OK – I know I said no more posts, but this is technically a post from one of our readers, Evil Ned, as he’d like to WARN you about a glitchy quest!

Here is Evil Ned’s comment:


Exclusive in game warning for everyone here on Tips:

The latest money grab quest: “Inglorious Banter” to buy $4.99 in clams and receive 45 Magic Hats will pull Peter off task. The task starts with Peter with an exclamation point and only shows up on the North Pole screen if that’s where Peter is (quest does not show up in Quahog screen if he’s in the Humma). This means if he’s driving in the Humma, he will be pulled out and will not count toward the reward. If he’s required to be in the Humma to hit a single building (as with a required 2 person team to take out 1 building) the Humma will continue to appear as normal; however, once the task is completed, a red x will appear, forcing you to have to start over having now lost all progress and for no reward. This can be avoided by making sure the Humma attack is not running when you open the quest. Depending on where your at in terms of questline, this can also happen with Santa. Just an FYI warning to you all. Good luck!


12 thoughts on “WARNING from EVIL NED!”

  1. Wow…from buried in the anals of the FGA board to front page news on Tips. I feel loved 😀 Thank you all as it feels good to be appreciated.

    Anywho… Just an update. If you message them in game when this happens, they should now be compensating for this glitch. Though they should be fixing it rather than applying band-aids, at least it’s a start.

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  2. This entire humma thing is absurd. the instructions are not clear and the whole process is ridiculous.. you need riders, one of them is one of the only 3 characters providing fuel… but also you need to upgrade the humma… once you upgrade, drivers are not enough, and huts get harder to destroy… and Peter is needed everywhere; you need to do the process 4 times to get something around 40-50 hats .. but rewards cost more than 100, If you don’t get Lyle, then you only have Santa and Peter to ride de Humma, making the game going as slow as a dying snail. The random costs of presents do not help either.
    Whoever thought about this process has a terrible mental disorder… I don’t get it, if the point is to advance weekly, why making things so tangled and absrud? Can’t they just do the math on a weekly plan… ???


    1. Very simple – they make it very difficult to progress without buying premium characters so that you spend clams (= money) on it. That’s the way it works with all ‘free’ games, you can only progress well if you pay for stuff. I won’t pay so I’m taking a leisurely speed and with the support of this site and the addicts site I still have a very neat progression path.


  3. Yeah, this happened to me. He hopped out and I lost hats from it. Luckily not many, only, but I wasn’t too excited about it. I put him on the two hour task he needs to complete for the main quest to continue, so it wasn’t a total waste. Not that it matters. I won’t see week 2 content til Sunday night at the earliest it seems. Blah.


  4. I sure hope they answer me back soon. I have spent ALOT of money on this game and used a lot of clams to get ahead. I just pulled up the leaderboard to see if it was active yet and it shows me as banned. I don’t want to get screwed out of prizes just because they can’t be bothered to check who hacks vs who spends cash. This might be the straw that breaks my back if they don’t get it fixed quickly.


  5. I have noticed its also possible to hit the check over the humma garage when Santa is attacking and occasionally have him “freed” from what I can tell it hasn’t affected the outcome of the attack though.


  6. This didn’t happen to me with that “money grab” attempt it happened when Phase 2 started because I had Peter, Santa and Lyle attacking the village just before Phase 2 hit and after Phase 2 hit Peter and Santa were wandering around BUT Lyle was still in the Humma attacking.


    1. How strange! It seems there is an issue with quests/new content released if using characters as drivers… Hopefully others will share their experiences. We could make sure to keep those characters free near an update time… Or, the next day – depending on whether TinyCo can be bothered to press the release button!


    2. They need to disable the checkmark that is on the humma building. I’ve clicked it before and watched Santa hop out.. I’ve told them about it. So be warned there.


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