Happy New Year!!

Hey guys,

RyPod here with a quick message to wish you all a Happy New Year from all of us here at Family Guy Tips.

2015 was a good year for me personally and I’m starting 2016 with a bang, my New Years resolution is to learn how to play the guitar 🎸 (because everyone knows I 💖 LOVE 💖 my music) 🎶

What’s your New Years resolution?  What are you looking forward to in 2016? 😊

RyPod 🍺

Zoe 🍾

Holly 🍸

Fred 🍹


Raid the North Pole Week 5 Preview

Thank you to one of our readers for the heads up via email and for May who found and posted this information on Reddit! Keep reading to find out what to expect:

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Happy Holidays Guys and Gals

I have been firing away at the game just enjoying my little week long vacation… I have been wondering how everyone is doing in this game?  Cheers or Jeers? How was your Christmas if you celebrate…


The different little attacks are troublesome, but I am working thru them.. How about you?

Also, while we are here, how are you doing in the leaderboards?  What is your ranking?  What is your Secret Santa name or whatever it is?

I have clawed my way up from 4000 below the leaderboard to be ranked # 949 as of right now.. My name there is “Chipper Garland20…

And, BTW, If anyone wants to add me as a friend in the game, please do.  I always like comparing my town to everyone else’s.. My name on FB is Fred Lusk III, you can add me there, and send me a message telling me where you are adding me from..

Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas From FamilyGuyTips

Hey guys,

RyPod here, with a message for you all. I can’t do it justice so…

…as Peter Griffin sang…I have some gifts for you, they’re up in my bum!!! Merry Christmas everybody!! 😄

From all the mods…

RyPod ☃

Zooey-Marie 🎁

Holly 🎄

Fred 🎅

Santa’s Supply Depot

**EDIT – 4th Exchange option added for Chestnuts**

Here we are going to show you our exchange rates from Top Hats and Toy Cars to Presents, which can be exchanged at Santa’s HQ for prizes (breakdown of the prizes found at the Santa’s HQ can be found here).

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Nutcracker Stewie’s Tasks

If you are thinking about buying Nutcracker Stewie, maybe a sneak peek at the tasks that come along with Stewie’s new costume will help you decide! If you are looking for Nutcracker Stewie’s questline, you can find it here.

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Week 3 Walkthroughs

This post will include all the side questlines, if you need the main questline for week 3 – you can find the walkthrough here

Snake’s and Nutcracker Stewie’s questlines will be in this post too!

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Santa’s Headquarters

**EDIT: Week 3 Prizes have been added**

As you know, we can exchange presents for prizes at Santa’s Headquarters. This post will be a breakdown of how much each prize costs and information relating to each prize, as well as any timers!

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How to unlock Snake Plissken and Tasks

With week 3 of the Raid the North Pole event, Sanke Plissken from Metal Gear Solid is introduced as a new character, which is freemium as you find him in Santa’s HQ. Find out how to unlock Snake below and take a peek at his tasks!

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Week 3 Escape from the North Pole Walkthrough

This is the walkthrough for the main questline for week 3 of the Raid the North Pole event. Santa begins so you’ll need him free before you can start!

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