m so irritated and jus plain out frustrated at the moment that i’m totally jus out. Last year’s Xmas event i wasn’t doing this bad at all!!! 😡👿😷😤😎


  15. It makes me feel better to *know* that there are cheaters: the fact that I am so far behind the top players in this winter competition is inexplicable otherwise.


    1. I don’t believe in cheating in the leaderboard. That should be banned which I agree with TinyCo doing so to people. I just don’t see any harm when its not Player vs Player


      1. What you seem to be forgetting is that all the content costs money to develop, which why in a ‘free to play’ game there are many attempts by the developer to get some money from you, either through premium characters or through making very difficult tasks which you can’t really achieve without paying for clams. This is exactly the same with Quest for stuff, and to say that you’re simply getting something which you otherwise wouldn’t get is a little bit confused.

        The thing is, by cheating you basically get all this content for free, meaning that TiniCo doesn’t earn money off you. This is fine as long as there is only a few of you who cheat, but once cheating is too wide spread, the whole thing becomes very difficult to sustain, and in the end it either means the price for premium articles goes up, or the game stops completely because the developer can’t make enough money from the game.

        I don’t particularly like TinyCo’s attempts to make you buy clams every second of every minute of every day, but this is what happens in free games, so I simply play at a leisurely pace and if I don’t get something I simply don’t. As I mentioned elsewhere, I could instead simply go to eBay and buy some hacks for £3 but what’s the purpose of this, in the end it is a game and I rather stay freemium than try and steal from the developers (whether or not I agree with their ways).

        So in my view I don’t think your logic works, and if you say you can’t afford to pay for content well en simply stay a freemium player. Can’t be that hard…?


    2. I am for banning cheaters off leaderboard. Cheating in a player vs player environment shouldn’t be but my statement is for cheating just in your own town to be able to get what you want.

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    3. Indeed. The top couple tiers of the leaderboard I’m on is filled with people with over a thousand of the awards. No way in hell did they get that many from playing the game normally.


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