Matt from TinyCo’s views on RYPOD

This set of emails were in April when Kelly had completed a Q&A session on one of our posts, but Matt not impressed with RyPod’s comments to the questions being asked as he found that RyPod was causing a “anti-TinyCo vibe!” – which he wasn’t, as most commenters on our site say how thy appreciate being able to say how they feel and voice their opinions regarding TinyCo without being shouted out, like some “other site” we all know! (Quoted from our readers!)

On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 12:07 PM, Kelly Lui wrote:

Hey Zoe,

I’ve just finished up answering as many questions as I could. πŸ™‚ I wanted to get your thoughts on what we can do to make it a more effective Q&A. Do you think it would be a good idea to have someone live-moderating? What types of questions do you see the most, and which ones would benefit best from my answers?

Let me know what you think?

On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 12:28 PM, Matt Fairchild wrote:

Hi Zoe – to piggy back on what Kelly said:

What can we do to ensure comments get moderated quickly during these chats? The existing moderators aren’t approving Kelly’s posts, and so it looks like we are nonresponsive to various questions. We’re also running out of questions to answer, and those that do get through are often off topic.

Frankly, we’re not getting much help from the moderators in creating a positive discussion. Rypod, in particular, is guiding the conversation *away* from the topic at hand, and seems to instead promote an anti-TinyCo vibe.

We’re all for direct questions. We do these so we can attempt to answer more challenging questions from the community. But when our comments aren’t getting moderated in during the time we’ve set aside, *and* the moderators of the site are promoting deconstructive comments, then your community does not benefit from our answers.

rypod post 1

rypod post 2

From our perspective, it appears Rypod is more interested in commenting his view on the post than on moderating the comments or promoting a good faith conversation between all parties. To be clear, we don’t expect all moderators to be on our side. But we do expect them to promote conversation between both parties, and not sway the conversation to one side or the other.

More broadly, though, we are concerned that after dedicating an hour to answering posts, that the comments aren’t getting posted. These AMAs are a time consuming endeavor that we believe greatly help the community. We want to do them. But if the comments don’t get posted in a timely manner, and the conversation isn’t moderated, that time is better served answering tickets, creating new content or supporting the games in other ways.

Please let me know your thoughts on this. We’d like to continue participating on Tips, but this is making it difficult to justify doing so. As it stands, we won’t be doing a third AMA without assurances that our comments will get posted and that impartial moderators will be available.

Matt Fairchild via

28 Apr

to Kelly, Zoe

A few more comments we find troubling:

rypod post 3

rypod post

Again, thoughts like this are valid, and it’s not our intent to stop them. We want to hear them and to respond. But when a comment moderator and authority figure is actively promoting sarcastic comments and declaring it “all about the moderator”, it limits our ability to respond at all. It pits us versus the community leadership, and we’d much rather be working *with* community leadership on how to make the game better.



24 thoughts on “Matt from TinyCo’s views on RYPOD”

  1. I especially found the comment regarding the time better spent fixing bugs and answering tickets to be hilarious. That’s like when I was asked to load the dishwasher as a kid and I would respond that my time would be better spent doing homework… Than I went and played video games. :-p


  2. Wow.
    What a lot of crap. Does Matt realize that you Brits have a slightly different sense of humor than us Americans (at least you have one)? Rypod don’t let it get to ya, you’re brilliant as you are (did i use that right)?


    1. Don’t worry Mike, TinyCo’s “views” made me laugh because they can’t take responsibility for their mistakes in the game so they palm it off to blaming a moderator who only tried to help them πŸ˜„ I pride myself on two things: my sense of humour and my natural ability to help people 😊



  3. I hate to see, that outside of the game, TinyCo behaves as arrogant as in the game, when something is not about cheers for them. Someone already said that there is a difference between Spoilers and Advertising, and that is true – why not posting what is about to come??
    Also supporting a site that is (or was) creating a fan base is not only about releasing a few spoiler pictures of what is about to hit the game… is about listening to players, and making the game a better experience, something they absolutely forgot since the Mobster Event.

    I also visit the “other site”.. yes, it has some more information, but no doubt how they get all that. Walkthroughs can’t be done that fast unless you already have the information or you pay a damn big amount of clams, I thought that was something to appreciate, but not anymore… I think there are no clams involved.

    I don’t think TinyCo is interested in making the game fun, or entertaining… nothing has changed to improve it, it’s not only here, you can read the posts on their Facebook page; the public is angry for a lot of reasons – since crashing and not hearing back from them on their tickets, to the poor planned events and redundant techniques and low drops.

