Thanksgiving Walk through’s

UPDATE: The Thanksgiving celebration has been extended! It will now end on Friday, December 4 at 3 PM, PST. We hope the extra time will help you enjoy more of the celebration!


Hey guys, this one kinda snuck in on me… It hit my phone at Midnight last night.. Central time.. Here are the walkthru’s as I am coming to them… This one seems very complicated.. You have to get this, to get that.. I love how they come up with a new twist the day before we have a family holiday!!!! -That is sarcasm…

Got this in the game:

It’s time to unbuckle those belts because Cleveland’s family has come to Quahog for Thanksgiving!  They’re only here for a limited time.

I won Both Donna and Roberta now.. And will tell you, once you get those 2, that is it !!!! You automatically win the Stewie uniform… I was thinking that you then had to collect more stuff..

The Donna Show Pt 1

Have Donna Step it up 2 hrs

Have Mort restock Ipecac syrup 1hr

Have Chris hunt for nose goblins 1 hr

The Donna Show Pt 2

Have Donna day drink

Have Chris eat a large ham

The Donna Show Pt 3

Have Donna Join book club

Have Mort obsessively count cash

Have Chris get easily smitten with girls

The Donna Show Pt 4

Girl just wants to have Fun pt 1

Have Roberta prep for a night out 2 hrs

Have Quagmire mix drinks

Have Bonnie chug a bottle of wine 1 hr

This is the end of the questline

Girl just wants to have Fun pt 2

Have Roberta call Federline Jones 6 hrs

Have Quagmire let the gerbil loose 4 hrs

Have Bonnie Twerk it 4 hrs

Girl just wants to have Fun pt 3

Have Roberta avoid Quagmire

Have Quagmire enjoy carrots

Have Bonnie abuse jacuzzi jets

Girl just wants to have Fun pt 4

Have Roberta secretly study

Have Quagmire drink at the clam

Have Bonnie host a bake sale

This is the end of the questline

Baby Fat pt 1

Have Fat Stewie kick it with Brian 4 hrs

Have Meg scarf down hot dogs 8hrs

Have Dr. Hartman prepare for an exam 6 hrs

Baby Fat pt 2

Have Fat Stewie have unhealthy body image 12 hrs

Have Meg loose weight 18 hrs

Have Dr. Hartman make a house call 16 hrs

Baby Fat pt 3

Have Fat Stewie get stuck 4 hrs

Have Meg shave facial hair

Have Dr. Hartman test experimental drugs

Baby Fat pt 4

Have fat Stewie eat Mayo from jar

Have Meg Reduce her muffin top

Have Dr. Hartman do a routine checkup

Talking Turkey pt 1

Place Highland Park Market

Have Lois Research healthy Thanksgiving options

Have Peter have a Thanksgiving freakout

Talking Turkey pt 2

Place the Lard Losers compound

Clear 4 fit protesters

Have Peter have dirty thoughts about Turkey

Talking Turkey pt 3

Clear 4 fat protesters

Have Lois look at recipes

Have Quagmire sort thru cookbooks

Talking Turkey pt 4

Have Peter organize a Fatty strike

Have Chris rally the fatties

Talking Turkey pt 5

Have Lois organize the Fit Foodies

Have Quagmire gawk at yoga ladies

Clear 10 Fit protesters

Talking Turkey pt 6

Clear 12 Fat Protesters

Have Peter Eat a stick of butter 6 hrs

Have Lois eat a pound of kale 6hrs

Talking Turkey pt 7

Place the Juice Everything Juice bar

Have Chris drink a gallon of gravy-2 hrs

Have Quagmire sip Olive oil-2 hrs

Talking Turkey pt 8

Have Peter lead a fatty parade 12 hrs

Have Lois lead a fit foodie parade 10 hrs

Have Chris watch a Thanksgiving parade 8 hrs

Talking Turkey pt 9

Have Peter cook disgusting veggies 4 hrs

Have Lois drink a gravy boat 8 hrs

Have Chris chug heartburn medicine

This is the end of this Questline!!! 

Run, Rallo, Run pt 1

Have Rallo be invisible

Have Jerome watch ball game

Have Herbert take a gross old man bath

Run, Rallo, Run pt 2

Have Rallo stack cups

Have Jerome grow his fro

Have Herbert buy candy for kids

Run, Rallo, Run pt 3

Have Rallo read Autobiography of “The Rock”

Have Jerome bring cultural diversity 16 hrs

Have Herbert be a peeping Tom

Run, Rallo, Run pt 4

Have Rallo insult Cleveland Jr.

