Event Character: How do I unlock Death

Here is a list of all the items you need to collect to unlock Death and how long the tasks take!

Make Slasher Bait Peter Be Brutally Murdered (x 3) (8 hours each time)

8 x Scythes (these are extra rare)

  • Make Slasher Cat Play with Toy Mouse (4 hours)
  • Make Lois Teach Piano (4 hours)
  • Make Quagmire Photocopy Private Parts (4 hours)
  • Make Bonnie Twerk It (4 hours)

18 x Sandals (these are uncommon)

  • Make Peter Dig Through Attic (6 hours)
  • Make Bruce Fret About Something (6 hours)
  • Collect from House of Masks (6 hours)

20 x Souls of the Dead (these are common)

  • Collect from Slasher Cat Cave (8 hours)

15 x Brimstones (these are rare)

  • Collect from Pumpkin Tower (2 hours)

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