Unlocking Sheepdog Chris & Wolfdog Quagmire

To unlock Sheepdog Chris, you must place McKibbletown and collect the following materials:

18 Dog Food (common)

Make new Brian write original songs

Make Vinny have a secret meeting

Make Jack play with Chris

Make Finn baby diaper scoot

Make Death’s dog do the scoot

Make Brian sneak a drink

clear Holly the human

4 Flea Collars (uncommon)

Make Chris hang out at home

Get from Goldman’s Pharmacy

4 Chew Toys (common)

Make Mort obsessively county cash

Get from McKibbletown

2 Tennis Balls (rare)

Make Lois shoplift

Get from Pawtucket Chewery

To unlock Wolfdog Quagmire, you must place Chew Toy Emporium and collect the following materials:

4 Heartworm Pills (rare)

Make Jerome be a superior athlete

Make Human Brian be puppy Stewie’s companion

Make Sheepdog Chris chase cats

14 Spay/Neuter Pamphlet (uncommon)

Get by clearing Henry the human

8 Choke Collars (rare)

Make Joe patrol the school

Get from Quahog mini mart

5 Hot Hounds Magazines (common)

Make Bruce frolic with Jeffrey

Make Quagmire drink at the Clam

Get from the Drunken water dish

6 Dog Muzzles (rare)

Make Jerome check out black dolphins

Make Bonnie bake sale

Make Sheepdog Chris brush shaggy hair

Get from Dog Mart Superstore

Sheepdog Chris & Wolfdog Quagmire are available until Tuesday, November 24 at 3 PM, PDT. If they are not completely unlocked, they will disappear from the game at that time. If they are unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue their quests after the event has ended.


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