Dog Multiverse-Week 2

Sorry guys, I have been away from the computer. But, the Dog Multiverse week 2 has started.. So far, the only quest is:

Doggone It pt 1

Have Lois embarrass Meg 4hrs

Have Peter fart on Meg 8hrs

There are 3 new buildings:

James Woods Hydrant High-brings Pug Meg into the game 12hr build time

Human Pound-brings K9 Joe into the game 8hr build time

Groomer has it-8 Dog treat coins-4hr build time

There is a new animated deco-Free kids 300 coins

And finally there is a Rupert Doggie Business Mystery Box for 75 clams

It says you can win Bitch Brian, Baby Jack and Jasper. (I all ready have those in my inventory, so going to pull them out and put them on a short quest so they are active when the 3 new buildings go up.. )

Also, looking thru my game, it looks like the Dogmart Superstore helps with K9 Joe.. We will have to see…


11 thoughts on “Dog Multiverse-Week 2”

  1. I already buy bitch Brian and now hé is gone with this event and i need to buy it now with the box. Ik spend 500 and still no bitch Brian. Wtf is this??


      1. It usually takes me about a day to get a response out of Tinyco… It might be a glitch in the system.. But, my Bitch Brian is there..


  2. jus waiting on Meg and Joe’s buildings to get done so probably by morning they will be…Hey Fredlusk, is that the ONLY questline you have came across so far? how many parts is this main questline gonna be?. haha i’m sorry i know this phase was literally jus released not even what 3 or 4 hours ago, but you usually get the walkthroughs done posted up pretty damn fast LOL are you mostly freemium OR premium?


    1. Sweettat, that is it so far.. I never rush a quest.. I am what Rypod calls Premium… But I don’t buy everything… something about some of the characters just makes me buy them.. I have to own them… It is a sickness.. But nothing thrills me more than knowing that I own Jesus!!! LOL


      1. It’s not what I call premium Fred, it’s the definition of premium lol, if you spend money in-game, you’re premium, if you never spend a penny (or cent for you guys) then you’re FREEmium



  3. Must be nice to game turns off every few seconds. It’s been doing this for days. No update on it. Tired off phone. Deleted app and redownloaded. I’m so over it


    1. Devon, take all of your characters not in use, put them in your inventory.. Also all deco’s you don’t need for this event.. And even some of the buildings that aren’t being used.. I know they look cool.. but everything out there sucks up your memory.. that is all I can suggest..


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