What’s Going On With Family Guy Tips?

Hey guys,

A lot of you are asking lately what’s going on with this site and where people are and about the QMC and so forth so I figured I’d do a post about it as its a lot to convey in a comment…

Quahog Millionaire Club:

We’re sorry we haven’t done anything with the QMC for a while, we did have one guy running it and keeping everything up to date but he’s not been around for a long time so effectively it’s dead in the water.

Where Are The Moderators?

There are currently five moderators on this site:

RyPod: That’s me!! During the Peterpalooza event, I got disenchanted with the game and finally decided to delete it. With a full time job, social life and much needed sleep, I didn’t get the time to play it anymore at a level where I could get most of the stuff. I still moderate the comments and try to keep you guys happy as and when I can.

ZooeyMarie and HollyPopsicle: I’ve put these together because their situations are the same. They did keep the walkthroughs going but their games crashed on their devices and they couldn’t get into them. Ipso facto: no walkthroughs because they can’t play the game and no help from TinyCo either. Again, work, social lives and stuff also get in the way.

JustinMHorn: MIA. Missing in action. Nobody knows what happened to Justin, some say his headless body still haunts this website…but we just ignore those people πŸ˜‚ Honestly, we don’t know where Justin went.

FredLusk: Fred is an unofficial moderator, he is an avid player of the game and is always up to date with the walkthroughs, simply because he’s a premium player who dedicates a lot of time to playing. To be honest, he doesn’t get the credit he deserves because since Peterpalooza, he himself has been keeping the walkthroughs going. Which brings us to…

Why are the walkthroughs all weird?

The walkthroughs are in the format they are because Fred posts the walkthroughs as a comment, I then copy and paste them onto a post so everyone can find them and read them. Simple but effective. YES…it has the HTML formatting on them and YES it is kinda annoying but with jobs and lives and stuff, we don’t get much time for anything else. I’m sorry but I’m just being honest and it’d be wrong of me if I didn’t give you guys the lowdown and just kept you in the dark.

What does the future hold for Family Guy Tips?

I don’t know…it’s feasible we could make a couple of you guys moderators (Fred will definitely be first choice of course due to his dedication already with the walkthroughs) this is something I’d have to discuss with Zooey and Holly.


Can you change the walkthroughs so the HTML formatting is gone?

It’s something I’ll look into but as I’ve explained, I don’t get a lot of time.

How come you guys don’t update the walkthroughs/QMC/website regularly?

Again, don’t get a lot of time.

RyPod, are you single?

Yes…yes I am!! (Just kidding, this never gets asked) πŸ˜‚

The “other site” is way better than this one. It keeps stuff updated and gives us loads of help.

That’s not a question, but I’ll allow it. The “other site” is run by other people who have time to do all that, we’re a small website with 4 people and not a whole lot of time. I’ll never bad-mouth the other site, it wouldn’t be fair to but I imagine their situations are different to ours.

RyPod’s Final Thoughts:

As explained, spare time is at a minimum but we’ll always try and post stuff to keep you guys in the loop regarding walkthroughs etc, it’s easy to criticise us for falling behind and if you choose to do so, fair enough, but walk a mile in our shoes before you do 😊 that’s pretty deep. I also want to say before I go that this post is solely from RyPod, Zooey and Holly don’t know I’m posting this so any criticism should come straight back to me and nobody else. I’ll always be straight up with you guys. Promise.

Take it easy.



16 thoughts on “What’s Going On With Family Guy Tips?”

  1. Rypod did we ever hear anything else about your what was it week or 2 week long concert going shenanigans way back in the summer?!.. Yes i’m way late on this but I’ve jus been floating in and out between the game and these posts im so far behind. anyways!✨
    Since you’re not playin wit us playas anymore you think you could make a post about your experience there? Lol maybe some pics you’ve taken hehehe idk I know I’m way late but I thought it could be a good ideaπŸ’‘


    1. I can do Tat, I have a million and one pics and I did see A Day To Remember which you love don’t you? I think that’s the band you said you loved anyway



  2. You’re good RyPod! I also noticed less walkthroughs and stuff but never imagined complaining. Lol This event is just insane, I have yet to unlock Death (only need one more scythe, but I’m not spending 40 clams for it). And I’m still at Death at the drive in- the sequel part 7; still trying to get slasher bait Lois. Btw RyPod are you single?? Haha now you can’t say no one has asked!!


  3. Death at the Drive in III pt 4
    Clear 2 headless horsemen-2 hits each
    Earn 24 chocolate bars
    Place the small flying ghost ship

    Death’s best friend pt 1
    unlock death’s dog
    have Death’s dog play with skull


  4. Death at the Drive in III pt 2
    Headless Horsemen are coming-just click
    Have Slasher bait Peter hum suspense music-1hr
    Have slasher bait Lois ignore strange noice-2 hr

    Bring the movies to life pt 18
    Place the Pet costume shop-90 film reels
    Place the trick or treating dog-25 3d glasses

    I started the prize timer (3day) doesn’t look that hard. It is:
    See no evil pt 3
    Check out the prize-click on it
    Clear 32 swirling ghosts in 3 days
    Clear 12 headless horsemen in 3 days

    Also, obviously, I placed Death’s dog house. It is not timed.. So, shouldn’t be too hard
    30 Lassie’s Bones-Get by clearing swirling ghosts
    10 Bottles of Antifreeze-get from Pet Costume shop
    5 Rubber Steaks-Get from the Black Clam
    1 Have Death Kick Back


  5. For the html formatting issue try pasting the walk throughs text into notepad first before posting here. It will remove the html formatting (as well as any pictures so not sure how well it will work). You can also use WordPad or word and right click and use paste as and paste as normal text to remove the formatting.

    You guys are doing a great job! I think everyone is kind of getting fed up with Tiny Co at the moment.

    Maybe Family Guy Tips and Family Guy Addicts can work together and help each other out?


    1. Not a bad idea Yoda apart from one thing…all this is done on my phone so transferring to Word or WordPad is not possible πŸ˜• thanks for the kind words though, it’s cool you guys are understanding enough to get it 😊


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  6. Hey Rypod,

    Thanks for the update – i noticed the updates were less frequent and figured playing less was a cause. I too am not on the game as often as this halloween event kinda put a nail in the coffin (no spooky pun intended) on how
    acheivable it is. i was a full on premium player but now will spend clams on characters only and maybe the odd building here and there (used to buy all).

    Totally forgot about the QMC ! – im wondering how many people would be eligible now ? quite a few i suspect. I have Β£11,688,083 at the moment – would be nice to be able to covert into clams (i know TinyCo have been asked that in the past but why not just compare cost for buying money and buying clams in-game).

    Big thank you to Fred for the walkthroughs ! – i tend to check to see whats coming up so i can put characters on tasks in advance (if possible) and to look out for those horrible stupid timed events incase i need to collect stuff in advance – so thanks again Fred πŸ™‚

    Last but not least a special thank you to you Rypod, Holly & Zooey for always bringing us updates and creating this forum so players can read and comment with each other to trade hints, upcoming tasks and also vent our frustrations – which I read in the past TinyCo seem to take note off when you’ve arranged for questions to be presentrd to them πŸ™‚


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