Matt from TinyCo’s view on GUEST POSTS

We were forgotten about again during those Community RoundUp posts that TinyCo used to do… then just abruptly stopped and replaced them with FamilyGuyAddicts links, so we asked Tam-Anh why but Matt wanted to give us his response instead!

From: Zoe
Date: Sun, Jan 11, 2015 at 1:38 AM
To: Tam-Anh Nguyen

How come the community round up was replaced with yet another post from FamilyGuyAddicts? Also, how come we never get asked or given spoilers too?! We already luck out of the meet and greets, it would be nice for us to feel as involved as we work hard! I had asked before whether TinyCo could guest post for us and was turned down 😦 I know we aren’t as huge as FGA as they have been around much longer with The Simpsons, but how are we meant to help ourselves and reputation if you will only work with them and only share their posts, it would be nice if we were thought about as well as we are all doing the same thing!


Hi Zoe,

I can help with some context on this. We’re testing out new content in order to see what players respond to, and last week the game team asked us to promote upcoming content in a new way. We took the chance to both test out a new type of post, while also helping the Family Guy team get the message out. This meant we needed to turn around a post quickly, and since FGA had approached us in the past about guest posting, we jumped at the opportunity.

To expand on how we view guest posts and community outreach: FGA has worked closely with us on several bugs and issues, as well as user polls and feedback, which has proven very helpful over time. When a fan community invests this much in improving the game, we reward it in any way we can, such as with direct links. The FGA team also does significant legwork in making these happen, such as pitching stories, analyzing user feedback and talking with players.

When working with fan communities, some of the key things we look for are:

•Discretion – can we trust them with sensitive information prior to launch?
•Initiative – Do they approach us with ideas we’ve never done before? Are they working to expand the community as a whole?
•Reach – how big is the site? We want to help sites at any level grow, but for things like announcements, reach is a factor. This is not THE most important factor, though.
•Creativity – Do they create new content that nobody else has thought of yet?
•Community Engagement – Do they interact with their users? Do they frame discussions in a constructive way? Do they build connections between users?
•Analysis and Feedback – Can we gain unique insights from this collaboration? Does the community tap into a group of players we can’t otherwise reach?

•Legality – Does the content fit within our TOS, and within applicable laws?
â—¦For this one, we are concerned about posts like this one. How are you adding clams to these players?
â—¾(The content idea for this post is actually EXCELLENT. We would love to see the results of this video, and we could potentially sponsor the prize if you approach us about it beforehand.)

In writing this, I realize we can be much more clear with the community about what posts are most likely to get shared on the main page, and what we look for when interacting with fan communities. We absolutely love doing so. And to clarify, this is not meant to pan Tips in any way. Rather, your email lead me to sit down and seriously consider what we look for when creating and promoting content.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. How can we help out with better guidelines for the community? How can we help you grow as both a blog and as a community?



This is our reply:


I understand you needed a quick turnaround. I have contacted you and your team numerous times asking whether you wanted to guest post. If you wanted to get the information out for your community, why would you not offer the same post to both the site?

We run polls and recently posted a feedback post for Tam-Anh which she told us was really helpful. We always message Tam-Anh with any issues and glitches with the game, but we do not get the rewards that you say you give to a fan community that helps, or direct links! We talk with players too – on the site, reddit, Facebook, Twitter and the forum!

Discretion: you have sent us numerous FAQS that we haven’t published until the content has gone live, which should give you trust with us.

Initiative: I wrote to you a while back about lots of ideas that I had, which hadn’t been done before. I stopped receiving communication from you. We work ALL the time trying to make the community bigger. It’s hard when FGA are the only posts or site you advertise.

Reach: obviously we are not as BIG as FGA as they have TSTO too and been around a lot longer, which should be more reason to help us be known too, not cast to the side as we are unlikely to succeed if players only see YOU working with FGA. If you were apart of the community, who would you rather visit? A site that is known to have direct links and are advertised by the game developers, or a site that the game developers do not bother with?!

Creativity: do you think that we do not create content that FGA has not already published? We almost always post the whole update content and walkthroughs before FGA, even though we have to stay up until early hours of the morning every update, showing commitment. We hold weekly competitions, monthly competitions, we have daily posts, and have recently begun making videos of all the characters phrases from the game on our overview posts. We have a Quahog Millionaire Club too, we have put this on hold as we were inundated with Millionaires but we are working on it now! We have messaged you and the team regarding content you would like to see and all of you said there wasn’t anything and that we were doing an awesome job!

Community engagement: we interact and engage with our community, I receive lots of emails a day, notification and FB messages, participate on FG groups, answer tweets, Insticator contacted us to team up with our Tuesday Trivia, so did KidRobot.

Analysis and Feedback: well, I’m not sure whether you could tap into our community that you otherwise can’t reach, or whether you would find the collaboration useful – but I guess not, as otherwise you would have collaborated with us more.

Legality: You handpicked the one and only post that I hadn’t written “50 Clams (funds via PayPal)” like I normally do, as our readers and community already know as we have paid lots of winners so they can pay you! I have asked you and Tam-Anh about competitions and teaming with you so you could award Clams in game but was told that it wasn’t possible and against your rules.

I have asked before what posts could be shared on Facebook, but I wasn’t told. I asked Tam-Anh to share our competition last week with Insticator and KidRobot but she said she couldn’t, so it isn’t like we don’t try.

You could help by being apart of our community and working with us, and not against us – as that is how it feels at the moment, here are some examples as to why we feel like this:

– We have noticed a correlation in which we do not benefit at all from your outreach. For example, you have allowed FGA to take control of a community round up post on Facebook. Something we have never been asked to do. Considering these posts have fallen from your page now, we presume we will not have the opportunity to benefit from this now. You share FGA posts on a much higher frequency than you do ours. If you are concerned about our content you only need to read our feedback to know we get the information out much quicker and our readers notice this even when they read both sites.

– We are English and therefore obviously never get any benefit from your meet and greet sessions, further isolating us from any outreach you are providing.

– We are a smaller community but in order to grow we must have a hook. That’s the most important thing in any website / fan site. Without content from yourselves we have to come up with numerous ideas to keep our community growing. We do not endorse hacking, even if it is obvious that certain people are using a hacked game.

– We didn’t get to go to Comic-Con as we are English, but if we were American, we wouldn’t have been given a pass to go like FGA anyway.

– We didn’t get spoilers from the meet up when American Dad was coming up, or the District 10 spoilers and Valentine’s Day, even though we have had the images since they were released in the game.

All of this which has helped FGA grow as a community and become more reputable, compared to what you have done for/with us?!

Zooeymarie & Hollypopsicle

P.S. For information purposes, just checked your game app page on Facebook and seen that your community on Facebook are mostly based in London, England (see screenshots attached).

Looks like your Facebook community are made up of mostly us English folk! 😀





3 thoughts on “Matt from TinyCo’s view on GUEST POSTS”

  1. “FGA has worked closely with us on several bugs and issues, as well as user polls and feedback, which has proven very helpful over time.”

    Then why are the events getting worse?

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  2. Well, considering we stopped seeing walk thrus and such since Peterpalooza and people are too busy to post or stopped playing the game then it is not surprising that Tinyco goes to the Addicts because they are more active on their site then you guys have been since Peterpalooza. So take that how you want but if your going to run a blog about a game then you need to go above and beyond the call of duty no matter what and if it cant be handled then why keep it going?


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