Answers… as promised! :)

EDIT: OK – So, the comments kind of went a bit mad as I was copying and pasting… I didn’t expect them to thread like the actual comment section so I have just had to take screenshots of each of the comments and answers instead!

OK, so lots of you are wondering why the emails are only just surfacing… well, that would be because we aren’t working “with” TinyCo anymore, even though – most of the time, it felt like we were working FOR TinyCo!

We wanted to share one of the reasons why we stopped doing what we enjoyed doing, apart from the game ALWAYS crashing or costing LOTS of money as the money grab became HUGE, both of us being diagnosed with health issues, daughter diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, work commitments, not receiving the support promised by TinyCo when they created an AMBASSADOR PROGRAM after I sent an email of a list of complaints – but they never kept to their word (I will include the Ambassador terms in this post), and lastly, we were running ourselves down as we are in a different timezone to TinyCo and we ALL know that their updates NEVER happen when they should – so we would stay up until 2am – 3am… sometimes even to 6am… then once the update would hit, we would work our @$$e$ off to get all the information out to you straight away and sleep after we finished the school run! We started to do the updates the next day instead but we lost a lot of readers as they relied on us for the information, but with our health conditions, we weren’t able to keep staying up that late every week.

As you already know, we haven’t been as active as we saw a dramatic drop in views after we couldn’t continue to be the first with the information, so we just didn’t see the point in continuing to spend hours and hours doing an update (with continuous crashing and failed start-ups!) when hardly anyone was using the information.  We know that a lot of regular players stopped playing either because they couldn’t get into their game, that they lost all their progress and TinyCo never responded to their tickets, and/or gamers were annoyed that if they were to get anywhere – they needed to spend £100’s an event which is another reason the stats would have fallen, even when we were still as active as before!


Above: screenshots of stats for FamilyGuyTips – we were very active up until the end of August, but you can see the big decline – our stats had fallen so much that some months, we weren’t even getting the same amount of views/visitors as we were in ONLY ONE DAY!

Back in August during the PeterPalooza event, we asked TinyCo if they could hold another Q&A (which is apart of the Ambassador Program) after they were unhappy with the last Q&A. Matt replied and said as long as the comments will be approved and the questions will not be answered with sarcastic comments, I agreed but I never heard back. That was the last time I made any effort to communicate with TinyCo as I was already pretty pi$$ed off with our “working relationship” anyway!

So, I receive an email from Kelly at TinyCo on 20th November 2015:

12As you can see, TinyCo wanted to cut ties as they thought that I hadn’t tried reaching out, but it was because I gave up TRYING!

I said above that I would include the Ambassador Program that was created after I sent the email that is in the other post to Matt. I sent lots of suggestions about how they could work with us, FamilyGuyAddicts and the community, so they created an Ambassador Program:

programprogram1program2program3After we read the Ambassador Program, we had a few questions – like how we will get ALL the way to the US for meet-ups?! or how will we get swag/prizes?! Ohhhh… those perks were ONLY for the other site owners, not us, as we were the only two active sites that wrote about FG:TQFS!


Anyway, know all of the reasons are out of the way (I think, there are so many – hope I haven’t forgotten any!) – we can move onto the comments that have been made on the posts that we have already made regarding emails and Matt’s views on EVERYTHING!

Before I get into that, RyPod sent me some points that he would like to add to this post:

rypodComment time (in order of received) – the comments will be in BLUE and my response will be in RED:


Mike says:

Just go renegade. I don’t come to a fan site to read propaganda from TinyCo. I come here to share tips and techniques with other players

Thank you Mike 🙂 your tips and techniques are always welcome! 🙂

sweettat says:

what? this is why Rypod had to step DOWN?!?! THIS IS A OUTRAGE!!! lol jk…can’t take jokes anymore i see TC.😒😔😐😶😇

