Death at the Drive-In Week 6 FAQS

Here are the FAQS for week 6!

How do I begin the Apocalyptic Movie (Phase 6) for Death at the Drive-In?

You will need to complete Death at the Drive-In: Revenge of the Scythe Pt. 10 before you can begin the sixth part of the event.

How do I get Super Devil?

Super Devil is available in the shop for 200 clams.

He will be available for purchase until Thursday, November 12 at 3 PM, PST.

How do I get Maniac Pope?

Maniac Pope is available at the Movie Projection Booth for a limited time.

He is available for 24 hours after purchasing the prizes before him and viewing him at the Movie Projection Booth. He will be available until Thursday, November 12 at 3 PM, PST. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time. If he is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue his quests after the event has ended.

What can I win from the Tasty Treat Mystery Box?

You can win the following prizes from the Tasty Treat Mystery Box:

Dia de los Muertos Consuela (outfit ONLY)

Pink Brian (outfit ONLY)

Snack Attack Mystery Box (deco)

Tasty Treat Mystery Box (deco)

Quahog Drive-In Screen: Clown (deco)

Quahog Drive-In Screen: Intermission (deco)

Quahog Drive-In Screen: Ghost (deco)

Bride of Chucky (deco)

Terror Dog (moving deco) – you can receive up to 3!

125 clams

75 clams

Outfits, building skins, and decos (other than Terror Dog) will not repeat. Currency and materials CAN repeat.

Please note that the outfits do NOT come with the character – you must have the character unlocked in order to use the outfit. If you earn the character after you get the outfit, you’ll be able to use it then.

What will happen when Death at the Drive-In ends?

The Death at the Drive-In event will end on Thursday, November 12 at 3 PM, PST. When the event ends, the entire event space will disappear. If you purchased a building, character, or deco from the shop or Movie Projection Booth, this is yours to keep and place in your Quahog forever.

Event currency such as Film Reels, Scream Points, and concessions will disappear, so make sure to spend them before the event ends!

All event-related quests will be removed from the game and any characters or costumes that have not been completely unlocked will leave too. If you have a Death at the Drive-In character that was completely unlocked before the event ended, they will stay in the game permanently and their quests will continue.


22 thoughts on “Death at the Drive-In Week 6 FAQS”

  1. Can someone help??? I’ve tried messaging tinyco but to no avail T^T i havent been able to log into my game all day. I keep getting an error message that says “in get play area, called get play area before play area exists” i have no clue what that means :/ i’m already way behind but im just a few items shy of patrick and i’ll be really sad if i miss out now because of this :((


    1. Ali.. I don’t know what to tell you besides the start easy and work your way hard..
      1. make sure you are getting a good wifi connection
      2. force shut down the game and then reload it
      3. If something happens to your device, there is a way to play the game on facebook.. The family guy, the quest for stuff game page.. I actually had to use this the other day.. I destroyed the screen on my phone.. Takes a little getting used to.. But does help in a pinch..

      I hope that helps Ali..


  2. How can they justify charging 258 clams to speed up getting 30 reels? That is almost £7 in real money. A character such as Super Devil is only 260 clams and you get to keep them afterwards.

    The ‘They got to pay for things’ excuse doesn’t work as they shouldn’t be buying things such as character rights if they have to charge so much for the game.

    Everything should be at least 10 times cheaper. (If my maths is right) 🙂

    It should only cost £25 an event (or month) to keep up with all the content, but it probably costs over £250 to pay for everything.

    I think a law should be brought in that ‘Pay to play’ games should only cost £25 a month to play at the most.


    1. The sad thing is though that people pay it, so they will keep charging it. Im not ever buying clams again. ill give them throuh Christmas to get their act together and if it doesn’t get better im done.


  3. Well. I think they’ve lost me as a player. Since week 6 hit and I saw the ridiculous requirements to get the pope and the fact I will obviously not get him because I am still trying to unlock deaths mom and am not yet through the first row of stuff in the movie booth for week 5 im just angry. that was a horrible run on sentence. 🙂 but anyway. This has been awful. They are late by several days for the updates. The reel exchanges have been horrible (I get stuck every day because I am lucky if I get 40 ice cream a day based on magnet drops). Characters are continually hijacked. And I’m sorry, but if you get the pope as a freemium player, Id love to know how. Because I play every day several times a day and I’ll be lucky to get Albert. And don’t friggin say you’ve listened to player feedback and that you’re extending the event and then make it impossible for people to complete the event still when you extend it. It should have been an extension so people coukd actually get to the end. Instead, most of the people are going to be lucky if they make it to the end of week 5. :-/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it has been a terrible event for freemium players. The new system of getting stuff means we can’t use less clams to get items if we collect enough items to get the clam cost down, so we have to pay full clam price even if we are only 1 item away.

      The drop rate for magnets is really low and means we can’t get enough reels per day to even get one item sometmes.

      The pacing of the event doesn’t seem to have been worked out. Freemium players should be able to get all the ‘free’ items by the last day of the event and that’s without an extension.

      Having said that I now only need to get Death’s Mom to get everything I wanted from the event. Any thing else is a bonus.


  4. Hey guys and Squirrels.. here are the 6th week walkthru’s as I am hitting them.. I did repurchase the Super Devil.. So, including that also..

    Death by Design
    View the Prize
    Get 1 Each Thing that costs 3d glasses

    Supreme Evil pt 1-Superdevil walk thru
    Have Superdevil wrench on his bike

    Supreme Evil pt 2
    Have Super devil slam beers
    Have Death have a few too many

    Apocalypse now pt 1
    It’s the apocalypse-click on it
    Have Death have a snack
    Have slasher bait Peter hum suspenseful music

    Apocalypse now pt 2
    Clear 8 unholy nuns
    Have Death’s mom get hair done
    Place Pandora’s box

    Apocalypse now Pt 3
    Clear 12 werewolves
    Clear 45 Vampire flocks
    Have Slasher bait Lois pillage and plunder


    1. Supreme Evil Pt 3
      Have Death’s Mom flirt with Super Devil-1hr
      Have Super Devil get swole-4hrs
      Have Slasher bait Lois flirt with Super Devil-1hr


      1. Apocalypse Now pt 4
        Clear 3 Headless Horsemen
        Clear 12 Ghosts
        Have Death’s Dog howl for Help-12 hrs

        Supreme Evil pt 4
        Have Super Devil polish horns
        Have Stewie hand out business cars-12hrs


      2. Apocalypse Now pt 6
        Hit Hook hand Albert 4 times
        Save Jerome from possessed car 3 times
        Have Death kick back..

        After Supreme Evil pt 5, this is it for this questline..


    2. At the end of Apocalypse Now pt 6 that is it.. I am starting to put my players back into storage.. only keeping out the ones I need..


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