Event Character: How do I unlock Patty

After starting the next movie (part 2 of the Halloween event) – Meg pops up with a quest to find her friend, this happens to be Patty who was locked in a Silver Car trunk! Here is how to unlock Patty:

15 x Calculator Watches (these are common)

  • Collect from Skeletal Catacombs
  • Make Joe Investigate Source of Prank Calls (12 hours)
  • Make Bruce Frolic with Jeffrey (12 hours)

15 x Retainers (these are uncommon)

  • Collect from Warded Bunker
  • Make Lois Freshen Up (6 hours)

100 x Rainbow Unicorn Stickers (these are rare)

  • Bomb Flock of Vampire Bats

1 x Dark Society Library (Found at the Movie Projection Booth)

Make Slasher Bait Lois Get Brutally Murdered (x 3)


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