Have Jerome be a superior athlete

Have Herbert drink 50-hour energy

That is it for this questline

You aren’t what you don’t Eat pt 1

Get the Lard Losers compound form the Highland Park Market

You aren’t what you don’t Eat pt 2

Get the Lard loser’s weigh station from the Highland Park Market-12 Fit coins and 3 Baby T-shirts (from the Founding Father)

You aren’t what you don’t Eat pt 3

Get the Juice Everything juice bar fro the Highland park market-7 baby Tshirts (Founding father & Lard Losers weigh station),12 fit coins

You aren’t what you don’t Eat pt 4

Get Death Float

You aren’t what you don’t Eat pt 5

Get Kale-ifornia living

5 Baby T-shirts

4 Cold Pressed Juice

9 Fit coins

2 Organic Quinoa

Make Rallo play kickball

Make Joe host a police cookout -8hrs

Get from James Woods high

Get from Death Float

You aren’t what you don’t Eat pt 6

Get the Pumpkin Ferris Wheel

2 Cold Pressed Juice

8 Fit coins

4 Kale

Make Mort Restock Ipecac Syrup 1 hr

Get from Kale-ifornia Living

You aren’t what you don’t Eat pt 7

Get Roberta Tubbs Brown

1 Coconut Oil

Make Seamus visit siblings

Make Lois eat a pound of Kale

Get from Pumpkin Ferris wheel

15 Fit coins

7 Kale

4 Cold Pressed Juice


Have Your Turkey and Eat it Too pt 1

Get the I can’t Believe It’s all butter shop from the Highland Park Market

Have Your Turkey and Eat it Too pt 2

Get the Mashed Potato volcano from the Highland Park Market-11 Fat coins

Have your Turkey and Eat it Too pt 3

Get the Quahog Pie shop

Have your Turkey and Eat it Too pt 4

Get the Stewie float from the Highland Park Market-

10 Bacon

Make Jerome host Happy hour 2hrs

Make Cleveland Jr. practice the tuba 2hrs

Get from Quahog Pie shop

17 Fat coins

3 Lard-Get from Mashed Potato volcano

Have your Turkey and Eat it Too pt 5

Get Wide Load Clothing from the Highland Park Market

11 Bacon

23 Fat Coins

4 Fried Turkey legs

Make Rallo be invisibe

Have Chris Fat kid hula hoop

Get from Quahog Mini mart

Get from Fat Stewie Float

2 Lard

Have your Turkey and Eat it Too pt 6

Get the Mashed Potato wrestling pit

8 Bacon

30 Fat Coins

5 Fried Turkey legs

4 Margaritas

Make Meg Scarf down hot dogs 8 hrs

Make Bruce make bathtub gin 8 hrs

Get from Wide Load Clothing 4 hrs

Have your Turkey and Eat it Too pt 7

2 Butter

Make Quagmire sip olive oil 2 hrs

Make Herbert freeze Popsicles 12 hrs

Get from Mashed Potato wrestling pit

36 Fat coins

7 Turkey legs

6 Margaritas

Collecting Fat Coins

Make Peter eat a stick of butter

Make Chris stuff face with Pork chops

Make Cleveland bath time

Get from butter sluts set

Get by clearing fat protester

Collecting Fit Coins

Make Quagmire wiener curls

Make Bonnie yoga with wine

Get from Quagmire’s kitchen set

Get by Clearing fit protester


  • Bacon: Rare [Get From Quahog Pie Shop: Chance To Drop Every 2 Hours/Make Jerome Happy Hour: 2 Hrs/Make Cleveland Jr. practice Tuba-2hrs]
  • Fat Coins: Common
  • Fried Turkey Legs: Rare – Make Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop (4 Hours)/Get From Fat Stewie Float (8 Hours)/Get From Quahog Mini-Mart (Chance To Drop Every 4 Hours)/Make Rallo Tubbs Be Invisible
  • Lard: Uncommon – Get From Mashed Potato Volcano (Chance To Drop Every 4 Hours)
  • Butter:  Rare – Make Herbert Freeze Popsicles (12hrs) / Make Quagmire Sip Olive Oil (2hrs) / Get From Mashed Potato Wrestling Pit (Chance To Drop Every 12 Hours)
  • Margaritas: Uncommon – Make Meg Scarf Down Hot Dogs (8 Hours), Make Bruce Make Bathtub Gin (8 Hours), Get From Wide Load Clothing (4 Hours)


  • Baby T-Shirts: Uncommon – Get From The Founding Father (Chance To Drop Every 4 Hours/ Get From Lard Losers Weigh Station (Chance/4h)
  • Cold-Pressed Juice: Uncommon – Get From Juice Everything Juice Bar (Chance To Drop Every 2 Hours)
  • Fit Coins: Common
  • Organic Quinoa: Rare – Get From James Woods High (Chance To Drop Every 8 Hours)/ Get From Death Float (Chance To Drop Every 8 Hours) / Make Joe Host A Police Cookout (Requires Quahog Police Station: 8 Hours)/ Make Rallo Tubbs Play Kickball
  • Kale: Rare – Make Mort Restock Ipecac Syrup (1 Hour)/Get From Kale-infornia Living (Chance To Drop Every Hour)
  • Coconut Oil: Extra-Rare – Make Lois Eat A Pound Of Kale (6 Hours)/Get From Pumpkin Ferris Wheel (Chance To Drop Every 6 Hours)/Make Seamus Visit Siblings (Requires Furniture Store: 6 Hours)

