End of Event FAQ’s-Death at the Drive In


The Death at the Drive-In event is drawing to a close on Thursday, November 12 at 3 PM, PST. We’ve rounded up important points you’ll need to know about the end of the event.

Will I get to keep my Death at the Drive-In characters?

Every character you completely unlock or purchase before the end of the event will be yours to keep. Any incomplete character will disappear when the event ends.

If you purchased a character at the Movie Projection Booth, they will disappear after the event if they are not completely unlocked before then.

Will I get to keep my Death at the Drive-In outfits?

You’ll get to keep every Death at the Drive-In outfit you completely unlock or purchase.

If you’ve unlocked an outfit for a character you don’t yet own (like Vampire Duck Stewie), you’ll still be able to use these outfits once you get the character.

What will happen to my leftover Film Reels, 3D Glasses, and concessions?

Be sure to spend your Film Reels, 3D Glasses, and concessions before the event ends! Any unused event currency will disappear after the event.

Can I keep working on Death at the Drive-In quests?

Most Death at the Drive-In-related quests will disappear once the event ends. Only quests relating to Death at the Drive-In characters that were completely unlocked before the event ends will remain in your quest log.


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