Halloween Blues

Hey guys,

I’ve been reading the comments and it seems none of you are happy campers at the moment with this event. So here’s where RyPod comes in with some help…


This is the email address where you can directly email TinyCo. I assume a lot of you have tried messaging in-game and got nowhere? Feel free to email them with your frustrations, maybe they’ll make the game easier if they get lots of emails, I don’t know, either way it’s worth a shot.



17 thoughts on “Halloween Blues”

  1. I am little unhappy with this blog right now….there used to be a lot of dedication to the game and you had pictures and a more professional looking page. All the copying and pasting just isn’t doing it for me. As far as people being unhappy with the game…TinyCo is a Business…they are in the business of making money. That’s just the way it is in my opinion. Though I would still like something to do with all the money I have from collecting on buildings.


    1. The copying and pasting has ended now Heather as Zooey is doing the walkthroughs again, I was only copying and pasting when she was unable to post walkthroughs.

      Work + family + social life = not much spare time for RyPod to do walkthroughs therefore – copy and paste lol



  2. I just got rid of this game for good and hope everyone else does the same so tinyco can maybe realize without us there is no money for them.


  3. People shouldn’t worry just yet about being behind if they keep in mind:
    1) don’t finish the Movie Projection Booth page of items without looking up timed quests
    2) don’t place new obtainable characters’ “base” without looking up timed quests associated.

    Also Ry, why am I seeing your HTML formatting in your posts these days? It’s WordPress, I’m assuming, fix it for mobile.

    Lastly, the word movie; why? Was it as creative a name they could come up with? Was it given the name by the same person that coined walkie-talkie?


  4. The worst event for me has been the Mobster one… that was the start of all this nonsense – However this Halloween thing is beyond bad, It’s a terrible joke of an event. It’s ridiculous how TinyCo mock players with stuff marked “Freaking hard”.. it’s not freaking hard, it’s just stupid. When math does not match the techniques and number of items required in a certain time… is not “freaking hard”, it’s not a challenge: is a scam. Where is the “hard” part if you know that it is about paying, not strategy? (hard to pay for, though)
    I also love the TV show, but this is not it – This is just a game that stopped being funny or entertaining because they don’t know how to balance premium and freemium. There is something bad going on with the company, reflected on the game. I don’t see a reason to make events so demanding. Maybe sales have been bad and this is their way to force players to buy clams, for me.. it’s not working. I used to buy clams and get premium stuff for the fun of it, if the goals were doable without having to buy, or if stuff was really usefull… lately that’s not the case, and I refuse to invest any time, effort and cash in something this bad.. what a shame.


  5. What does it say when the moderators of a site dedicated to the playing of a game aren’t even playing the game any more? Who could be more dedicated to a game than people who devote their free time to manning a site to support said game. Yet the makers of the game have driven even them away. And the worst part about it is they don’t even seem to care. They continue to make the same mistakes event after event after event. So long as people are making clam purchases, they are generating revenue so they are “keeping the lights on” as the pom-pom waving leporid from the other site LOVES to tell us. I mean, it’s a game and it is supposed to be fun, but they have taken a terrific game and just crushed the life and soul out of it. And they just don’t care. They just keep fiddling while the infrastructure around them burns.

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    1. Let’s face it when a company cannot EVER get an update out on time, they really need help. When they don’t even reply to customer support queries anymore, something is going very wrong. When the only people who comment on their social media are people who are griping at them you would think they would listen! But no, they keep rubbing their hands together while people keep pouring money into a game that the wheels fell off of months ago. They have their little cheer squad over at the TinyCo appreciation society because they have been sworn into some back scratching deal that spins them money. Money is all they care about. The sooner people just tighten their wallets, the sooner they might get a clue!

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      1. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is from one of the moderators from this site. That’s all you need to know. I couldn’t have said it better myself!


  6. I’ve been playing freemium ever since the very beginning and was able to complete all events to my satisfaction up until Star Trek. I’ve stuck through the Star Trek frustration and the Mobster fiasco and even played through Peter Palooza just to stick with it. However, the movie reel debacle has to the the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m sad to say but I’m quitting this game for a while and going to focus on Tapped Out. At least they have realistic game play for freemium players. Tiny Co really needs to test out how achievable the game is before releasing it.

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  7. Two things that are making me refocus on this game. 1. the game crashes way too often now. probably because of the added event stuff in the game, but regardless the crashing has to stop. And TinyCo seems to have no interest in fixing this. 2. The event itself is again way too complicated. Get an item to build an item to get an item to craft an item that is on a countdown timer, the steps to complete stuff are just too convoluted.

    They added Death into the game, which is cool for me because I love that character in the show, so I am working toward getting him and that is all I am doing in this event. Good that is the extent of my expectations anyway because I have been working on him for two weeks now, and still don’t have him, but will before the event is over. I have re-focussed to just picking one or two things from the event and trying to complete them, knowing that there is no way to complete the entire event. As of today I am a full week behind the pace of the event, but knew I would be based on the previous couple of events.

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  8. I am really at the point of not even caring anymore. The have moved on to a different actual real “game”. Let’s face it there is not much skill involved in this “game” and it is just getting old. How anyone would invest a dime in this “game” is beyond me.


    1. Well, I haven’t played since the Peterpalooza event, that was the nail in the coffin for me and it sounds like it’s got worse since.

      I LOVE Family Guy – the TV show – which led me to downloading this game in the first place, the mix between Simpsons Tapped Out and Family Guy TV show was a huge appeal to me but although it was funny, the game became a chore to me and I stopped enjoying Family Guy, now I’ve quit I’m loving the show again and my passion for it has come back…but I’m not getting the game again, it’s just not worth my time or effort


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