Death at the Drive-In Week 5 FAQS

Here are the FAQS for week 5 of the event – Death at the Drive-In!

How do I begin the Demonic Movie (phase 5) for Death at the Drive-In?

You will need to complete Return of Death at the Drive-In Pt. 10 and be at Scream Level 15 before you can begin the fifth part of the event.

How do I unlock Death’s Mom?

Death’s Mom is available at the Movie Projection Booth. To unlock her you must purchase the Sassy Spectacle Shop, place it, and collect the following materials:
18 Spatulas (common)6 Aprons (uncommon)5 Tea Cups (rare)2 Collector’s Plates (super rare)Death’s Mom is available until Thursday, November 12 at 3 PM, PST. If she is not completely unlocked, she will disappear from the game at that time. If she is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue her quests after the event has ended.

When will Hook Hand Albert start appearing?

Hook Hand Albert will appear after completing Death at the Drive-In: Revenge of the Scythe Pt. 1.

Please note that this is the main quest of the Demonic Movie (Phase 5).

How do I defeat Hook Hand Albert?

Use Giant Magnet Props to clear Hook Hand Albert. You will need 1 Magnet to create a Giant Magnet Prop at the Movie Prop Shack. Giant Magnet Props will take 15 minutes to craft. After you have crafted a Giant Magnet Prop, place it in Hook Hand Albert’s path to clear him.

The area that the Giant Magnet Prop covers will be shown with a green circle. If Hook Hand Albert enters this circle, he will turn purple. Tap the checkmark to shoot Hook Hand Albert while he is purple to clear him.

Each Giant Magnet Prop deals 100 damage, and Hook Hand Albert has 400 HP so you will need to hit him four times.

How do I earn Magnets?

You can earn Magnets from Slasherbait Peter, Slasherbait Lois, Death, Death’s Mom, and Chucky.

I hit Hook Hand Albert and nothing happened!

There is a known issue with the animation for hitting Hook Hand Albert with a Giant Magnet Prop. It may look like nothing happened when you use a Giant Magnet on him. You can check to see if you hit him by selecting him and seeing how much HP he has remaining in the upper right corner (he has 400 HP total). We expect to have a fix for this very soon!

You’ll need to use FOUR Giant Magnets to clear Hook Hand Albert.

When will Possessed Cars start appearing?

Possessed Cars will appear after viewing Death at the Drive-In: Revenge of the Scythe Pt. 1.

Please note that this is the main quest of the Demonic Movie (Phase 5).

How do I clear Possessed Cars?

Use Death’s Mom to clear Possessed Cars and save Jerome from a grisly fate!

What happens if a Possessed Car attacks while Jerome is performing an action?

If a Possessed Car attacks Jerome while he’s performing an action, his action timer is still counting down. Possessed Car only prevent you from collecting the action payout – they doesn’t pause or cancel the timer itself.

How do I unlock Hook Hand Albert (character)?

Hook Hand Albert is available at the Movie Projection Booth for a limited time. He is unlockable for 24 hours after purchasing the prizes before him and viewing him at the Movie Projection Booth. If he is not completely unlocked before his timer runs out, he will disappear from the game at that time. If he is locked before the event ends, you will be able to continue his quests after the event has ended.

How do I get Satan?

Satan is available in the shop for 175 clams.

He will be available for purchase until Thursday, November 12 at 3 PM, PST.

If he is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue his quests after the event has ended.


43 thoughts on “Death at the Drive-In Week 5 FAQS”

  1. 🌟🌟fredlusk🌟🌟(or Rypod OR zooeymarie) if you get a chance to see this comment, would you happen to have the COMPLETE walkthroughs for Ruth and Death’s Mom questlines???…jus curious! i jus unlocked Ruth in the knick of time(with 35 minutes left on her timer LOL)&& will be working on placing the “Sassy Spectacle Shop” right after i collect the 19 or 20 more film reels needed for that damn spider hole, in which i DON’T even want wish i could jus skip that& get straight to working on unlocking Death’s Mom lol


  2. Just a hint.. I have noticed a pattern with the concession stand for the film reels.. When you are trading your items for your film reels, when you pick the one all of the way to the left, it resets them.. But there seems to be a set number of combinations.. When you have gotten the film reels to the right of the “starter” reel purchase.. Eventually, it gets a little check mark on it.. That locks it in..
    Example: When you are purchasing 15 film reels for 105 popcorn buckets, eventually it locks that purchase in, and that is all you can buy for those popcorns.. I hope that makes sense to everyone.. Really hard to explain that in regular English…lol


  3. Why did my other options in the concession stand disappear? Only option is 20reels for 25 ice cream. Im at a standstill when i can be earning reels so i can move along to get Death’s mom.


