Halloween Walkthrough Part 7

Death at the Drive in III pt 2
<br />Headless Horsemen are coming-just click
<br />Have Slasher bait Peter hum suspense music-1hr
<br />Have slasher bait Lois ignore strange noice-2 hr
<br />
<br />Bring the movies to life pt 18
<br />Place the Pet costume shop-90 film reels
<br />Place the trick or treating dog-25 3d glasses
<br />
<br />I started the prize timer (3day) doesn’t look that hard. It is:
<br />See no evil pt 3
<br />Check out the prize-click on it
<br />Clear 32 swirling ghosts in 3 days
<br />Clear 12 headless horsemen in 3 days
<br />
<br />Also, obviously, I placed Death’s dog house. It is not timed.. So, shouldn’t be too hard
<br />30 Lassie’s Bones-Get by clearing swirling ghosts
<br />10 Bottles of Antifreeze-get from Pet Costume shop
<br />5 Rubber Steaks-Get from the Black Clam
<br />1 Have Death Kick Back

Death at the Drive in III pt 3
<br />Have Death kick back
<br />Get 2 pumpkin launchers
<br />Earn the Ghost Pirate

Death at the Drive in III pt 4
<br />Clear 2 headless horsemen-2 hits each
<br />Earn 24 chocolate bars
<br />Place the small flying ghost ship
<br />
<br />Death’s best friend pt 1
<br />unlock death’s dog
<br />have Death’s dog play with skull



5 thoughts on “Halloween Walkthrough Part 7”

  1. Since Z is posting.. should i keep going with the walkthroughs? I am way ahead of her.. ?

    I will post, and let you guys figure it out..

    And, I might be skipping something.. my phone died this morning..

    Death at the Drive in III pt 6
    Earn Death’s Dog house
    Have Death meet Quota
    Clear 16 swirling ghosts

    Bring the movies to life pt 19
    Place the shinebright twins


  2. Thank you Fred for keeping the walk thru info up to date.
    Could you include the reel cost for items as they become available?
    I’ve been trying a different strategy of stock piling consessions before going on a spending spree.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will see what I can do T… will tell you that everything get’s wonkie when you purchase film reels at such and such price, it then changes to a different price.. Kinda hard to explain.. The purchase price of the item stays the same, but the purchase price of the reels differs..


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