Tell RyPod: Christmas

Hey guys,

With Thanksgiving over, no doubt some of you were feeling like Family Guy, Quest For Stuffing, am I right? 😉 *high fives myself*

Well guys, it’s the first of December tomorrow and you know what that means? IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! Get into the spirits…I mean spirit 😉

Are you hanging up the stockings on the wall? Are you hoping that the snow will start to fall? No? Well, you should, because it’s the happiest time of the year (so happy that it’s forced me to make a post for the first time in months!!)

I know that not everyone likes Christmas, some see it as an audacious attempt for stores to sell their crappy wares, and as someone who works in Retail, you have no idea how much this rings true!!

So this version of Tell RyPod is this…what are your feelings about Christmas? Good or bad. Do you have any funny Christmas stories? Any dodgy gifts you’ve bought people (or been bought) in the past?

So whether you say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, whether you celebrate Christmas or Hannukah or Kwanzaa, holler at me, tell me more about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa if you celebrate it as I’m from the UK and we don’t have it over here as such.

Go on, don’t be scared…tell RyPod 😊

P.S. In every comment, I want to hear what your favourite Christmas song is!!

I want to see everyone commenting on this, from mods like Fred, Zooey, Justin and especially Holly (you have the Christmassey-est name of us all) to old commenters who don’t play the game anymore, come one, come all 😊


10 thoughts on “Tell RyPod: Christmas”

  1. Well Rypod, I wasn’t trying to dish your post… Was really waiting for other people to post here… I don’t want it to look like I am the only poster..
    Christmas is a hard time for me… My mother passed 5 years ago to this day.. I know I am older than most people here.. At the time she passed, I was 40.. But that is still too young to bury your parents in my book..
    I live in Biloxi, Mississippi.. That is along the Gulf coast, just about half way between New Orleans, LA and Mobile, Al… About an hour each way… So, it really doesn’t get too cold down here in the winter.. We have cold nights but warm days.. We are the epitome of wearing long sleeved shirts with shorts.. I looked it up for this post, and the average temperature for the month of December is around 64 degrees F. Sorry for all of you guys using Celsius. The last time is snowed down here was in 1995. And that was the first time in my life (born 1970) that it had snowed here..
    Now, I am a single parent of a 14 yr old girl,and want to give her the most for Xmas, but I have learned the hard way, that nothing makes a teenage girl happy…One of my father’s favorite sayings is “No one wants a teenage girl, not even a kidnapper… ” But, I try…
    I am not religious. I am actually like Oscar1k… But believe everyone has a choice in what they believe and who they are. So Christmas is just another day to me.. A day with presents, but a day… ..


  2. I haven’t posted on this site for some time, but my views on christmas are probably too strong for a friendly blog like this one. I have nothing against christmas itself, just a lot of people’s attitude towards it. That’s probably all I can say without offending anyone lol.


      1. Nah, haven’t played in months mate, I have very little time and even less patience for it now and now I’ve stopped playing, I’ve grown to love the show again, you?



  3. well for me Christmas is jus another regular day so there’s that LOL😂😄😊
    i’m now screwed cause those Kale are NOT dropping at all!!!…i’m now trying to get the Mashed Potato Wrestling Pit AND the Pumpkin Ferris Wheel in which i ONLY NEED 3 more Kale UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!…bye-bye Donna, Roberts, and Fat Stewie lmao👎👎👎👎👎👎


  4. Here’s a weird feeling about Christmas. I was raised a Catholic but I’m actually an Atheist, which brings mixed emotions; However, I really like the season!
    I don’t want to discuss beliefs, only the thing that this reminds me the old days when I was a kid and my family used to gather for the holidays, we were like 20-30 people on X-mas dinner, the weather was cold and helped to get the winter/season mood. Now, everyone has grown old and have commitments with their in laws; some are still here… others have left us, and we are only 6 for dinner and global warming has made my winter not so cold… so it’s weird. This is the most important holiday for my grandmother, and I participate in the tradition with complete respect for what it means for my family, and I enjoy it! In Mexico we have the “posada” which I would describe as the typical Christmas Celebration (remember Disney’s the Three Caballeros?) Also, being an Atheist doesn’t prevent me to get presents 🙂 … what I want to say is, I like it! I love the lights, the food, decorations, music and TV specials.

    ** My favorite X-mas song would be Carol of the Bells and Ding Dong Merrily on High


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