    1. Hey Jessica.. you have to start the order all over again by going to the concession stand and getting the film reels all of the way to the left.. I will post a comment explaining this… hope it helps..


  4. Death at the drive in: Revenge of the Scythe. pt 10
    Reach Scream level 17
    Have Death’s mom use self checkout lane-i hrs

    When this one finishes, that is the end of this questline..


  5. I saved up and didn’t get the Snake pit, until I had enough film reels for Hook Hand Albert also.. Just got him, and opened the questline

    Hooked on Thugs pt 1
    Have Hook hand Albert try to put on a jacket 10 hrs
    Have Peter and Jerome do ethnic handshake


  6. After Mom knows best pt 4 that is it for that questline…

    Death at the Drive in: Revenge of the Scythe pt 9
    Have Death go home to Mama-
    Have Death’s dog do the Scoot 4 hrs
    Have Death’s mom wait around for Death 6 hrs

    This is now my only active questline


  7. For some reason my game just offered the super Devil and also the Maniac Pope to me for purchase for 125 clams each.. I bought both, but there doesn’t seem to be any quests or even a plus for purchasing these characters… So, buy at your own risk.. Will let you know if anything comes up..


    1. Btw, set both of them to 4 hour tasks.. When finished.. now can’t do anything with them except put them in inventory.. they no longer have any tasks.. it is a white blank page


      1. Just was notified that they released the Super devil early and also the Maniac Pope… They refunded me the clams, plus gave me 10 extra for each of them..


    2. I bought both, ran a 8 hour task with each, and then they had no more tasks. Just now I had a lot of more clams than after I bought them, and I can’t find them anymore. Guess I got a refund…


  8. Death at the Drive in: Revenge of the Scythe pt 7
    Have Slasher Bait Peter dodge pirate parrot poop
    Have Patrick attend strangler addiction 10 hrs
    Clear 8 flocks of vampire bats

    Btw- at level 20 you max out on the levels… I am only spending my 3 d glasses on what I am required to.. Saving the rest to see if they are going to do a prize box…like the Brian one.. They did Brian.. Still waiting to see if they are going to do Stewie.. Usually don’t find one with out the other..


    1. all the building skins in the shop. so far i’ve managed to get the Abandoned Hospital for the hospital and the Halloween skin for the Quahog Prison. first one was 125 3D glasses and the prison one costs 150 3D glasses. hope this helps!


  9. Special Grind My Gears: Cause and Effect Edition

    Sorry to post this here but there seems to not be an event related one that I could find to post it on. So if the mods wish this elsewhere, please copy and paste it for me or message me to repost elsewhere. Thanks.

    This event is horror in an of itself. Let’s take a brief look at all the bad surrounding the game and how to cope:

    1) The event is on rails. There is no longer strategy required as to what items to pick up when. Simply put, when the game plays itself, there’s no longer a point to it. Hell, the “interactive movie” genre is more exciting than this.

    2) Event currency isn’t clearly defined or of little use. As reels are a mandated as part if the construction process should they be considered event currency? Simply not having a choice as to how to spend the reels negates them as event currency. This makes 3D glasses the defacto event currency that has little impact on game play. So…pointless.

    3) Mandatory participation. In every online game there exists the event. Events are meant to be side quests that enhance a game usually offering a fun means of detracting slightly from the grind that is all online games. Once an event become mandatory, it ceases to be an classically defined event by definition and instead turns into a frustrating mess for newer players. On my alternate game, I quit playing becuase I became stuck on moving forward with the main storyline due to characters being incessantly hijacked. This becomes unacceptable and will force new players to abandon ship. The competition doesn’t do it for good reason. Wake up and smell the burnt toast you’ve created TinyCo!