    They are not making a worth playing/paying for product, I’m sure they know it, and it is frustrating to see something you once liked that much ruined so badly with nothing to do to about it, except stop playing…


  4. I’m not sure what the purpose of all of this is. If I want to piss off TinyCo I open another account and buy 2 million clams on eBay for Β£3 and do all the events first on that account and then do them leisurely at my own pace in my real account. I’m not doing this because I like those sites too much, but if TinyCo is behaving like this I’m not sure those sites will survive much longer. Of course they need to make money but they won’t by aggravating people. But maybe that’s hard for games developers to understand πŸ˜‰


  5. I’m really confused why this stuff is being posted now? Did something happen?

    All I can say is this…I always liked this site better. I liked the fact it was a bit smaller and we could voice our frustration without being told that you know, tinyco has to make money too and blah blah. However, after stuff stopped getting posted here without much explanation (it did finally come, but it took a long while), I had no choice but to go to the other site if I wanted to know what was happening and what to be careful to avoid, Etc. Fred is doing then best he can now, but updates aren’t as comprehensive as they used to be (no offense Fred).

    the fact this stuff is being posted now, months after the communication was recieved is confusing, especially as the owners of the site haven’t been keeping up with it, or as far as I can tell, even playing the game anymore. I mean, dknti hch like tinyco….I feel like they screw players non-stop, and im to the point the Christmas event will probably be it for me because I can tell they haven’t learned at all from past events…….but these whole last series of posts need further explanation to your readers if they are going to remain up.


    1. I know what you mean. I had to turn to the other site at that time too but I only used it for walkthroughs and other info. I hardly commented as I have a habit of being real and I knew my opinion wouldn’t be appreciated there. I saw another commenter saying something against tinyco, the kind of thing I was close to saying, and everyone shut him up defending tinyco. That’s why we love this site!!!


  6. PS: I’ve never read anything here I’d consider truly spoilerish.
    A spoiler is finding out x character has something dramatic of high consequence happen to them before it actually happens.
    Knowing what content will be appearing in the future of a game makes me anxious to play it. It’s called adverteasing.

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    1. True. When does a teaser become a spoiler? I think it’s subjective tbh. I saw the new batman vs superman trailer and thought it was basically a spoiler as it gave away the story before the film is out.
      Does it depend on who posts the teaser/spoiler? So tinyco can give a description of the whole event and tell us what’s coming on the following weeks and it’s only a “teaser” but this site posts one ambiguous image and its considered a “spoiler”? Seems legit!!!


  7. What?? There’s another site??
    OK I had been aware of it from occasional comments & I even I looked it up a time or two. However, it never became my go-to place for info. Possibly because of it’s size. I really prefer the feel of “family” with this site.
    Folks are allowed to speak their piece in a non-abusive but honest & sometimes sarcastic humor. Which I believe is a main coping mechanism when dealing with frustration (which anyone associated with the game has encountered from time to time. Not to mention the obvious frustration these post reveal our mods have been carrying!)
    So lighten up Matt! You serve at OUR pleasure. Without players you’d just be someone else’s code monkey.


  8. Hey Matt, we dont need Rypod to turn us off this game, you and the other imbeciles who run this game do a hell of a good job running off players every single event you put out.


  9. When I first found this site, I had checked out the other sites.. But, I chose this one due to the fact that is was easy to read, and very helpful… It also seemed to me that a lot of the people on this site have the same attitude as I do.. This is all a game. I do believe a site like this helps.. And I do mean the sarcastic humor.. I love the comments and the people placing them.. This has to be taken not seriously… This is not a job.. As far as I know, no one gets paid to post anything on here.. Not even in free clams!!! Everyone has a personal life.. Some of us even have kids.. It is our personal time, and love for the game that keeps this going.. Rypod might have grown sour playing the game, but he still loves what he does here… There is just no way we can be here 24/7. As for us not posting quickly.. I am the only one on this side of the pond close to the time zone for Tinyco… And I have just been added as a moderator. I do believe that I am still under my 90 day trial period-LOL just kidding. But I can’t even be on here all of the time.. I have a law office to run, girlfriend with 2 daughters, my own daughter, plus a small pack of dogs!!!! We all just have to work together and be patient some time.. I say let’s keep up being who we are. I hate censorship!!!

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  10. Wow!! I just read this post (and the comments too) what the hell? Lmao πŸ˜† this is actually hilarious!! Instead of looking at how to make the game better, they abuse a moderator with comments he said EIGHT MONTHS AGO and since then this moderator stopped playing the game because it was too infuriating to keep up with everything in it.

    As you all know, I’ve always said “people on this site can voice their opinions, we don’t stop people being who they are or how they feel” and that is EXACTLY what Matt is trying to do. Stopping me from voicing my opinion. I could understand if my views were offensive or even rude, but they weren’t, they were just comments.

    Here’s the deal Matt: if you want me off this site, speak to Zooey or Holly, they run the site, not me. I don’t care either way lol, but they’ll tell you I was the best damn moderator they ever had at a time when they needed one.

    I appreciate all the comments backing me up by the way, thanks everyone, you (the players and fans) have been awesome on this site for all the time I’ve been here, don’t ever change 😊

    And don’t ever stop voicing your opinions, it’s you that keep this game going so make sure you tell them what you think.

    RyPod (signing off for possibly the last time)

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    1. I usually appreciated Rypod’s posts, and loved that his opinion comments were that of a player, like me, not a cheerleader for TinyCo… part of the reason I prefer this site.

