Halloween Walkthrough Part 5

Sorry, I was away from the computer for Death at the drive in the sequel pt 2 I believe it is
<br />Gather 2 more cloves of garlic..
<br />
<br />Death at the Drive in the sequel pt 3
<br />Have Chris Eat a corn Maze
<br />Create 3 silver Cannons
<br />Werewolves are coming (just actually click the go button)
<br />
<br />Running Scared pt 1
<br />Create the Slasher bait Lois outfit
<br />Have Slasher bait Lois do cheerleader poses
<br />
<br />Man of few words pt 2
<br />Have Michael Myers Reminisce with Tom Tucker
<br />Have Chris Fat kid hula hoop

Death at the drive in the sequel pt 6
<br />Build the warded bunker
<br />Have Death take the night off
<br />Clear 4 unholy nuns
<br />
<br />See no evil pt 2— 3 day task for this weeks prize
<br />Check out the prize
<br />Clear 18 Werewolves
<br />Clear 150 flocks of bats
<br />
<br />Man of Few words pt 3
<br />Have Michael Myers carve a jack o lantern
<br />Have Bruce pass out flyers

Man of Few words pt 4-Hilarious back story on this one
<br />Have Michael Myers Flee from Meg
<br />Have Jerome grow his fro

Death Wish come true pt 3
<br />Have Death Meet Quota
<br />Have slasher bait Peter hum suspenseful music

Death at the Drive in- the sequel pt 7
<br />Turn 3 characters back to normal
<br />Place the murder machine
<br />Get the Slasher bait Lois outfit



33 thoughts on “Halloween Walkthrough Part 5”

  1. does anybody know if they changed Part 6 of “Death At The Drive In-The Sequel”? because at first Death was needed to get past that part and to even continue on in that main questline, but players were complaining alot and having a real hard time unlocking Death so TinyCo., had to change it around.


  2. Yo, I’m on level 7. And the 105 popcorn needed for the movie reels has been reduced to 80.

    Although it might increase again when I reach level 8 and higher.


    1. I’m at level 8 and it’s currently 80 popcorn + 27 sodas or 50 sodas. Seems like it didn’t go up to 50 sodas right after I leveled up. There seems to be some sort of lag.


  3. Ok guys.. I think that I have recognized a pattern in the werewolves.. I am gonna tell you guys what I think.

    Only certain characters can be turned into a werewolf.. Here is a list of the characters I know..

    Weird Al
    There might be a few more.. I am only letting a few of my characters out of my inventory at a time, seeing if they get made into a werewolf..

    I am starting to think that they are only a certain number of your characters that can be made into werewolves at any one time.. So the non important characters.. don’t shoot them with the silver canon.. Leave them werewolves..

    Also.. if a character is made into a werewolf.. They still continue their tasks.. So if you have Mort making Balloons, and you set him on this task at 7 o’clock.. Save up your canon and don’t shoot him until 11.. Then when he changes back to Mort, he is finished with his task, and you can set him on it again..

    Also, I have concluded for me, that popcorn is important.. Instead of Peter making Canons (6hr task), I have him making holy water balloons (4 hour task).. That enables me to use him more to stop the slasher cat from chasing Lois.. It seems like that happens every 2-3 hours anyway.. So I get 15 popcorns then, plus his holy water balloon task for 10 popcorns.. It is helping me gather film reels a lot more quickly..

    Hope that helps.. If anyone wants to add me as a friend in the game.. Please do.. Hit me up on Facebook-same name.. And tell me where you are adding me from.. I love looking and comparing other people’s towns to mine…


  4. I just got all of these at once.. Someone must have flipped a switch or something..

    Bring the Movies to life pt 7
    Place Catacombs

    Bring the Movies to life pt 8
    Place the warded bunker

    Bring the Movies to life pt 9
    Place the Decorated Ghost tree

    Bring the Movies to life pt 10
    Place the dark society library

    Bring the Movies to life pt 11
    Place the pumpkin pyramid

    Bring the Movies to life pt 12
    Place the plastered witch


  5. I think each event should only cost £25 to complete as a premium player. Any more than that and it is day light robbery.
    We certainly shouldn’t have to spend over £45 on ONE character. It’s not like they are going to appreciate in value.
    Anyone wanna buy my ‘Jesus’ for £2000? 🙂 Only joking.


    1. I have Jesus tolling away turning water into clams.. That is all he does in my game.. often, he is the only character not in my inventory..


  6. Yeah, this episode of the event may be the one that breaks the camel’s back for me. I don’t understand how TinyCo can be this stupid.

    1) The werewolves change way to rapidly, it is impossible to stay on top of them so almost all of my characters are no longer able to collect the goods I need to craft/kill stuff. It takes about 8 hours to kill 3 werewolves because the bullets take 6 hours to craft, and then 45 min to make a cannon.

    2) collecting cleavers is mandatory, yet going up on scream level makes the reel conversions more expensive. AND the prices for the prizes keep going up. There is no way in hell I will be able to get cheerleader Lois in time to unlock Patty, as the reel costs are just spiraling out of control

    3) the clams needed to get anything done are in the realm that only people spending $100/month will be able to keep on top of things (buying the premiums, speeding though the impossible timelines). This is just idiotic business practice, as they would make far more money with policies/pricing that would encourage EVERYONE to spend like $5/month. Marketing towards the “whales” that spend thousand$ on freemium games is not smart business.