    4) Nothing to see hear, move along… So the geniuses (read sarcastically) over at TinyCo have allowed the ultimate lie to propogate out of control. When there’s a problem with your product, acknowledge it and fix it.

    Known Issues:
    a.) The main engine for the game is unstable and has numerous dead end lines of code. These cause crashes when the device attempts to run the coding and fails but continues to keep trying, thus taxing system resources. Depending on the version of software, these come as minor hiccups or outright failure.

    b.) The game updates create tremendous resource issues because they do not remove depricated content.

    c.) In game advertisements fail to go back into the game for collection, giving false positives and duping the players into generating more revenue for your company with little to no payout. (See a. for more details as to why this happens)

    d.) The more animated pixels on your screen, the worse the performance. This is a direct result of failing to grasp limitations on platforms. While true that no game house can test every permutation of hardware that their game may be played on, all manufacturers of units for Android and iOS have data available on what their hardware specs are. Simply choosing each manufacturers low end (cut off by OS version) equipment as the test configuration will ensure success the majority of the time.

    These an numerous other issue plague the game. So why not fix them? Sadism? Laziness? Cost effectiveness? Nah… it’s numbers. Investors only look at two main numbers before offering up money. First, popularity. As in number of downloads. Keep in mind App stores don’t show the number of unique downloads to the public, so when a game is plagued by issues, we’re suppose to uninstall and reinstall, right? Likewise, it doesn’t show the number of uninstalls to the public either. Collectively, they add up to showing hundreds of thousands of users that may not exist. Secondly, profit. Most every company in existence works off a profit margin. If the return on investment is potentially quick (read high profit margin) then there’s less risk. FG is a Fox property, which has a bit more prestige added to the mix. So how to maintain or grow profit margin on a notable property? Make people spend more money of course! During events, any delay will come with either an acceptable loss or high pressure to get caught up. Issues with the engine or performance triggers a lag in game play. This results players “getting behind” which in turn triggers more sales to get caught up. More sales equals more profit. While all business are in business to make money, shady dealings like these both wrong the players and the investors. Albeit the latter could care less as they too are making money. There’s a reason why stuff made in China is designed to fail after a certain amount of time. But to compare this game to Chinese products would be offensive to China it’s that bad. So in short, too late I know, flaws help get us behind and when questioned, we’re all told functioning “as intended”. Yep, they admit flaws are there by design!

    5) The Helpless desk is truly helpless. The point of any helpdesk is to offer assistance. In a timed event, this help should be offered in a timely manner to which it is not. How many of us have waited a week for a reply in which an automated response comes back apologizing for not getting to the issue while it was pertinient? Bad support is worse than no support, so why pay for it? Same as above, this too is intended. Placating a player is better than infuriating one. “We’ll pass your concerns/issues along to the developers” is among their favorites as it shows action without comitting to it. They also are very prompt at ending the conversation as resolved when quite often it is not. This is probably less TinyCo and more Helpshift but in the end, falls back to TinyCo management for the decision to continue to use of Helpshift.

    6) The cost in time versus value is simply poor. $10.00 per character seems a might bit excessive when the charcater is mostly useless after 7-30 days. $10.00/week is $520/year. What could you do with $520? How about a new PS4 or XBox One? Maybe a new PC? New phone perhaps? For many higher income earners, tossing away $500 on entertainment is not a big deal. However, as this game is single handedly the most expensive game I’ve ever played, I think of this from time to time. If you have 400k players at $500/year you’ve made $50 million. Even calculating in overhead and licensure, you’ll pull a tremendous profit. This profit alone is enough to keep doing exactly what you’re doing until the profit margin is no longer there. Now the naysayers will spout that not everyone pays $10/week. While very true, this is more than made up by those who spend more than that per week. Their operation, as suggested by the name is also Tiny. They rent a floor of a small building, the cost of Helpshift is minimal (see their website) and I’m sure that though employees make a good wage,the paycheck equates to around industry standard and profit share is not in the company vocabulary. They have not and probably will never do an IPO to become a public entity. Sure licensure costs but they’re hardly cash strapped. So must the game be so expensive? No, but as long as the money keeps coming in at current pricing, it will be.

