Matt from TinyCo’s view on SPOILERS

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This is one of the first messages (above) from Matt (TinyCo) – he was unhappy that we were posting spoilers when we first began so he created a policy to stop us. I had to delete all spoilers if I wanted him to have an interview. We had previously messaged to ask for an interview for the readers, but after we sent all the questions, he said he wouldn’t work with a site that contains unapproved and unreleased spoiler content. As soon as it was deleted, I received the filled out interview via email!

Below is correspondence with Matt and myself after he had guest posted/released spoilers via FamilyGuyAddicts for the first time after he had told us to delete them all! I sent them a draft of a SPOILERS post that I was going to publish with lots of images of District 10 before it was released, his response is below!

On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 2:00 AM, Zoe Ross wrote:

SPOILERS – District 10

As we are allowed to post spoilers AGAIN, after being asked by TinyCo to stop (and we kindly agreed), find some spoilers for District 10 below:

If you tap on the Pawtucket Brewery that is already in your game, you will see a District 10 pop-up showing Pawtucket Pat:

[Image Pawtucket Pat]

We will be receiving a new Stewie costume (about time he gets used, been useless lately) – in the files he is called Chumbawwumba, or “Oompa Loompa”:

[Image Chumbawumba Stewie]

As District 10 is based on Pawtucket Pat and the Brewery, the decorations that due to be released are also the same theme (names may be changed when released):

This is called Pawtucket Pat Fermentation Tank:

[Image Pawtucket Pat Fermentation Tank]

This is the Potted Beer Bush:

[Image Potted Beer Bush]

This is the Infinite Beer Toilet Fountain:

[Image Infinite Beer Toilet Fountain]

This is a Giant Beer decoration:

[Image Giant Beer]

This is the Beer Pyramid:

[Image Beer Pyramid]

This is the Beer Bottle Tree:

[Image Beer Bottle Tree]

This is the Beer Bottle Caps Bush:

[Image Beer Bottle Caps Bush]

What are your favourite spoilers? I like how colourful the Beer Bottle Caps Bush is, and I think the Infinite Beer Toilet Fountain is pretty cool! The Beer Pyramid seems a bit similar to the Champagne Pyramid that was released during Stewie’s Sexy Party!

Let us know if you like having spoilers AGAIN!

On 12 Jan 2015 21:07, “Matt Fairchild” wrote:

Hi Zoe – thanks for sending this in a draft, and letting us look before it goes live. The images used in the FGA post were provided directly by us. We only endorse spoilers when they come directly from TinyCo. As these images are not yet live in the game, and we did not provide them directly, then we still consider them unofficial spoilers and thus not something we can endorse.

I sent a separate email regarding community outreach, guest posts and spoilers, and I’d love to hear your feedback.

Zoe Ross

12 Jan

to Matt


During the day, I have added Pawtucket Brewery and Beer Cap Flowers too, and a possibility that the Pawtucket Silver Scroll will be an Item we may need to collect!

When you first contacted us and told us not to post spoilers otherwise you wouldn’t work with us, we complied with your request, but we haven’t received much for it, and we lost some of our community when we stopped posting spoilers.

We receive FAQS sometimes before the content, or we don’t receive them at all, and the only reason we received them was because I was already posting FAQ posts every time you released the FAQS anyway, and they are readily available to anyone, so it doesn’t look like we receive any links to you when we post the FAQS, and you do not write community roundup anymore either.

Your email states that you do not ENDORSE these spoilers as they are regarded as UNOFFICIAL as they do not come directly from you, doesn’t that give us a loophole that we could post them unofficially and do not say anything that makes the readers think you support the spoilers?!

Zooeymarie & Hollypopsicle


3 thoughts on “Matt from TinyCo’s view on SPOILERS”

  1. LOL tinycrap crying over “spoilers”. So professional!
    Anyway it’s difficult to distinguish between a spoiler and a teaser but just be careful. As much as we don’t like tinycrap (and I’m sure they’re aware if it) we can’t go breaking their rules and turn into them.


  2. I’ve been playing this game for over a year now and over the course of that time, I’ve been enjoying it less and less. The respect I’ve had for TinyCo, while small because I knew little about them, has dwindled to a point where I respect Comcast (evil American Corporation) more… and I’m Canadian, I don’t even use their services. While I rarely comment on both this site and the site that shall not be named, FGT has always been so friendly, welcoming, and hardworking. Clearly these aren’t the traits TerribleCo. is looking for to work with. Every time I go on the site that shall not be named, I feel like I’m in that Christmas episode of the Simpson’s when Bart breaks his butt, Springfield Elementary closes down due to debt, and is reopened by a corporation that makes the Funzo.

    I don’t get what’s the big deal in regards to the spoilers. I know two places that post spoiler images, especially in events, and Reddit is full of them on a constant basis. On Monday, TinyCo had already pumped week 2 content for the current Christmas event into our games. While subject to change, it’s pretty deep that we can find out which characters will be released, which quests will be added, and full dialog to go with them… And this is typical as of late (as I’ve only been checking as of late).

    But anyways, I love you guys, keep doing what you’re doing, and keep fighting the good fight.

    Have a good day/night,


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