    4) There is still nowhere near enough space available in the game for even half of what they’ve released. Why should I work to buy things (or even spend real money/clams on them!) only to hide them in inventory when I run out of room a month later?

    So in short, you’ve done a fine job TinyCo. You’ve managed to shake me of my freemium habit. No more clams ever.


    1. Either Tinyco is listening or the timer for the bat / werewolf challenge ran out but my Quagmire, Mort, and the Swansons just finished their first 4 hour challenge in 2 days. Maybe we can get back to making water balloons now. Also, we all probably know this but it bears repeating that if you have a bombing challenge (like bats) it is a good strategy to know when they are going to appear and be ready to tap / bomb them while they are concentrated just after entering town. I have been quite successful with a minimum of garlic used.


    1. I guess I spoke too soon. The cost of 10 reels suddenly went from 25 soda cups to 35 for me.
      The 105 popcorns + 20 cups combo I’m seeing now is kinda impossible when all of my characters that drop water balloons are involved in some combination of (getting cannonballs/being werewolves/trying to get the scythes with insanely low drop rates so I can continue the main questline).


      1. I still can’t figure out how we’re supposed to progress in this game without spending real money – and I’m sure that’s their real reason. If they want to increase the cost to convert reels, fine… but don’t keep the rate of gathering those items the same (or worse). At first I thought, oh wow, all the Halloween costumed characters from last year now earn 3D glasses, but then poof, they’re all werewolves. Wait, you need Bonnie, Quagmire, Joe, etc to earn items to unlock characters (some timed) but they’re all werewolves too?!? Oh, you need silver cannons to turn them back so they can collect, and then turn back to a werewolf 5 minutes later?
        The incompetence or complete lack of respect for players *should* be putting them out of business. I have been debating giving up this game for a while. This mess of an event is probably going to do it. I play 100% freemium and still manage to get most characters/challenges. I already missed the cat (I didn’t check here first to know it took 100 reels in 24hr) and Patty, ha, good luck. I’ll be lucky to unlock Death by the end. For some reason, maybe like being unable to look away from an accident, I keep sticking around to see if they fix it. If they don’t by the end, I am making the vow I will delete this memory hog once and for all.


  7. I feel like every player is stuck as a werewolf and I’m twiddling my thumbs. I’ve been a little off on this game lately because it just used the same eight characters over and over again, and this event doesn’t seem to be helping. Normally I would have shelled out for some clams, but knowing I’ll use a character for two weeks then store it isn’t very enticing anymore.


  8. I just finally got Death!!!!! Now, I can use Bonnie and Quagmire for gathering tasks!!! Now can start the Death Quest…

    Death Wish come true pt 2
    Have Death kick back 8 hrs


  9. I think they need to do something about the cannonballs. I have three characters that can get them, since I haven’t unlocked death yet and slasher cat has to be at level 6 (!) to start collecting them. This morning I woke up and had 10 werewolves! Nice and all, but I’ll never be able to get that many in a day (max for me right now is 9 a day) and it is tying up characters I need to get death and other items. And of course, throughout the day More characters are going to change. This is insane! I appreciate they were trying to do something different, but did anyone play this beforehand and see that it is frustrating and difficult to get through? Sigh. I’m just complaining when I should stop playing.


    1. I agree with you HK.. Every time I clear Bonnie, Mort, or Joe from being a werewolf, the next time I log in, they are werewolves again..


      1. I’ve heard that some people shoot the werewolves and before they can even assign them to another task they turn back. Bit insane. Also, tinyco is telling people that message them about it to buy the premium silver forge, as if getting 2 extra cannonballs would be helpful. I’m frustrated that I have to be on level 6 for slasher cat to help…most people didn’t get him until the end of the first week and it’s going to take at least a week to level him up to 6, so he isn’t at all helpful. I’m not sure when I will get death so that’s not helpful either. I keep hoping it will get better but it doesn’t. They have made a lot of people angry. I don’t think I’ve seen so many complaints on their facebook page ever…even diehard supporters are upset. I’ve decided I’ll never spnd another cent on the game, seeing as how I regret the small amount I’ve already spent.

        On another note, I haven’t even bothered to start pattys timer yet since I haven’t gotten death. I wonder if I’ll get to her at all, ever.

        The fact that there seems to be so many bugs with this update and they have yet to fix them makes me think they should update on Mondays and not Thursday’s. If an update gets delayed, it doesn’t come out until Friday right now, which means they don’t fix any issues until several days later when they come back from their weekend. Not a good idea. I can’t see how they can fix this mess. Many people have lost clams trying to speed things up that don’t speed up, have been unable to progress because vampires aren’t spawning, etc etc etc. Ah well. I suppose they are still making money so they don’t much care. But I’m going to give them one star in the App Store as my form of protest.


  10. I think they should reduce the Garlic buildings and characters actions to a 4 hours only.

    6 hours seems to be too long for a 3-days challenge.


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