Robot Redux – Lyle Walkthrough & Tasks

I am getting up to scratch with the Christmas event and been following Fred’s walkthrough post so I don’t duplicate anything that he has already completed. Below you’ll find the complete walkthrough for Lyle, and I might just throw in a few screenshots of Lyle’s tasks… if you are lucky! 😉

Robot Redux Pt. 1

  • Make Lyle Swap Out Parts (4 hours)

Robot Redux Pt. 2

  • Make Lyle Seek Revenge (8 hours)
  • Make Joe Investigate Source of Prank Calls (12 hours)

Robot Redux Pt. 3

  • Make Lyle Dance to “Gloria” (10 hours)

Robot Redux Pt. 4

  • Make Lyle Get His Butt Kicked (6 hours)
  • Make Lois Practice Tai-Jitsu (2 hours)

As promised, Lyle’s tasks:





6 thoughts on “Robot Redux – Lyle Walkthrough & Tasks”

  1. Hi all, whats needed to unlock Lyle ? I have yet to unlock the thing that gives the hand grenades to finish unlocking Commando Peter costume but is says ‘hard’ . from previous events this makes me think i need a rediculous amount of something within 24 hours to unlock and i wanna get prepared now if i can 😊


  2. Could someone post a run through of the humma levels and the payouts associated with them? Im at level 4 with Peter and Santa and getting 12 hats. I can level up to 6 or 7 right now but im worried it will affect the quantity of payouts ill receive.


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