Haha! This made me love sweettat, like all your comments! Although, I can always sense a little *FLANTER* with you and RyPod 😉 RyPod didn’t step down due to this, as I never told him as I didn’t feel the same way, and neither did Hollypopsicle. We have always appreciated RyPod and all of his efforts, and always believed in being able to speak your mind! 🙂

sweettat says:

if y’all think my comment jus now will spark some criticism, jus go head delete it don’t post it. i don’t wanna cause anymore trouble. FGTQFS is only a game, a ELECTRONIC GAMES at that and it should NOT be creating this much bs. i’m a fan of BOTH sites and nobody is gonna tell me to like one more than the other cause that’s jus unfair IMO. in a way, it’s also unfair that one site gets a lot more “praise”, consideration, and more info than the other in which BOTH are up and running to help ALL of us players out! i use BOTH sites i have BOTH sites bookmarked in my phone because i believe BOTH are 100% extremely helpful for me anyways…💘
We need to come up wit a plan, maybe even a “Peace Treaty” kinda thang lmao to MAYBE POSSIBLY start working together, i.e., some more POSITIVE communications from each other, throw along some good ideas on like “oh HOW can i make this post better” or “oh how could we make a certain post better and brighter?!” jus things like that! i feel as if y’all are on opposite battlelines from each other lol Shouldn’t be like this. 😞

Don’t worry about offended anyone 🙂 I like this comment, it is very honest and has great suggestions! I agree, shouldn’t be like this – on another note, I think you would be a great author for FamilyGuyTips 😉

Nuri says:

So TinyCo DO seem to loom at comments, but instead of taking in feedback from so many players about how the ratio for freemium VS premium players being able to complete objectives seems to ever be increasing and being one-sided they have temper tantrum about when and what pictures are used.. hey Matt.. how about spending less time nit-picking and look at the general trend of your CONSUMER !! who constantly tells you :

• cheaper clam cost for items (we don’t all have a rich relative who we can ask for money to spend in-game to be able to unlock stuff)
• less time spent on tasks (some of us work 8hour + days and don’t have all day to play the game)
• no timed items for character unlocking
• have items drop commonly – spending a week or more trying to get rare / extra rare items gets REAL BORING REAL FAST

I’m sure im not the only one, but I came to this site as it was easy to understand – i didnt even like the format of the other place mentioned. I don’t even bother checking their TSTO posts as i dont find them helpful. I don’t use facebook (shock horror) or twitter, so its either read about hints here or figure it out ingame.

Matt & all at TinyCo – stop creating a divide and remember that you only exist because of US – the fans. WE buy the meechandise, WE invest the time so that you have a job due to the demand in sales. The fact that long term players have been tuning out due to lack of support / feedback should make you be begging to bend over to help gain people’s faith but instead all you seem to do is come off as even more out of touch… I’m British and have to say you would be a perfect candidate for some of our Members of Parliament – they are equal out of touch with the common person !!

Try starting off by thanking Holly, Fred, Rypod and all the others for keeping things running even when they have family / work / school commitments. They don’t have an office full of staff like you have !!

Rant over.

Wow! Thank you Nuri for taking so much time in writing such a detailed and well thought out response! I really hope TinyCo read your bullet points and make some adjustments, as you can see from the stats above, even though we were working hard and being just as active as any other time (March – Aug), the stats declined, and that seems like it was mainly because players couldn’t play, weren’t receiving any help via TinyCo, got bored of the same mechanics, and/or couldn’t justify spending that much on a “F2P” game!

Marty says:

I’m confused. These are from April, right? Why are they being posted now? I love this site as you always have very helpful info, but I’m not clear what the purpose of this post is?

Yes, Marty, the emails you are talking about are from April, but we couldn’t share them as we had agreed to the terms of the Ambassador Program. I hope this post above has answered your question “what is the purpose of this post?” 🙂

Micheal says:

What is the point of this post?

I hope this post has answered the point of the posts 🙂

OK – So, the comments kind of went a bit mad as I was copying and pasting… I didn’t expect them to thread like the actual comment section so I have just had to take screenshots of each of the comments and answers instead!







Comment from the LOOKING FOR ANSWERS? post:


That’s it for now… I hope that I have clearly explained so no one is confused… if you are, let me know and I will try harder! 🙂


24 thoughts on “Answers… as promised! :)”

  1. Posted this a bit ago on a certain other nameless site in the proper section… and big shocker….. it never got approved. Just a bit of color commentary to go along with this section.

    WTD: Journalistic integrity.

    At some point the world has evolved into corporate run journalism. Where integrity used to be the pillar of jounalism and news, no matter what the source, reporting was trustworthy and without a hidden agenda behind it. No longer is this the case. Journalism is being bought by sponsorship on all levels, from simple reviews of a product, to the nightly news on television. While true that ads pay for the ability to reach the masses, there’s a hidden side to this that includes absolute control through censorship and plants within the media.

