Raid to the North Pole Walkthroughs

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but there is never a silent night in Quahog! Stewie has created a monster, and the Robot Super Elf is trying to take over the North Pole. Can the Griffins put an end to his plans and save Christmas? Log in now with the 1.15.0 update to begin the new event, Raid to the North Pole.


Ok guys, I finally got Lyle this morning.. and have managed to un-stick myself!!! So, continuing with the walk thru’s!!!!


Raid to the North Pole Pt. 1 Peter Starts

Place the “Meet Santa” Sign: Cost 500Family Guy Coin
Have Peter Down Egg Nog: 20secs, Earns 1Family Guy Coin, 1xp Completed Task Earns 1 Silver Bell

Raid to the North Pole Pt. 2 Peter Starts

Place Santa’s Gold Gift Box: Cost 250Family Guy Coin
Have Quagmire Watch Christmas Movies: 4hrs, Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 30xp Completed Task Earns 1 Silver Bell

Raid to the North Pole Pt. 3 Peter Starts

Have Bonnie Return Christmas Presents: 2hrs, Earns 30Family Guy Coin, 20xp
Build the SnowJack-in-the-Box: Cost 1400Family Guy Coin Completed Task Earns 1 Silver Bell

Raid to the North Pole Pt. 4 Peter Starts

Unlock Santa to be Able to Travel to the North Pole:
3 Chocolate Chip Cookies (Common): Peter Cook Disgusting Vegetables OR Quagmire Let the Gerbil Loose

4 Glasses of Milk (Uncommon): Jerome Host Happy Hour OR Chris Hang Out at Home
3 Candy Canes (Common): Bruce Sing Christmas Carols OR Mort Restock Ipecac Syrup 

Have Bruce Sing Christmas Carols: 1hr, Earns 20Family Guy Coin, 12xp Completed Task Earns 2 Silver Bell


Raid to the North Pole Pt. 5 Peter Starts

Travel to the North Pole: Tap on “GO” or the Sleigh in the Event Area to go to the North Pole
Clear 3 Snowmen in the North Pole: Tap on Snowmen to clear them. Completed Task Earns 1 Silver Bell

Raid to the North Pole Pt. 6 Santa Starts

Unlock Santa’s Village District:  Tap on “GO”
Build the Humma Hangar: Cost 1000Family Guy Coin
Learn About Base Battles: Tap on “GO” to be taken to the Pop Up Information on Base Battles Completed Task Earns 1 Silver Bell & 2 Unleaded Egg Nog


Raid to the North Pole Pt. 7 Santa Starts

Use Santa and the Holiday Humma to Attack Santa’s Village: Tap on “GO” to proceed to Santa’s Village and set up an attack
Upgrade Your Holiday Humma: Level 2 Cost 1 Lights Completed Task Earns 1 Silver Bell 

Raid to the North Pole Pt. 8 Peter Starts

Learn About Santa’s Supply Depot: Tap on “GO” to be taken to the Supply Depot Information Pop Up
Trade in Magic Hats for Presents: Trade in Magic Hats to get Presents (It will not count previous trades, you will need to make a new one)Completed Task Earns 1 Silver Bell 

Raid to the North Pole Pt. 9 Santa Starts

Attack Santa’s Village Again: Tap on “GO” and Battle the Village again with the Humma (you just need to start the battle)
Learn About Santa’s Headquarters: Tap on “GO” to be taken to the Pop Up Information for Santa’s Headquarters
Place the Reindeer Training Facility: Cost 20 Presents Completed Task Earns 1 Silver Bell 

Raid to the North Pole Pt. 10 Santa Starts

Upgrade Your Humma to Level 3: Cost 6 Lights
Have Lois Update Travel Blog: 8hrs, Earns 80Family Guy Coin, 50xp
Defeat Santa’s Village with a Level 3 Humma: Destroy 3 Buildings with a Level 3 Humma (Though I had started on the Level 2 Humma one with the 3 Building damage and it cleared it when I completed it.) Completed Task Earns 1 Silver Bell 

Raid to the North Pole Pt. 11 Santa Starts

Build the Impenetrable Igloo Fort: Cost 127 Presents
Have Christmas Camo Peter Soil His Sheets: 2hrs, Earns 30Family Guy Coin,20xp Completed Task Earns 5 Silver Bells 


Reporting for Duty Create the Christmas Camo Peter outfit

20 Camo paint

  • Make Mort scrounge for coins
  • Make Bruce Frolic with Jeffrey
  • Make Quagmire enjoy carrots
  • get from Reindeer training facilty
  • Get from Core of Xmas cheer