    7) We’re all behind unless we spend a fortune. Again this is intended. Knowing they can extend the timer with minimal effort, the player being behind is a way to create urgency to spend money. Limited time offers, limited time events/quests/characters, timed challenges, etc are all in their arsenal to create urgency. Urgency generates money. Nuff said.

    So how to cope with the fall out of this event. Tools to help us all:

    1) Not happy with the price? Don’t pay it. Prices won’t come down until the profit margin dips.

    2) Uninstall and reinstall after every 1-2 major events or as needed to clear out the garbage and leave the rating at 1 star until all issues are resolved.

    3) As suggested on another forum and by some users on this forum. Don’t bother with the in game help session. Send an email to TinyCo directly at . Responses may be limited but issue will be addressed with enough issues.

    4) Though I didn’t really pick on the drop rate, know that it’s intended and if the math is that bad, complain to the proper people (see above).

    5) OCD players, gamblers, and digital hoarders are who their primary targets are. If you think there’s something you can’t live without, proceed with caution. Chances are you’ll be giving them your money. Set a game budget and stick to it. Plan to spend only a certain amount for the year. Such as $20/Christmas, $10/Valentines, $20/Summer, $20/Halloween, $30/Miscellaneous. That basic plan has now cut your expenses to $100 which is more than most annual game subscriptions but 75% less than what you were paying. Use the money to get into other games that offer less headache and more value.

    ie. An Xbox live gold account is $60/year and gives you 2 XBox 360 games and 2 Xbox One games free every month. $40 to $100/month of games for the price of $5/month. Or get an online MMO subscription for the same price. Want mobility? Playstation has a portable. Basically their are far better values to be had with your money and budgetting entertainment provides you with a better experience while still playing a game you love.

    6) If a participation becomes mandatory or dedication to the game becomes too great, walk away. The essence of a game is enjoyment. If you cease to enjoy, stop playing. Your Quohog will be there when you come back, if it’s not, then the powers that be have pulled the plug which isn’t an “if” but a “when”. All games have a shelf life and our game is no exception. Business happens. Life happens. Think of how many online games have gone away. Not many juggernauts like WoW are left standing after a 5 year mark. Most games are gone after 1 year with the majority gone after 2. FG TV ratings have also slipped and eventually, this game to shall find its way into the anals of video game history. In short, nothing lasts forever so enjoy it while it lasts. Key word is enjoy.

    7) The phrase “as intended” means “on purpose”. By sheer definition it means with intent. By legal definition it means knowingly having done. So if the response given from them at all is “as intended” it’s the same as saying “I know, and?” If the result is frustration, it was on purpose. See above as to what to do about not enjoying the game.

    8) Asking for a refund of money or complaining to the license holder aren’t going to get you very far and in fact are quite pointless. Only if something is awry with the game that violates the app stores terms of service should this option be excercised. Fraud is such a case and can be proven when a purchase does not function as advertised and/or billing occurs without permission; however, this is few and far between. Contacting Fox won’t go the way you may think as they licensed the content, meaning they make money from it. Only if the license is devalued or caused massive public outcry would they care. Best suggestion would be to ask for clams back if the purchase doesn’t have merit. But know in doing so, it may not garner results. As is the case with TinyCo “as intended” doesn’t mean “as you think it should be”. Purchase wisely.

    9) Any event will have red herrings. Focus on what you want out of the game and know that the majority of side quests are dead ends. Maybe there’s clam value or decos to be gotten but still result in a dead end that is unneccessay to complete the event.

    In this case, there were dead ends in the form of both questlines and characters. Premium characters and earned characters such as Slasher Cat remove both spending power and resources from your game. Most people that earned Slasher Cat are about 3-days behind unless they bought clams buildings to supplement the loss. The premium characters help get items for builds; however, become fairly usless within a week of purchase. Additional side characters like Meg’s friends have little use in game passed the collection of one or two items they may have gotten during the build process and server to strip resources and time away from actions. The formulaic rails of this event ensure getting behind if you pop off to do a side quest. If future events are like this, be certain of which path to take. TinyCo us aware that people are ignoring some decos/buildings in lieu of getting characters so we all should have seen this coming.

