It Ain’t Over Yet!!!-EDITED!!!

Okay fellow Quahogians!!! They just released more content for our addiction!!!

Vampire Rupert Mystery Box: You can win these Deco’s 15 pairs of 3d glasses apiece.  The prizes do not repeat.

Quahog Drive-In Screen

Concession Stand

Quahog Drive-In Entrance

Hook Hand Albert’s Cabin

They have also decided to continue the quest line:

The Parade of Horribles Pt 7

Save Lois from Slasher Cat-2 times

Save Jerome from Possessed Car-2 times

Turn Back 16 Werewolves

Clear 8 Ghosts

The Parade of Horribles pt 8

Clear 12 Unholy nuns

Clear 15 Vampires

Clear 3 Headless Horsemen

The Parade of Horribles pt 9

Clear 3 crazy clowns

Clear 5 Headless Horsemen

Hit Hookhand Al 20 times

I will let you know more as I come to it..


8 thoughts on “It Ain’t Over Yet!!!-EDITED!!!”

  1. awesome job fredlusk you’re in charge of the walkthroughs now lol. i’ll also help in any which way that i can if you would like jus by me posting my point of views in comments of course👍.so for this Vampire Rupert Mystery box, i had the “Hell’s Pit” from LAST year’s Halloween event that i ended up selling(didn’t want it anymore/no where to place so it jus sat in inventory),so then my 3rd try on this mystery box i won “Hell’s Pit” AGAIN so i’m guessin if you sell it again(which i’m going to do after i get the last prize) ,it’ll just keep going back into that mystery box so playas BEWARE of that’s what you’re doing or plan on doing.
    ALSO!!!= if there was an extra 2 or 3days after Thursday’s deadline then i would have *SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED* this event, fisnishing every questline from beginning to END! i’m on the middle of phase6’s very LAST main questline,have Death’s Mom unlocked and completed that set of characters so i applaud myself EVEN THOUGH…i didn’t stand a chance to try and unlock all those 24hr timed characters/skins in the Movie Projection Booth. counted my losses and at least i got all the characters i did want. GLAD ALL OF THIS IS GONNA BE OVER and DONE WITH! this year’s Halloween event had to of been thee most STRESSFUL i’ve ever played i can tell ya that much honestly.


    1. Hey Sweettat!!! Any way you want to help.. I am more than ok with.. Anyone here is more than welcome to add me in the game.. Just add me on Facebook, and send me a message letting me know who you are or where from..
      I have kinda enjoyed this event.. It really kept me busy.. I am too afraid that if i get bored with the game, I just won’t play it anymore..

      I think that I have 3 hell’s pits’ in my inventory from last year.. I haven’t sold them yet.. I am sitting on over $10 million in coins in this game.. Thanks for the warning on it!!!


    1. Yep, Z asked me about it Sunday… Anything that I can do to help.. Figured you guys might need some eyes on this side of the pond!!! Thanks Rypod.. (Btw, I have no clue what I am doing!!! )


  2. It also offers..

    Buildings: Haunted Carnival, Redrum Inn, and Hell’s Pit.
    Decorations: Slasher Cat Billboard

    If you already have them, it won’t show up.


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