10 Army rations

  • Make Bonnie twerk it
  • Make Chris fat kid hula hoop
  • get from Core of Xmas cheer
  • Get Season’s Greenhouse from Santa’s HQ

70 Army men

  • Get by clearing snowmen

3 Holiday grenades

  • Get from Core of Xmas cheer
  • Get from Naughty or Nice Surveillance center from Santa’s HQ


Santa for Hire pt 1

Have Santa update his resume
Baser Instincts Pt. 1 After Raid to the North Pole Pt. 9  Peter Starts

Place Elf Punting Machine Completed Task Earns 1 Silver Bell 

Baser Instincts Pt. 2 Peter Starts

Place the Season’s Greenhouse: 76 Christmas PresentPresents Completed Task Earns 1 Silver BellsSilver Bell 

Baser Instincts Pt. 3 Peter Starts

Place the Naughty or Nice Surveillance Center: 112 Christmas PresentPresents Completed Task Earns 1 Silver BellsSilver Bell 

Baser Instincts Pt. 4 Peter Starts                                                                                Place the Impenetrable Igloo Fort: 127 Christmas PresentPresents Completed Task Earns 1 Silver BellsSilver Bell 

Baser Instincts Pt. 5 Peter Starts                                                                                   Win Lyle From Santa’s HQ: 250 Christmas PresentPresents Completed Task Earns 2 Silver BellsSilver Bells 

Come Here, Hover Boy Pt. 1 Chris Starts

Upgrade Your Holiday Humma to Level 4

Come here Hover boy Pt 2

Upgrade your holiday humma to level 5

Defeat all 3 houses in Santa’s village
Robot Redux Pt. 1 After Unlocking Lyle  Lyle Starts

Have Lyle Swap Out Parts: 4hrs, $50, 30xp


Santa Wants You! Pt. 1 After Unlocking Christmas Camo Peter Christmas Camo Peter Starts

Have Christmas Camo Peter Skewer the Enemy: 4hrs, Earns $50, 30xp

Santa Wants You! Pt.2

Have Christmas Camo Peter throw knives 8 hrs

Santa Wants You! Pt.3

Have Christmas Camo Peter make Yellow snow 6 hrs

Have Quagmire inspect Santa’s sleigh 12 hrs

This is the end of this quest… 

Robot Redux pt 1

Have Lyle swap out parts-4 hrs

Robot Redux pt 2

Have Lyle seek revenge 8 hrs

have Joe investigate source of prank phone calls 12 hrs



43 thoughts on “Raid to the North Pole Walkthroughs”

  1. Tip:
    For the humma, level it up slowly and try to keep it at 2/3 buildings destroyed for the best results with one drver. When you have enough lights built up, upgrade it slowly to destroy 3 buildings, the after the village levels up, upgrade it again until you can clear 2 buildings again. This will give you a constant 2 lights everytime and decent rewards and better rewards if you level it up.

    I play 2 accounts a premium and a freemium,
    My premium is ready for the update and i have 2400 presents built up to get everything on page 2. I’m thinking about staying on phase 1 for the first 3 weeks of this event, so i can really pump up the presents. If I do this, i will probably add more hat build drop buildings, So I can earn about 700 presents per day. It really depends on how the redeem thing works. I know phase 2 on Halloween sucked big time and was really a pain to earn stuff.
    With my freemium accout, i stayed on phase one and cleared the first 3 pages, with little problems and it started a week late (al’s). So i will probably do the same this time around. I only advanced because it was necessary in order to get the 2nd and 3rd of megs friends.
    Just wanted to pass this strategy along.


      1. Forgot to note. On my premium account, I stopped on part 11 (peter soil the sheets) to wait for the next phase.
        For my freemium account, i am finally going to get the 4th building that i need to finish off camo Peter. So annoying, so i know where many of the freemium players are stuck at.

        If it works like Halloween, then you can access the next page as they roll out. Just be leery of the 24 hour timers that start automatically, and report them asap.


  2. fredlusk do you happen to have the complete walkthroughs for “Santa For Hire” and “Santa Wants You!”? he cause i feel like i’m stuck already lol


    1. not as of yet.. working on them now.. Santa wants you is all of the way on the bottom.. I have the first 3 on that. The Santa for hire-it stopped after # 1 for me.. Maybe it will do part 2 after the update this week… I am stuck myself..


      1. i finished “Santa For Hire” and i think there was 4 or 5 parts to it. i should have took screenshots and send em on to ya! i’ll try to remember next time for sure!☺


      2. That would work Sweettat!!! Right now I am stuck on the raids on Xmas village.. I am one little holly sprig away from updating my holiday humma to level 5. and nothing I do will destroy a villa in the village.. Even with Peter and Santa, it isn’t enough.. So I am just working on getting everything else accomplished, and stockpiling all materials for when I can do more..