    10) Finally, if the game seems too complicated to play without a roadmap, it is and it’s by design. If you’re lost it’s with good reason (see most of the above) . Before playing too far into any event, map out a game plan. Know which quests and items are pertinent to completion and which other items you’d like to have. Though you can usually get most of your answers here, there are plenty of other sites to help fill in the blanks. Once you have your roadmap, stick to it. Timers are often a distraction to the real road ahead and are meant to generate lag and income. In the end, who cares about a deco you had to work a month to get if the cost in time puts you behind enough to have to spend money for it anyway?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, Evil Ned, when I first started reading this comment, I thought it was going to be the standard rant.. But, by the time I got to the end, I really believe it is a well written comment.. A lot of thought went into it.. I can tell you love the game. I do hope it keeps you entertained.. Good luck


  10. Death at the Drive in: Revenge of the Scythe pt 6
    Clear 4 unholy nuns
    Hit hook hand Albert 4 times

    Mom knows best pt 3
    Have Death’s Mom bake a casserole-4hrs
    Have Death’s dog laugh at Brian-6 hrs


  11. Death at the Drive in: Revenge of the Scythe pt 5
    Place the Sassy Spectacle shop
    Have Death play Fetch

    Mom knows best pt 2
    Have Death Lament lack of buttocks-2 hours
    Have Death’s mom get her hair done 10 hrs


  12. The Parade of horribles pt 6
    Clear 40 swirling ghosts
    Clear 10 headless horsemen
    Collect from the Black Clam twice

    Mom knows best pt 2
    Have Death lament lock of buttocks
    Have Death’s mom get her hair done-10 hrs


  13. 24 hour timer started for last prize:
    See no Evil pt 5
    Check out the prize
    clear 3 possessed cars
    Hit hook hand Albert 4 times

    Death at the Drive in: Revenge of the Scythe pt 4
    Trade Ice cream for film reels
    Turn back 6 werewolves


    1. So is there a Hook Hand Albert similar to the horsemen & clowns or will we need to complete the impossible task of unlocking the actual character? If it’s the latter Tiny Co has found a new level of stupidity.


      1. There is a HOok hand Albert that you kill with magnets. You get rewarded ice cream cones. But he is also a prize for film reels in the Movie projection booth for 750 reels.


  14. Death at the drive in: Revenge of the Scythe pt 3
    Hit hook hand Albert 4 times
    Place the spider hole
    Have Death’s dog howl for help-12 hours

    Btw-Jerome being chased by the car showed up last night.. He is trapped forever running until I unlock Death’s mom!!!


  15. Death at the Drive in: Revenge of the Sythe pt 2
    Have Slasher bait Peter hang out at the scene of the crime 30seconds
    Collect 4 magnets
    Create 4 giant Magnets

    Mom knows best pt 1
    Unlock Death’s mom
    Have Death’s mom show slides of baby Death


  16. Death’s mom:
    18 spatulas
    Make Peter Desecrate graves
    Make Chris check out basement
    Make Bonnie wear inappropriate shoes
    Make Satan rock out

    6 aprons
    Make Lois prep passenger seat
    Make Stewie stalk death
    Make Pinhead poke things
    Make Patrick attend Strangler addiction support group

    5 Tea cups
    Make Joe look for murderers
    Get from Sassy Spectacle shop

    2 collector’s plates
    Dungeon of the bassilik-get from Movie projection booth


  17. Death at the drive in: Revenge of the Scythe pt 1
    Hook hand albert is coming-click on it
    Have Patrick gossip about death
    Have slasher bait Lois believe the gossip

    The Parade of Horribles pt 5
    Collect from Joe’s hellhouse 2 times
    Have bonnie watch horror flicks
    Have Chris check out basement 3 times
    Have Jerome play darts 3 times


  18. I don’t think the first post went through, so if i repeat posts i apologize. But i am at level 15 already and have already completed that part 10 and revenge of the the scythe part 1 hasn’t appeared to me. Help 😦 does anyone know why?


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