    Voices being stifled help no one. The reason anyone is censored for any reason is because someone doesn’t appreciate the truth as told by the individual. When journalism of any variety is altered or ommited, there is no integrity to be had; thus, is without merit and without purpose.

    Self serving journalism is only fueling the fire for the backlash that will inevitably happen. The corporation will blame the failure on the jounalist and the journalist will be extricated from the media at large. In the end, everyone except the money men lose out.

    I applaud those journalists that stand on their own and buck the system to which they’ve found themselves thrust into. Once one gives into the corporation, they control you. They control your words and, if you’re an editor, they own you and your media.

    To all: Watch all forms of media closely and discern the difference between sponsored content and true journalism. If the message praises the product or company and omits criticism, it’s potentially corporate run fluff designed to mislead consumers against the actual truth of the product. If it’s nothing but overt critisism, it is possibly a volley from the competition, or the product/company really is highly flawed and deserving of the hammering.

    Typical corporate tactics are to stifle bad news and only gladhand bringers of good news. These office politics are being passed in the media to the self serving greed inherent with those uninterested in the real truth.

    If you’re an editor, second guess that bribe when they choose to mute your content or those responses to your content. if you’re a writer, don’t let your integrity get compromised. If you’re the reader, let the media know you’re not being fooled. Opinions matter. Real reviews matter. Perks and money are not worth the integrity hit is it?

    Unfortunately, too many succumb to this and have become morally bankrupt in the process. Would love to hear thought on this. Thanks


  2. Longtime lurker, first time speaking…
    This actually makes things so clear. For a while I’ve been watching tinyco slowly become a scumbag operation. I originally found FGA first which led to finding this site. Always wondered why FGA adamantly supported Tinyco despite blatant signs that players were being forced into pay wall situations. but now it all comes to light, Tinyco is not a quaint start up, its an aggressively ruthless corporation that does not reinvest to grow their company, thus keeping it “small”. No HR department, awful forced overtime, intimidating employees that don’t “go with the flow”. Hope you guys have room, I think I’d like to call this place home as FGA are officially one of them. Hope they realize that truly helping the player isn’t bowing to Tinyco, but informing them to foul play and helping organize a way to help players hold Tinyco accountable for the obvious fraud they have turned this game into


  3. Thanks for the info about what’s been going on. I’d been wondering what all had happened and growing increasingly frustrated by the tone of things over at Addicts. I’d actually found them first when I started playing but when I found you guys was when I found a community that actually felt warm and welcoming with a healthy dose of humour.

    I’ll admit that lately I’d not been around as much, having grown frustrated at the turn the game has taken. I quit out during the Mobster event and came back when it finished. I played hard during the Halloween event but at the start of week 4 I was still trying to unlock week 2 content.

    Now I’m looking at a similar situation but it’s only the end of week one, and that’s with me starting with the head start of having Santa already unlocked from last year. I have spent money on this game but having to shell out so much for every single event just to keep up is insane and not going to keep players around.

    At this point I basically stick around only for you guys because my interactions with you are far more entertaining than the game.


  4. Thanks for clarifying everything. I was highly confused when I read the posts this morning. But soooo much makes sense now about the other site. 😯 I, personally don’t need things to be up right away, with the exception of don’t start this timer or something. Obviously it takes a bit to work through the game and all the info doesn’t need to be out right away. Im still undecided as to whether I want to keep playing. Im going to be massively behind already since I want to get Lyle, and it’s only week one. :-/ I remember the days when even as a freemium player I could keep up. Sigh.


    1. Here’s a quick “Don’t Start” Warning. Lyle is timed and requires 250 presents. That being said, stack up the presents BEFORE getting the item before him so that you don’t end up in a pinch like I almost was.


