WALKTHROUGH: Meg Has a Friend

After starting the next movie (part 2 of Death at the Drive-In), Meg starts a quest called – Meg Has a Friend – and here is the walkthrough!

Meg Has a Friend Pt. 1

  • Search for Meg’s Kidnapped Friend (when you tap GO, you’ll be taken to Repair Stolen Silver Car which takes 10 seconds – after, you will find Patty!)

Earns: not sure – my game chucked me out and when I went back in, it had auto-completed it, which is odd as usually it delete a few actions I had done previously so I can lovingly repeat them ALL. OVER. AGAIN.

Meg Has a Friend Pt. 2

  • Save Patty
  • Unlock Patty requires:
  • 15 x Calculator Watches (these are common) – Collect from Skeletal Catacombs, Make Joe Investigate Source of Prank Calls, Make Bruce Frolic with Jeffrey
  • 15 x Retainers (these are uncommon) – Collect from Warded Bunker, Make Lois Freshen Up
  • 100 x Rainbow Unicorn Stickers (these are rare) – Bomb Flock of Vampire Bats
  • 1 x Dark Society Library (Found at the Movie Projection Booth)
  • Make Slasher Bait Lois Get Brutally Murdered (x 3)
  • Make Patty Pop Some Pills (after you have unlocked Patty, of course!) (Earns: $30, XP20, Duration: 2 hours)

Earns: 3 x SP and 1 x 3D Glasses

Meg Has a Friend Pt. 3

  • Make Patty Eat Halloween Candy (Earns: $80, XP50, Duration: 8 hours)
  • Make Chris Get Easily Smitten With Girls (Earns: $115, XP75, Duration: 16 hours)

Earns: 1 x SP and 1 x 3D Glasses

Meg Has a Friend Pt. 4

  • Make Patty Enjoy Hot Dogs (Earns: $65, XP45, Duration: 6 hours)
  • Make Meg Scarf Down Hot Dogs (Earns: $80, XP50, Duration: 8 hours)

Earns: 2 x SP and 1 x 3D Glasses



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