Halloween Tip

Ok guys.. I think that I have recognized a pattern in the werewolves.. I am gonna tell you guys what I think.
<br />
<br />Only certain characters can be turned into a werewolf.. Here is a list of the characters I know..
<br />
<br />Stewie
<br />Connie
<br />Consuela
<br />Bonnie
<br />Joe
<br />Glenn
<br />Weird Al
<br />Mort
<br />Herbert
<br />Carter
<br />Brian
<br />Deadmaus
<br />Cleveland
<br />There might be a few more.. I am only letting a few of my characters out of my inventory at a time, seeing if they get made into a werewolf..
<br />
<br />I am starting to think that they are only a certain number of your characters that can be made into werewolves at any one time.. So the non important characters.. don’t shoot them with the silver canon.. Leave them werewolves..
<br />
<br />Also.. if a character is made into a werewolf.. They still continue their tasks.. So if you have Mort making Balloons, and you set him on this task at 7 o’clock.. Save up your canon and don’t shoot him until 11.. Then when he changes back to Mort, he is finished with his task, and you can set him on it again..
<br />
<br />Also, I have concluded for me, that popcorn is important.. Instead of Peter making Canons (6hr task), I have him making holy water balloons (4 hour task).. That enables me to use him more to stop the slasher cat from chasing Lois.. It seems like that happens every 2-3 hours anyway.. So I get 15 popcorns then, plus his holy water balloon task for 10 popcorns.. It is helping me gather film reels a lot more quickly..
<br />
<br />Hope that helps.. If anyone wants to add me as a friend in the game.. Please do.. Hit me up on Facebook-same name.. And tell me where you are adding me from.. I love looking and comparing other people’s towns to mine…


8 thoughts on “Halloween Tip”

  1. This is insanely frustrating. I target bonnie as werewolf, she moves around then stops, i shoot, she moves away or the game lags and i hit someone else has happened 4 times in a row now. I wish we could go back to when this game was fun to play and not a job.


  2. I must say I cannot believe tinyco hasn’t responded to any of the complaints. People are upset about this event but not a word from them. And no changes made. I wonder what tomrrow will bring.

    I’ll hopefully have death tomorrow or early Friday. I just started the timer for patty and won’t level up until I get slasher bait lois, which at this point won’t be until Saturday or Sunday. No way will I update before getting her as I don’t want to be stuck with yet another item to have to collect.

    I am still so confused as to why they make the exchange rate go up as you increase in levels. They are punishing players for leveling up. I’ve put all my non necessary buildings in storage for now to level up slow. I’m not even to 7 yet because of that, and am more then ok with it (also won’t be tempted to update before necessary). I’m actually quite scared for what next week will bring. :-/


  3. I will take the guesswork out of it for everyone although I think your list is complete: if you take someone out of inventory and CAN’T put them back in inventory (i.e., the little button is missing and the area above the name is just a single button which takes to FaceSpace) then they are subject to turning into a werewolf. I don’t have any of the premium characters from any event, but I noticed as I was trolling for inventoried characters who might do something in this event that there started to be some that I couldn’t return to inventory. They are werewolves now and will stay that way until the event ends.

    Less is more with werewolves unless you have a cannonball farm. They just turn back into werewolves and if they aren’t contributing to the event you are just turning them back and wasting cannonballs that might be used for characters who can give you something IMHO.


    1. There are only a few characters that are werewolves, that I can’t put back into inventory.. So, I wouldn’t use that to judge who would be a werewolf..


  4. I think the key is if you take them out of inventory, and they can’t go back in, they can turn into werewolves – as I can’t put Consuela, Kool Aid guy or Carter away


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