  5. This explains so much….I often wonder why my comments were modded out from the other site when I was being too overtly critical of TinyCo. Really I was hoping to start constructive dialogue over there at their offices about how poorly they were running things. But now it all makes so much sense! I too am an avid reader of both primary sites and of a certain nameless Wikia site. I always felt that Suli would alway pass the buck to Matt, thier PR guy too easily even when I had been in contact with both Fox and their VC firm backing them about licensure responsibility and potential legalities. My most recent post on the other site was modded out due to encouraging TinyCo staff and players alike to read their staff’s own words on and look at the company info on sites like Manta. This got me censored. If TinyCo is censoring the media surrounding them, what’s the point? Truth comes out eventually anyway. Matt and the whole damn rest of their management should tender their resignations and hold their head in shame as they’ve brought much dishonor and disgrace to their Tiny family. I’ll post much more in detail expose on here another time. I also have some more indepth info to share pertaining to how and why they function as they do. Thanks for everything, I truly appreciate the efforts and a more sociable place to hang my hat when it comes to this game.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ned I’ve always found your words to be true, and I can attest to the amount of censorship you face on FGA. I too stumbled across the glassdoor app a few months ago during the mob event, opened my eyes. Its funny one the first reviews is a love letter to Suli, claiming how righteous he is, and the very next one exposes how management force employees to write false reviews. Their control runs deep though; During Halloween’15 many Facebook users including myself banded together to bring their app store rating down to 1 star. We managed to raise it by several thousands. Few days later 5 star rating soared by at least 10,000 along with one word 5 star reviews. Nasty bunch indeed.


      1. Vader,

        I ran the length of Alice’s rabbit hole with them and poor management is the just the tip of the mammoth iceberg. There’s a much more seedy side to them involving the sweatshop labor equivalent of a helpdesk in Helpshift, widespread sexism and harrassment behind their closed doors, and back alley deal stylings being run by their VC backers. But, what else could be expected from an online casino company? I should write a movie script as the truth is way more interesting than any fiction with these guys! Will post everything when I have more time. I think everyone will find the information to be a good read.

        One final note though, I would like to state I’m not trying to promote any “anti-TinyCo vibe”. Everyone has dirty laundry and often, it needs to be aired out to impact change. If I had lost all faith in their ability to do so, I would have been aggressively working toward getting the plug pulled the license and hammering thier sources of revenue until something caved. Simply put: companies themselves are not inherently evil and only exist to make a profit. It’s the people operating the company that make choices that will make or break the company. Google themselves are a prime example of this of how the best ideas get warped in process of growth. I’ve been studying TinyCo since the beginning of FGQFS and have watched them be their own undoing. I still feel there’s hope for them to come around but they have quite a bit of work ahead of them if they expect to re-earn the trust of thier patrons again. I can only hope they do so before destroying another license branding. Marvel? Really? Well crap!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I just found 7 of your comments from yesterday and this morning in the comment spam :/ I have un-spammed and approved! We were wondering where you were as we thought you’d like to comment 🙂 well… We need to have a discussion to see who could write what and when so we can space it out, probably need a nice reader from US or different timezone than all of us to cover the basics of an update. RyPod loves his modding so he’ll still be sticking around 🙂 it is just a case of time and having more than 1 person writing up everything!


      1. I swore off Premium content back in May (made a small exception for Weird Al because at least there I got his latest album which I would have bought anyway). That being said, I would be willing to help with content as much as I can. I’ll e-mail you guys tonight or tomorrow if you are interested.


    2. If I had to guess Saad, I’d say this site is now officially a self running site with no help from TinyCo, everything we find and post now, from “spoilers” to event info comes from the mods, you (the players) and anyone else 😊

      This site is…has been…and always will…let you guys voice your opinions on the game (or other things…unless it’s offensive or abusive) and nobody, not even TinyCo will ever change that!!


      P.S. If I’m wrong about the first paragraph, I’m hoping Zooey or Holly correct me lol


  6. wth is a flant lol flanter? Flant as in FLIRT i see what ya did there lmao😉 i love all you guys jus because you all are easy to talk too and with. You see the certain frustrations we ALL go through and are going through which really a site like this SHOULD be like. But yeah i’m jus all about more on the “helping one another” side that’s really what the main aspect/ concept should be about no matter how angry/mad/happy/sad commentors seem to be…which you guys know and see 100% totally so it’s all good! Rypod did you start the game up again or WHUT?! come on you know you want too!!!😂😉😄 && so since today is Thursday was there a phase2 added yet?… have no clue as i Don’t even have Xmas camo Peter yet👎


    1. Lol Tat, nah I didn’t start the game up again, the comments have been full of frustration in events so I assume it hasn’t got any better, I’m still here though, moderating comments and listening to epic music 😄



  7. I just want to say I appreciate all of you. I’ve always enjoyed RyPod and his comments. I’m going to miss you guys. Sorry they had to be such jerks to you.


      1. Tat’s awesome and we have loads in common but I think since I haven’t played the game for a while that Fred’s stole her off me 😉 haha



      2. I may not play the game anymore but I’m still here, monitoring comments and churning out the odd smart Alec remark now and then 😄



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