Thoughts on the Dog Multiverse?

Ok guys and gals, we have been playing this little event for almost a week now… What are your thoughts on it?

I personally think that this one is pretty easy.  Also, it seems pretty accessible for everyone.. There isn’t a lot to purchase with Clams.  And even the clam purchases are pretty low.  The quests are quick and to the point..

Does anyone else think that tinyco might have changed their ideology towards the game?  Or is that just to pull people back in?



26 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Dog Multiverse?”

    1. Koan, each one you do is 1, and you have to do it 100 times.. So, logically, if you do it 20 times you have done it 20%… 98 times 98%…


      1. Koan, go to the Main Menu, then achievements.. then click on Make Peter Sipoopi 100 times.. if you are 46% complete.. You have done it 46 times.. Get it????????


  1. I like the slower pace.
    I’m done with all quests and I am just leveling up characters and putting them in storage for now.

    I understand that not everyone has everything unlocked, so this is a great way for others to get some of their stuff done as well, with out yaving to use every resource on the new stuff.

    What would be really fun is if they did a week long black friday sale involving characters and costumes from previous events. Make some cheap and make others freebies that you have to earn. I’d love to get the American Dad group and finish off the Halloween guys and any others that i might be missing.


  2. I’m enjoying the slow pace. I personally don’t like feeling tied to my game every hour and after the disaster of the Halloween event I needed something easy to help me enjoy the game again. I doubt tinyco has learned from their mistakes though. I’ll probably like week one of the Christmas event and then hate it after that as I have the past three events. For me though, it’s the last event I’ll play if it’s a bunch of crap again. Just not going to waste my time on something that makes me more frustrated then happy….and I should be getting enjoyment out of it…it is a game after all!


    1. I am with you on that Hk.. Halloween was very hectic.. It seemed like every time that I logged out, my game would beep to pull me back in..


  3. getting kind of bored, but that’s okay i think!! the crashing is annoying so and i’m pretty far into this dog event i’m not behind whatsoever and slowly decorating my Quahog wit Xmas decos from last year lol


      1. totally agree and it’s not too good for the game to be huge non-stop stuff thrown out every other day or so(some wanna call it “stressful” but I don’t wanna use that word for a game I honestly ENJOY playing again)
        If players are overly stressin’ too much over this game, they need to STOP playing all together.

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  4. No issue at all with this event so far and they haven’t changed anything. Christmas event will be loaded with problems and difficult challenges. Each event/mini-event is its own entity. Still a week to go so expect new content tonight. I’m fine to not have to check in but every six hours or so. Counting Christmas event, we will endure six major events in 2015 totaling more than 30 weeks (assuming Christmas is four or more). And with that only came three districts (one of which was a continuation [9]). So to think that there is a chance in ideology, the answer would be a resounding “no”. I know events are revenue producers for them, but districts would seem to be the backbone of the game. After seeing the way premium items are handled in events, there is no way I would spend for one. Now premium items in districts that would have value throughout the entirety of the game would be a completely different story. Remember when Jake Tucker or Buzz would be used and give you that extra nudge toward item collecting? They may as well not even be in the game any more. I don’t think they have been used in over a year.


  5. So, it’s been a while for me here. While still avidly playing the game, my life has been beyond hectic for the last 6 months. I’m not sure this mini quest is ‘dumbed down’ as much as the full quests are INSANELY complex. As a sometimes ‘premium’ player it just gets more and more expensive for characters and many quests. I also play The Simpsons: Tapped Out which is SO very different. Yes, there are premium characters, but the cost percentage vs. Family Guy is crazy expensive thanks to the greed of TinyCo.


  6. They haven’t changed their ideology not are they trying to pull players back in, they do this every time. Mini events are always easier and quicker but the main events stay ridiculously hard.

    Anyway I agree this mini event is easy and accessible but with one exception – dawg coins. Freemium players can only get 4 a day so how can we be expected to get 25 for the dog superstore?


      1. that building is prob that much just as maybe a little bit more expensive so we can jus work at it like we don’t have to buy it right away of course. Like i’ve noticed they throw a building or 2 in there at the beginning of these mini-events to jus give players a sense of collecting and saving up whatever is needed kinda like a “goal” to try and unlock idk jus my opinion lol
        i don’t play the Simpsons one and if i did, i wouldn’t mind if they were TOTALLY different! that’s a good thing. &why play 2 games wit the exact SAME concept and layout quests stuff like that ? i jus think it would be boring😌
        i did download it actually and quit right after i jus couldn’t follow it as much and because of the fact i’m more familiar wit FG than the Simpsons which i feel horrible for admitting cause i’m a 90s kidd lmao


    1. Marcy, I thought the same thing. But, I am guessing too many people have been complaining about it being too hectic.. So it looks like they “dumbed” it down some…


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