  3. There’s too much going on, it’s hard for me to figure out what I have to do first. It’s VERY confusing to say the least. Top hats, presents, lights, bells….. What’s for what? Confused!!!


  4. I’m at a disadvantage since the Kindle Update was released so late (as usual).
    I’m having a hard time getting Camo Peter.
    Does anyone know the drop rate for snowmen, for a chance at army men?
    I generally only see about three, maybe four.
    We need 70 army men and the rate is ‘common’ (not a 1:1 ratio like the ‘always’ rate).


    1. I’ve been concentrating on drinks to power the hummer as one of the prizes will be needed to get the grenades for camo Peter.
      Anyone who doesn’t give drinks is getting Peter stuff.
      I log on every few hours for the snowmen and have all my army guys already. I also have more silver bells than I currently need. Hopefully they will come in handy later on.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ok guys and dolls, this one is just everywhere.. You have to do this to get that.. Take the that you just got, and add more to it, and then you can get this…. I will be honest.. this one is aggravating… They have crammed sooooo much into this one, it is just all over the place… Some buildings go into your town, others at Santa’s village.. I just discovered that the buildings you attack with your holiday humma have a little damage indicator above them… Also, the town covered in snow just whites everything out..
    Is anyone else having a problem trying to read the tiny writing? I even have a new prescription on my glasses, and I have to get a magnifying glass out..


    1. figures! yeah this is how i feel too. Like the humma upgrades, what exactly are the point of those???…i also need 4 more presents to get the Reindeer Training Facility… Like i’ve said before this all is a little bit too much for week1. don’t get me wrong tho like it all does seem pretty fun i’m excited for r the rest of the event, but us FREEMIUM players want that same chance as Premium to NOT fall behind. at least i do anyways lol Everything seems jumbled up too so far…


      1. Sweettat, what really gets me about the humma upgrades is the fact that as soon as you upgrade them. they increase the damage it takes to kill a building…


  6. i have NOT been able to get that first building in Santa’s Headquarters at all yet!!!…i do feel like this week of the event has waaaay too much stuff/content already&& i’m now gettin myself a little overwhelmed! lol it has taken me the past day or so and since this event was released i can’t figure out what i need to be focusing 100%on and i seriously don’t wanna get behind a week or 2. i absolutely LOVED last year’s Christmas event and so i wanna feel the same for this one…👍


    1. I am with you on this one Sweettat.. I have no clue what I should be focused on.. I am just going with the walk throughs and letting them tell me what the hell i should be doing.. lol


  7. I’m currently working on unlocking the naughty or nice survalence center, which I know costs 112 presents. And the post says the impenetrable igloo fort costs 127 presents. But I am trying to find out how many presents are needed for the last ‘hard’ prize. As I understand like usual for tinyco it’s a 24 hr window to get once viewed so I want to make sure I have all the presents stockpiled prior to getting the igloo as to not miss out on that character. Does anyone know yet how many presents for him? I think it’s called “Lyle?”


  8. Is it just me or does it seem like you have to do something to get something to do something and all with like 4 people..? At the rate I play I won’t get Peters outfit for probably 3 weeks minimum.. I have about 85+ characters doing nothing.. My suggestion for a page would be a list of usable and non usable characters for events like this one. Anyways that’s my rant about that. Good luck on the event everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. Was going to say the same thing. Lois is doing nothing and yet both Chris and Bruce are needed for peters outfit and eggnog. I’ve already resigned myself to this event sucking and being frustrating. I just don’t understand all of tinycos thought processes. Well. Maybe I do. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      Liked by 1 person

    2. LST-I have all of my useless characters put up in inventory.. It makes it a whole lot easier when that ding goes off, you know that ding has something to do with this event… Also, the game runs a whole lot smoother…


  9. I also set up Hanukkah Mort as well, since he had part in the last Christmas themed FGQFS event. Placed the Christmas skins back on to Quahog Mall, Quahog Hospital, City Hall, The Drunken Clam, McBurger Town, The Playground, Swanson House and Quagmire’s House. Unfortunately, I hadn’t received the Christmas skin for Griffin House during the last Christmas event. 😦


  10. Cleared out a lot of stuff Thurs evening. Then pulled out some of my Christmas stuff from last year. Nice to see they are using some of those items/characters in this years quest.
    Wasn’t happy to see the blowing snow as I recall that animation caused a lot of crash issues for folks.


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