I Have No Clue What is Going On!!!

I will tell you guys that I was expecting Tinyco to do a week 2 of this little mini event. Especially since it is going on for 2 weeks… Now, I am sitting here, characters won, all tasks done (have been for 3 days now).  I have checked the other sites, and it seems everyone is waiting.. But, no word from Tinyco.  Has anyone heard anything?


20 thoughts on “I Have No Clue What is Going On!!!”

  1. Week 2 has started for me. You have to build
    Human Pound- $4,000, 8hrs Build Time
    James Woods Hydrant School- $1500, 12hrs Build Time
    Groomer Has It- 6 Dawg Coins, 4hr Build Time

    There is also a Rupert mystery box for 75 clams. And a box of human babies as a decoration for I think $300 coins. Mine are still building but a friend finished and told me this for Meg you need to get
    20 Dog Food (Common)
    10 Spay/Neuter Pamphlets (Uncommon)
    4 Leashes (Extra Rare)
    6 Drool Wipes (Rare)
    4 Poop Bags (Common)

    To get Joe you need
    75 Dog Food (Common)
    7 Dog Whistles (Common)
    4 Dog Sweaters (Uncommon)
    3 Heartworm Pills (Rare)
    13 Veterinarian Pills (Common) I don’t know yet what gets what. Hope that helps


  2. I’ve let the crawling characters build up hoping that we’ll need to tap for further materials. Freaks me out a bit though. Whenever I login, I’m half afraid they may have morphed into a human centipede!!


  3. This is just a teaser to the Dog Multi Universe. They are setting it up for later. We might have gotten more from it if they hadn’t extended the Halloween event by 1 more week. Their focus is on the Christmas Event right now, or maybe another mini-Thanksgiving event (highly unlikely though). I’m not worried. I’m just getting some over due rest in before the season starts 🙂


  4. shouldn’t jump to conclusions jus yet because anything can happen in the rest of this mini-event, but i think they should make ALL these new event buildings drop those dog coins. it’s taking too much time for jus the ONLY 2 buildings to drop those and those are both what like 12hrs each to wait?,i think it would help alot of us out like i said earlier yeah it’s goin slow&&i’m NOT complainin whatsoever on how slow and mellow things are right now …actually no wait😓.i take it back i take ALLL that back lmao PREPARE YOURSELVES for this gigantic Christmas event coming up omg i can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like!…this whole year of 2015, TinyCo., had some huge and pretty radd events lol😄😂😔

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  5. lmao here’s my input, repeating what everybody else has said so far, but yeah updates are usually on Thursdays? i was thinking today(well east coast is Thursday morning), Wednesday i was thinking it’s Thursday and was waiting for another update as well and i was actually gonna ask you guys if anybody had a new update yet.😂


  6. While most content drops on Thursdays, most events also end on Thursday. This event ends on Tuesday so I think they would try to move it along.

    The early end makes me think they are going to have a short Thanksgiving event.


    1. The comments are right Fred, one of the aspects of this job is to chillax and go with the flow brother, updates are Thursday nights (usually) but TinyCo sometimes do it later if they’re behind and occasionally they are



  7. All I know is that week two will bring K-9 Joe and Bulldog Meg and both characters will require some of the same materials used from Sheepdog Chris and Wolfdog Quagmire.


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