Why does my game keep crashing?-From Tinyco

Why does my game keep crashing?

Some players report seeing more frequent crashes while playing special events. This is due to the event district, new items, and animations taking up additional RAM, which on older devices with 1gb of RAM or less, can lead to an increase in crashing.

It’s come to our attention that devices with 1 gb of RAM or less, such as the iPhone 5 or iPad air, may not be able to run the app with 100% functionality due to the game’s memory requirements. Clearing your cache before starting the game may help the app run more smoothly. You can do this by completely closing out all other apps running in the background and restarting your device. Putting extra buildings and decos from your town into your inventory can also help lessen the load on your device.

If you have access to a computer and your game is connected to Facebook, we have a Facebook app you can play in your browser. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome for best performance. You can play it here: https://apps.facebook.com/playfamilyguy/

If the crashing persists after following these steps, please submit an in-game support ticket describing what you were doing when the crashing occurred and if you saw any error messages. We’re working to minimize these crashes as much as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience!


9 thoughts on “Why does my game keep crashing?-From Tinyco”

  1. Game took up 1.3gb , didnt notice size had gone up so much, un installed, reinstalled, now it takes up a fraction of the space. Also have stored all the unused and maxed townsfolk (60+ of them) and a load of deco n buildings, it runs a lot smoother now 🙂


  2. i finally learned to ignore the crashing sadly. yeah it sucks and it’s like no matter what i do to try to make it stop, it’s jus not working so they need to come up wit at least SOMETHING to make it stop crashing tho i think…yeah it’s totally annoying when you gotta do the same crap over and over again 3 or 4 times in a row you know like collecting stuff getting tasks done after your game crashes .😤😓😐😖


    1. Have you tried placing useless deco’s and buildings that aren’t used except for collecting coins in inventory? I have been thinking about making my town nothing but buildings needed for quests..


      1. well i didn’t wanna do that cause i like my Quahog looking like an actual TOWN i like to decorate and design a bunch of areas especially wit the holidays decos&& stuff like that so that’s prob what i’m gonna have to do now…started a little bit jus now and it actually hasn’t crashed all that bad in the last couple hours so lol


      2. Trust me, Sweettat—I didn’t wanna either.. But there is no way you can have everything out that they have in the game for us.. I hope that helps..
        Another little trick i use is up top, by where the special events are, i have a strip of road in a circle.. Then down bottom, i have another circle of road.. it helps separate the stuff they send out.. So I know what is really important and what isn’t.. Also makes it easier to find things.. I don’t have to search the whole game.. just 2 separate places..


  3. The Facebook version is pretty good – once it’s loaded which takes forever. It’s smooth and has all of the same features as the mobile version, unlike the Windows app.. You also get a 2-stage quest which launches with a 20 clam reward. You have to click through to your app store (but don’t actually have to do anything), and then go back into your mobile client linked to Facebook…and that’s it.


    1. Chris, I had to play the fb version a couple of weeks ago.. Broke the screen on my phone.. Took a little bit to get used to it.. But, I do agree.. It is very good..


  4. Bgplpshep, I am pretty positive this app is just slap full of data.. I personally keep all of my characters not in use-stored away in my inventory. Ever since I did that, I haven’t had any issues in my game.


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