      Is TinyCo hurting from people signing off and blaming Ry instead of their recent money grab (1200 clams for Death in the Halloween Event)? I was very frustrated by the prices in the Halloween Event, and considered doing the same thing, nothing to do with Rypod. The softball Thanksgiving event was a mea culpa that helped, but didn’t quite make up for it. If this XMas event is as bad, I’ll be uninstalling too…


    2. It’s unfair for tinyco to blame you bro. As we can see you were just replying to my comment (from 8months ago lol) so im equally to blame. I posted that comment as we have a free speech community, unlike the other site, and I’m sorry to anyone I offended but it was just a joke. Can’t badmouth rypod for having a sense of humour, that’s why he’s the “best damn moderator this site ever had”. Does anyone even know the names of the moderators on the other site?
      Have you seen the new south park episodes with the news vs ads theme. Tinyco’s behaviour reminds me of that where the other site are run by ads (tinyco) and this site is like the school paper who just wants the truth to be out there.
      I would prefer this site post nothing at all than suck up to tinyco like the other site, and maybe that’s why they get featured instead of us, because we stick to our principles and don’t sell out.
      But like I said before I don’t mean any harm and I’m sorry if I comment something against tinyco. I know they work hard to bring us the game even if it doesn’t seem like it but sometimes the game gets too frustrating and we all want it to be fun so please don’t have any hard feelings tinyco.


  11. I’ll throw in my two cents here just in case TinyCo is listening… The last event where we needed to spend hours collecting items in order to then spend MORE hours building the item is a bit excessive. If I spend all the time gathering required items for a build it’d be nice for the build to then take 10 seconds (or instant), not another 30-90 minutes.

    A game is no longer fun when it becomes a chore. I’m a FORMER FarmVille player so I know a bit about games that become chores. Lol


  12. I’m confused. These are from April, right? Why are they being posted now? I love this site as you always have very helpful info, but I’m not clear what the purpose of this post is?


  13. So TinyCo DO seem to loom at comments, but instead of taking in feedback from so many players about how the ratio for freemium VS premium players being able to complete objectives seems to ever be increasing and being one-sided they have temper tantrum about when and what pictures are used.. hey Matt.. how about spending less time nit-picking and look at the general trend of your CONSUMER !! who constantly tells you :

    β€’ cheaper clam cost for items (we don’t all have a rich relative who we can ask for money to spend in-game to be able to unlock stuff)
    β€’ less time spent on tasks (some of us work 8hour + days and don’t have all day to play the game)
    β€’ no timed items for character unlocking
    β€’ have items drop commonly – spending a week or more trying to get rare / extra rare items gets REAL BORING REAL FAST

    I’m sure im not the only one, but I came to this site as it was easy to understand – i didnt even like the format of the other place mentioned. I don’t even bother checking their TSTO posts as i dont find them helpful. I don’t use facebook (shock horror) or twitter, so its either read about hints here or figure it out ingame.

    Matt & all at TinyCo – stop creating a divide and remember that you only exist because of US – the fans. WE buy the meechandise, WE invest the time so that you have a job due to the demand in sales. The fact that long term players have been tuning out due to lack of support / feedback should make you be begging to bend over to help gain people’s faith but instead all you seem to do is come off as even more out of touch… I’m British and have to say you would be a perfect candidate for some of our Members of Parliament – they are equal out of touch with the common person !!

    Try starting off by thanking Holly, Fred, Rypod and all the others for keeping things running even when they have family / work / school commitments. They don’t have an office full of staff like you have !!

    Rant over.


  14. if y’all think my comment jus now will spark some criticism, jus go head delete it don’t post it. i don’t wanna cause anymore trouble. FGTQFS is only a game, a ELECTRONIC GAMES at that and it should NOT be creating this much bs. i’m a fan of BOTH sites and nobody is gonna tell me to like one more than the other cause that’s jus unfair IMO. in a way, it’s also unfair that one site gets a lot more “praise”, consideration, and more info than the other in which BOTH are up and running to help ALL of us players out! i use BOTH sites i have BOTH sites bookmarked in my phone because i believe BOTH are 100% extremely helpful for me anyways…πŸ’˜
    We need to come up wit a plan, maybe even a “Peace Treaty” kinda thang lmao to MAYBE POSSIBLY start working together, i.e., some more POSITIVE communications from each other, throw along some good ideas on like “oh HOW can i make this post better” or “oh how could we make a certain post better and brighter?!” jus things like that! i feel as if y’all are on opposite battlelines from each other lol Shouldn’t be like this. 😞


  15. what? this is why Rypod had to step DOWN?!?! THIS IS A OUTRAGE!!! lol jk…can’t take jokes anymore i see TC.πŸ˜’πŸ˜”πŸ˜πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‡


    1. Actually rypod stepping down was a different incident. He stepped down once after people blamed him for posting “cheats” but he cane back a few days later. Then he uninstalled the game as it became ridiculously hard.


  16. Just go renegade. I don’t come to a fan site to read propaganda from TinyCo. I come here to share tips and techniques with other players


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