You only have 24hrs to complete all of these challenges:

The Pawtucket Ale Challenge

Have Peter and Joe Respect Beer o’clock -12hrs

Have Quagmire Mix drinks 8 times – 1 hr challenge 8x’s

Collect from the Drunken clam 12 times 1hr 12x’s

Collect from the Outdoor Beergarden 2 times

The Hurry up, Shrimp Challenge

Have Lois Shoplift twice 8hrs

Have Bonnie host a bake sale

Collect from the Tiny Tots Preschool 4 times

Clear 8 Fit protesters

The McBurgertown Challenge

Collect from McBurgertown 10 times

Have Peter overeat 3 times 6hours

Have Jerome be a superior athlete 2 times 8hrs

Fat Brian Balloon Challenge

Collect from Griffin house 10x’s-30 seconds

Have Brian Eat from garbage 2 x’s-6hrs

Clear 8 fat protesters

Have Chris walk Brian 3x’s-1hrs

Evil Monkey challenge

Have Chris enjoy private time twice-6hrs

Place the Welcome to VA sign

Clear 8 fat protesters

Clear 8 fit protesters

Rupert challenge

Have Bonnie and Lois have fun in the sun 4x’s -4hrs

Have Joe give self sponge bath-8hrs

Collect from Kale-ifornia 6x’s -1hr

Stewie challenge

Have Hooker Peter find a job 2x’s-8hrs

Have Goth Chris have an angst attack 4x’s-4hrs

Have Rambo Lois do target practice 4x’s-4hrs

Have Meg scarf down hot dogs 2x’s-8hrs





27 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Walk through’s”

  1. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but one of tomorrow’s 24 hour challenge task is to collect from Kale-ifornia 6 times.. So, if you don’t have that, you won’t get the challenge accomplished… And, before you ask… I don’t have it yet.. LOL I am working on it as we speak!!!


  2. Hey Fred, just curious, do the women who started this site still contribute to it? You’re doing a great job, but it seems like you’re the only moderator/author at this point.


    1. Marty, every now and then I get something from Z… Always try to give her credit.. She is busy with life and a kid… So, I am just helping where I can..


  3. yeah Rypod where the hell you been LOL
    i’m now on the 1st two prizes on the second page so i really have nothin to “b!+cH” about at the moment tehehe😂😉😋😎…this game play is goin on at a steady and swiftly page that i’m NOT feeling that “running so far behind” feeling i’ve been in the last few events👍✌👊


    1. Lol Tat, I’ve been out living my life girl, well…if you call working, sleeping, eating and pooping “living my life” lol 😂 a good day is when I do more than one at the same time 😄



  4. i’m on the Fat Brian Balloon Challenge now and i’m giving up on these stupid things i can’t win one even if i tried my HARDEST. Anybody else any better at these 24hr-challenges?! and i’m not using clams up when the prizes are ONLY decos and i could see if the prizes were some kind of buildings/characters/skins👎😤


      1. Just been reading through the comments, it’s literally just you and Tat commenting on here regularly now lol 😂



      2. Trust me, I know.. with Thanksgiving holiday here, and this event is just aggravating… I think a lot of our people are skipping this one..


      3. I’m here. Been sick as a dog though so not commenting. This event is a pain in the rear and im not enjoying it. Despite being laid up in bed And able to play all day, I feel quite far behind. Drops suck as always. Nothing new. Makes me think christmas event will be frustrating too, unfortunately.


      4. Sorry HK… I was sick a couple of weeks ago.. This event just wears on your patience.. I am getting everything.. seems like it takes forever though… HOpe you get better..


  5. ALREADY having a tough time wit the Baby T-Shirts drop-rate now i mean come on what does “UNCOMMON” REALLY mean?! I say it’s worse than “rare” and probably even WAY WORSE than “extra rare” GRRRRR!!!…Lol yes havin difficulties over this waaaaaay😂😤😖😡😠😷😲😔
    ohh happy thanksgiving to everybody by the way too lol day is almost over tho, but i’m sure everyone is jus bout gettin done wit dinner😊 ✨💫


      1. i’m on the McBurger challenge now and i haven’t won ANY so far like i’m not waking up in the middle of the night jus to win one and that’s what it seems like ima gonna have to do. i’m getting real close to winning by like an hour or 2 then nope. and since the prizes are only decos i’m not worried about them. How you feeling about the challenges?


      2. I am doing them, but getting tired of them.. I spent a good 30 minutes last night just putting up buildings that we aren’t using in the inventory.. A lot of mobster buildings, halloween stuff from last year, and even a bunch of the firemen buildings.. Cleaned my Quahog out.. My game is running like a charm..


      1. hopefully my bad luck will change here VERY VERY VERY soon haha i’m still kinda bumming out i missed out on K-9 Joe cause i was sOoOoOoOoOoOo damn close UGHHHH!!!!…anyways yeah screw Black Fridays i can’t stand that $h!t people are crazy to do that stuff LMAO


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